Sélectionner, copier et coller du texte sur iPhone ou iPad

Sélectionner, copier et coller du texte sur iPhone ou iPad

To select, then copy and paste from
text on your iPhone or iPad, open for example Safari, find the text you want to copy. To select it, press a few seconds at the beginning of the paragraph to see two small blue cursors appear. These small sliders will frame the text that you will eventually be able to copy and paste. The first slider on the left is well positioned. Press the second one and drag it down the paragraph. Once your selection is made,
press “Copy”, go back to your home screen and then
for example, go to Notes. Create a new note by pressing on the bottom right on the square with the pencil. To paste the text you have selected, press again for a few seconds at the insertion point. Press “Paste”. Confirm your note by pressing “OK”. If, subsequently, you wish to retrieve this paragraph, It will be easier to use the function
“Select all” : Open your note again, tap one of the words to see the keyboard appear. Keep pressing the text and make
“Select all”. Your entire paragraph is selected, no need to use the small blue sliders. Thank you and see you soon ! 😀

5 thoughts on “Sélectionner, copier et coller du texte sur iPhone ou iPad

  1. Et pour des images???

  2. J’ai un problème avec tumblr j’arrive pas à sélectionner un paragraphe IMPOSSIBLE !!
    que faire plz? G un iphone 8+

  3. Aider moi je suis sur iphone 4 et j'peux ni copier ni coller une image

  4. Merci

  5. Je n’arrive pas à sélectionner du texte sur YouTube.

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