“Scam Likely” Call On iPhone? Here’s Why & How To Block Them.

Hi guys, my name is David Lynch from PayetteForward.com, and in this video, I want to tell you about Scam Likely, why you are getting
calls from them, and how to block them for good. So first of all, let’s talk about scam likely. Your iPhone says scam likely because your
wireless carrier set up a new feature known as scam ID or scam lock that automatically
flags nefarious collars. Now this software was created by privacy star
and it’s being used by T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and most recently MetroPCS. Now in a perfect situation I’d love to be able to show you what scam
likely looks like. Well would you look at that? I got a call from scam likely right now. So that’s what it looks like. It’ll say Scam Likely instead of the person’s
name if they can track the location. I’ll put that there as well and I’m just gonna
hit Decline on this. Now, when you get calls from scam likely and you miss them, they’ll
still show up in your recents Tab and the phone app as Scam Likely. Don’t be surprised if You see that there. Now if you want to block
calls from Scam Likely for good, it’s pretty easy. However, you can only do it if T-Mobile is
your wireless carrier. So I’m going to go ahead and open the phone
app and then open up the keypad. And then if you just dial #662# and then dial
that number. You’ll get an audio prompt. Fill that out and
then scam likely calls will be blocked for good. So that’s this it for this video. Thank you for watching. I hope you found it helpful and answer your
questions about why scam likely is calling you. It’s kind of bizarre when you see it for the
first time. If you enjoyed this video, please go ahead
and give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for the best iPhone
content on YouTube. Excuse me guys — I have to go take this. Hello?

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