Although it depends if that girl cleans
her room or mine. Nelly what are you doing?
How many surprised iPhone videos can we do on our channel anyway? Bless you!
Good Morning guys! It is 3:30 a.m. the earliest we’ve ever started ever
started a vlog. I woke up to him screaming bloody murder. Sounded like
that anyway. He does not seem to be feeling good at all. So I’m gonna look
for him some medicine and if you’re just following along all of us have been
getting sick… at first I thought us from allergies but now I’m wondering if it’s
something else all. This stuff is like children’s stuff and he’s way too small
for that I may be sitting on it to the store for a bunch of stuff soon let’s go
upstairs and see if we can find you anything I don’t think we have anything
lamp oh yeah oh no no Liam come on good job swallow no sir good morning princess
okay she is getting a tune-up top yeah I did find me let’s get you dressed Missy
let’s get you dressed yeah you are guys look at all the hair
she has she is getting so much hair yeah well good morning times two guys I feel
like crud but Lonnie feels worse than I do I have
to pull through today and try to be supermom I probably will fell at it but
I can a forever right we cancelled Liam’s ABA this morning just because he
was up so early last night I wouldn’t make sure he felt good I’m kind of glad
I did it was kind of nice not to have a BA this morning to be honest but he is
feeling kind of cruddy – so we may be also cancelling his early steps I also
don’t like inviting the therapist over here if we have something going on if
it’s not just allergies but now a peaceful and fine are you singing guys she’s almost nine months like how
is this cutie how are you almost nine months feels like I just had you I need
to make a nine months appointment for my daughter Penelope well that’s good that
sounds great thank you I forgot I made Penelope’s nine month
appointment already see guys I’m really really excited about this but I’ve been
working on submerge I was in the process of working on this when hurricane durian
was supposed to come through that never did come through Florida are you ready
for it I’m gonna make one that’s blue and red too so everyone has a variety I
have been wanting to do something like this like something with autism and
superpower forever now because Noah how to keep that he would always wear to
Disney that said autism is my superpower what’s yours and so it’s always just
been my thing that I’m like I want to do some kind of merge with that I’m going
to have it in kids sizes toddler sizes by the time this video goes up
everything should for the most part be up or at least all the t-shirt so check
that out in the description I think I feel well enough that I can battle a
phone store after we get Danielle later although it depends if that girl cleans
her room or mine you got me a donut guys I failed as a mom by the way I felt so
Danielle’s washing her sheets for her room her bed and she goes and she goes
wine is wine is the washer soaking wet and I’m thinking the washers breaking
down I come in here we see that I’m like okay look at that cycle she’s slowly my
daughter because that’s something I probably did when I was in my twenties
you want to say hi to the camera boy you’re watching do you want to play
some roblox or some Minecraft it’s all by leave you you’re not feeling good huh
you can tell he’s not feeling good cuz he’s staying still I cancelled OPM’s
early steps because the last thing I want is someone coming into our house
that’s all sick I know baby oh my goodness you poor thing Nellie what are
you doing could you like let go I’m already balding guys look this
hairline are you all dressed up for a new iPhone
Nelly this is the last time you’ll be in this car seat tomorrow you’ll have your
big girl car seat and dress well we were waiting until she could sit
independently but she’s almost maxed out so the younger boys are just sleeping
resting they don’t feel good I just want to get this done get this over with I’ve
been promising her this we’ve been postponing her getting her phone we’re
taking Penelope cuz she’s not sick Danielle how are you feeling right now for some reason the iPhone 7 battery
just isn’t hunt it’s not what it should be the iPhone 6s that I have or had has
a better battery than her phone so for everyone who’s just tuning in Danielle
is my 15 year old we are kind of non-conventional in the way that I don’t
let my kids have phones when they’re like super young we have them wait until
they’re about 13 and a half then get them the phone but when she was
searching in half she got an iPhone 7 when her brother Lonnie jr. he is 13 and
iPhone was 14 now we got him a phone a couple months ago but they had a deal on
the iPhone X ours you buy when you get with free now we’re trading in
Danielle’s because I want everything to be fair and it’s not fair that her
brother just happened to turn 13 later than she did so we are going to the
store for her to pick out her color and all that good stuff I’ve been feeling so small watch the
clock ticking off the wall but tonight up let it go spend my corn for show
we’re gonna be myself be someone make sure to put the case on right away oh
good girl I love my hairband okay don’t be making fun of it
so guys Danielle got her phone she’s back there just like twiddling away that
was a really quick like literally 15 minutes a lot quicker than last time we
were in here focus iPhone 7 was a surprise she’s like hey I got this I’m
sure if we just gave her an eye XR I’m getting this for two months now so I’m
sure if we just like put an iPhone XR on her better or something we’d have a
crazy expression how many surprised iPhone videos can we
do on our channel anyway we are going home the mess and started kicking a
little bit so I’m feeling okay but we’re gonna go home do dinner get something
for Publix what are you getting good chatters no chatters there oh quit
tempting me with chatters I hope that her so much we’re not having chatters
half of our families at home right now so Danielle’s had to settle yeah she has
new phone she’s a festival tomorrow so I have to go grab her some some Mulani
five bucks for a festival food what does she eat in like full main long honey can
you like this door behind me so I don’t have to go out the garage okay so I’m
back and I was walking through Lonnie dries out his herbs yeah yeah I felt it
on my arm and it was in the dark and it felt like I don’t know a creature I
would’ve got Danielle’s money I had a break a 20 so since I to break
the 20 I decided to get elect a kinder joy egg since he’s not feeling good and
then gave Danielle her money here’s your money honey for being a wonderful
husband well guys I did my livestream and today it’s been a fun day it’s been
an eventful day we do not have therapy tomorrow cuz I cancel it just because I
feel like the sickness is kind of going through our house and I know it seems
like we’ve had so much going on lately 2019 is definitely felt like that but
it’s also just hard because when you have eight people in your house there’s
always something that’s going on with someone kind of thing
it just doesn’t slow down at all but I’m kind of relieved that we don’t have
therapy tomorrow and I feel horrible for thinking that way but I guess I just
didn’t realize how exhausting therapy every single day was until we didn’t
have it this morning and we won’t have it tomorrow and I’m just like ah so nice
we’re hoping to just let everyone rest disinfect our house and then Monday just
come back and kind of hit it with all the therapies they said that next week
they’ll bring back the speech consult so we’ll be doing that next week but I’m
hoping to build better tomorrow I really really am it just sucks it sucks filling
the sick but nonetheless I love you guys if you are new to our leanin crew please
go ahead and hit that red subscribe button and we will see you guys tomorrow
make me buddy it will always be there there is no time
mind you will always be the head out to sea and the the SBI cuz you will always
be there

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