Selena Gomez – Lose You To Love Me (Official Music Video)

Selena Gomez – Lose You To Love Me (Official Music Video)

100 thoughts on “Selena Gomez – Lose You To Love Me (Official Music Video)

  1. This song was inspired by many things that have happened in my life since releasing my last album. I want people to feel hope and to know you will come out the other side stronger and a better version of yourself.

  2. Miranda sings has left the chat.

  3. Hii girl listen right now u need to be strong ok and focus on your career remember there are a lot of people out there supporting and loving u …just be yourself and be kind you have a amazing personality..#selenagomez #we love u # u go girl # u rock

  4. A mi me remplazaron en menos de 15 días 💔

  5. I feel, that this video is a sequel to "Kill them with kindness"

  6. 💘💘

  7. Hello. I gave this song a thumb up. Now it's in my liked videos. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks.

  8. Very nice…

  9. great song to bad its done by someone who cant even sing !!!!!!!!! stay with acting baby


  11. 😍😍😍💎💎💎❤❤❤

  12. Brasil??? 🇧🇷

  13. awww your song is so sweet of course ill subscribe 🙂

  14. Esta canción le dio en el mero corazón a Justin Bieber

  15. Love how she doesn't need to show 99percent of her body to sell records. Knows here worth and class and thats rare

  16. To Love yeah

  17. Yᴏᴜ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᘜㄖᗪ ʜᴇʟᴘ ʏᴏᴜ …✓

  18. Wʜᴏ ɪs ʙᴇᴛᴛᴇʀ ?


  19. Hey Selena Gomez just wanted to let you know your my inspiration and I'm really greatful to have people like you in life..your the best singer I know and u love you …
    Thanks for the great music and inspiration

  20. Who’s here December 2019?


  22. I love her! She’s such an amazing human-being.. this song is so authentic and close to me.

    Thank you selena! ❤️

  23. This is what a true artist sounds like . So vulnerable you want to run and hug her , but at a deeper level you feel her strength .
    Selena you nailed it !
    I wish you to find your sole mate .
    Love from Israel

  24. Selena gomes oke

  25. Amazing, ❤

  26. I am belieber , but JB are not my idol.
    Justin happy without her. He love Hailey.
    Hey Selena find other !
    You lost Justin !
    You say that Justin promised to you world. But you lost him.
    I want to you happy.

  27. I want robux, pls ad drace lol to se d robux

  28. You are the best. I love you

  29. ta ta ta ta tha tha ta

  30. Be strong my sis ❤

  31. I LOVE YOU SELENA 🌼😍😍❤️❤️💞💞💕💕

  32. This song is both heartbreaking and powerful. To know and understand how abusive it can be for someone to make you feel like you are not important. That their own needs supersede your own, it hurts and it takes a long time to learn to love yourself again. To have the strength to step away and realize that a relationship like that is toxic, it is a powerful feeling. From someone that dealt with years of mental abuse from a partner that made me feel like I was not worth anything, I commend you for having the power to love yourself again. You are an inspiration to many. Thank you.

  33. Thank you for sharing a part of your heart ❤️ with us! I love this song

  34. This is a great song. I really hope Selena and Justin move on and live happy lives filled with love. I don't want either one of them to suffer or hurt.

  35. Awesome my love 😍😘 you deserve best be happy

  36. I love selena's every song and music video. Becuz her sound is so awesome. And she expresses her emotions and feelings in the video. Her actions are beautiful.

  37. Beautiful song, beautiful video, beautiful girl.

  38. Why is it most of your songs are all putting blame on another person? Do you not take any responsibility for your actions in a relationship or are you trying to come across as perfect?

  39. Selena ❤ you're amazing

  40. Selena Gomez

  41. Eminem : Lose yourself you both

  42. Akışına bırakmalısın Belkide karşına çoooook iyi biri çıkar neyin ne zaman olacağı belli olmaz hayatın tadını çıkarmalısın🍃🍃

  43. I'm sad to then I see this song.

  44. For those who don't know, this video was entirely shot in iPhone 11 pro

  45. This song is really sad af considering the circumstances ☹️

  46. OMG K

  47. h

  48. Nobody deserves you

  49. I feel hear the pain of her

  50. Ong she has the best songs 🥺

  51. QUEEN

  52. I love you ❤️

  53. ❤❤

  54. i not only feel this is about one person but i also can’t shake the feeling this song is a cry for help, like i’m really concerned for this poor girls mental health in this industry.

  55. Eluwina

  56. 💜

  57. Yoooooo… why does she suck so bad. This song is garbage. Stop crying about that man and let him live his life. Get your own, move on. Ugh.

  58. It is always easier to leave someone for someone else but harder to forget them #JELENA4LIFE

  59. Essa musica descreveu minha vida

  60. 😭sad u 🙁 my mom died and my dad gets drunk al day but I luv ur:3 it’s fine wich me thats why my mom is here my provil o luv her soo much and u two better wich u tho❤️

  61. Selena looking forward to netflix n chill while i drink whiskey and you drink wine fuck those 2 heartless bitches


  63. I guess I can gym to this beat. 🌬️🔥

  64. Does anyone remember her saying
    "He's little, he's like my little brother, I don't know… that's weird to me"

    When she was asked about Bieber and her dating by Ellen in an interview in 2010?

    I still can't believe that she caved for him. I am very happy to see you are moving on, I CANNOT WAIT to hear your future music!!!!! (hopefully less Bieber influenced).

  65. any algerians around <3 who love Selena (DZ )

  66. Selena gomez te amooo ❤


  68. We love Selena ❤, always the best 💋👍

  69. 😗

  70. selena is better then justin

  71. Que oso

  72. cung cấp acc token fb 04/12/2019 03:47:25

  73. Yo seriously all people talking bout Bieber and no one bout weeknd?

  74. Does she really hate him ?

  75. that break made you stronger

  76. This is the best song😭,thank you so much Selena Gomez

  77. Tbh i can listen to this song all day💖

  78. My English played this song in class to translate to pass tense.

  79. It's frustrating how many people are bringing up Bieber.. Their break up was forever ago.. I'm sure this is not directly related to him.

  80. This song is perfect. I wish my ex could hear it and think of me.

  81. DECEMBER🤯🤯🥺🥺🥺😞

  82. Eu também me sinto assim

  83. I'm so blessed to have the same birthday as Selena😍

  84. Ninguém:
    Absolutamente Ninguém:
    Bolsonaro para Leonardo DiCaprio: YOU SET FIRES TO MY FOREST

  85. 'I needed to lose you to love me'

    This phrase makes me very sentimental, I Love Selena 💜

  86. Sean Hanson Does Not get Anything!!!

  87. I Got a Long List of People I'd Like to Lose!!!

  88. Je t'aime ❤️

  89. Poor selena you diserve better right

  90. This reminds me of my ex… 💔

  91. Another fracking beiber song

  92. Is this song dedicated to Justin Bieber?

  93. That never lasted long

  94. Her veneers are throwing me off. Loved her real teeth.

  95. Forgot Justin you would always have Mason! (I miss wizards so much ❤️)


    i dare you not to laugh.

  97. Its defficult

  98. My hun Selena Gomez🎅🎄💝🤗😘 merry Christmas baby bleesed

  99. Love this song

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