Send Audio from a Mixer to Your iPhone X

Send Audio from a Mixer to Your iPhone X

Hey what’s up guys, my name is Josh and
today I’m gonna show you how to send a feed from your audio mixer to your
iPhone 10, or to any other device with a lighting port for that matter.
This is a great thing to do if you’re live streaming from your phone and you
want to connect the high quality audio that you’re already mixing there are a
ton of different ways you can do this but we found two methods that work best
for us. Today I’ll show you both. Okay, here’s the first way of doing this
and here’s all you’re gonna need you simply use the USB interface on your
mixer plug in a USB cable and connect it to a lightning to USB 3 camera adapter
which plugs right into your phone there are two reasons I like this adapter one
you can continue to charge your phone while receiving the mixed feed which is
especially useful when you’re streaming longer events number two USB is super
versatile and can be useful for connecting other things to your phone
the second option works if you don’t have a USB interface on your mixer
here’s everything you’ll need you can come out of the XLR output on your mixer
connect that to a Senal XLR to USB interface and then output USB to the
aforementioned lightning adapter which connects to your phone the same way as
the first method this adapter is useful for a variety of other purposes as well
like if you need to connect a studio microphone to your laptop it gives you
the ability to monitor the incoming audio with headphones adjust the gain
and provide phantom power should you need it so that’s how we do it I hope
this type of setup helps you improve the quality of your recordings and your live
streams you can check out all the gear we showed you today in the description
and if you have any questions you can reach me anytime at [email protected] thanks for watching and happy streaming!

14 thoughts on “Send Audio from a Mixer to Your iPhone X

  1. Can you monitor the end result when. You use the Usb to lighting camera adapter?????

  2. When I click on the link for "Check out the gear in this video: It's a blank page.

  3. How do you control the volume of the audio from the mixer to the iPhone?

  4. Will this work with the usb connection On a pioneer DJM 900 NXS?

  5. What is the easiest way to send the audio the other way (from iPhone to the mixer)?
    Can you connect the iPhone Lightning port to an adapter that is connected to the Mixer mic XLR socket and charge the iPhone using mixers ghost power?

  6. It seems like no matter what I plug into this thing I get a background noise while recording video. Confirmed it’s only recording thru my mixer because I talked at my external mic and heard nothing. Audio came in just fine but with background noise. Tried a similar setup on galaxy s7 same white noise. I even tried unplugging the audio input from the mixer both ways with iPhone and galaxy still the noise. Any help? I’ve bought and returned almost everything from Guitar Center / Sweetwater. I think they are going to have my poster up behind the register soon haha

  7. I m connecting one mobile to amplifier via input port and for the output, I'm connecting the aux to output port of amplifier and another end to mobile iPhone 7 using connector.
    But I'm unable to detect the audio and could you please let me know how can I detect the audio?
    I'm using wowza for audio streaming.

  8. Have anyone tried this on a mackie profx8v2?

  9. Could you name a few “Broadcasting” apps. Not much luck in finding a good one, so far.

  10. Any suggestions if I’m running out from a stereo 1/4” headphone jack?

  11. This only gives me mono audio if I use the lightning port on my iPhone X going from my mixer usb port.

  12. That’s it? Ugh

  13. Hello, can i use this as hight quality audio with at the Apple Movie App for best audio quality?

  14. Well I tried this with my iPhone XS Max. Purchased the Apple USB to Lightning Part and correct cables and the recording didn’t work! It recorded the Video along with all the Ambient Noise which it wasn’t supposed to. I only wanted to record the Music and video and this way does not work. Just to note I am using the Pioneer XDJ-RX2 which only has the 1 x Output Cables going to speakers and I was using the Monitor output jack connections…maybe this is where its going wrong 🙁

  15. When i plug the audio interface to iphone with the lightning to USB 3 camera adapter for the facebook live. There is the voice on left or right channel only. Would you please help?

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