SO MANY APPLE RELEASES! iPad Mini 5 | iPad Air | Air Pods 2 | iMac

SO MANY APPLE RELEASES! iPad Mini 5 | iPad Air | Air Pods 2 | iMac

– What’s up guys? It’s been a pretty crazy
week for Apple products if you’ve been paying any attention. Just a few days ago, I had a
video detailing all the leaks and rumors about the new Apple
products coming out this year and over the past week,
they’ve just quietly released a lot of those products. So, in today’s video, I’m
gonna walk you through everything new that’s come out
and everything that’s changed about each of those products. And since making that video,
Apple’s March 25th event has been confirmed, so
that will be happening at 10 a.m. California time, which is 1 p.m. here, Eastern time. So, most likely, there will be a live stream on this
channel at 1 p.m. on Monday. So, stay tuned for that and let’s jump into
all these new products. (relaxing music) The first on our list is AirPods. They’re still just called AirPods but this is a second generation and it is a kind of noticeable upgrade from the previous generation. These new AirPods will
include Apple’s new H1 chip rather than the previous W2 chip. This is gonna allow for
a lot more efficiency in the battery consumption, as well as some additional features like, hey (beeping) commands and
a little bit better range than traditional Bluetooth. This battery efficiency is going to allow for 50% more talk time and
they’re also going to be updating these batteries to charge twice as fast. Paired with this new charging speed, you can now charge them wirelessly because the case does
comply with the Qi Standard. So, you can just take that case, put it down on any Qi charger that you have and you’re now wirelessly
charging your AirPods. It’s gonna work really well
with that AirPower Mat as well, whenever that comes out. This new generation of
AirPods is gonna cost $199 and that’s gonna include
the wireless charging case. Now, if you don’t actually
partake in wireless charging, but you do want the brand new AirPods, you can purchase them with
a traditional style case for only $159, which is the
current price of AirPods. And if you have the current AirPods and you want to start wirelessly charging but you don’t care too much
about the other features, you can purchase the
wireless charging case by itself for $79. Moving on to the next update. Let’s talk about the iPads. There are two new iPads
that have come out. The first is the iPad mini 5. This is a direct refresh
of the iPad mini 4. So, the iPad mini 4 is no longer available on the Apple Store and it’s going to be in the exact same 7.9 inch chassis. But it does now have that
brand new A12 Bionic chip that’s in the iPhone XS and XS Max and it is going to feature
Apple Pencil support as well. It is going to be starting
at the same $399 price. So, essentially, you’re
getting a better iPad for the same price. Not too bad. Next we have the brand new iPad Air. Which you can kind of
think of as a place between the budget $329 9.7 inch iPad
and the iPad Pro 11 inch. This iPad Air is gonna have
a 10 1/2 inch fully laminated true tone display that’s
compatible with the Apple Pencil and when I say Apple Pencil on both, this iPad Air and the iPad mini 5, I am talking about a first
generation Apple Pencil. Neither of these are going to support the brand new Apple Pencil that’s magnetic and attaches to the new iPad Pros. It’s also gonna feature the
brand new A12 Bionic chip that’s in the iPhone XS and XS Max and while it seems like
this device may be reusing the same body as the 10 1/2 inch iPad Pro from a couple years ago, it is not. This is actually a different
chassis and it does not include a camera bump which in
my opinion is a big plus. Now, this iPad is going
to be starting at $499, which may seem a little steep but it’s actually a pretty
fair price given that it is a pretty significant upgrade
over the base model iPad and it’s only missing a
few features like ProMotion and Face ID off of the iPad Pro. I think this is actually
a really good deal. The next product that
we saw refreshes on was actually the iMacs,
which is a little weird. We don’t normally see these
but they were pretty minor and I’ll take you through them now. The first change, was just processor bumps, which is kind of boring but it did happen. The 21 1/2 inch iMac will now come with 8th generation Intel chips in either a 4-core or 6-core configuration and since the 27 inch iMacs
have a little bit more room for cooling, they are
actually going to allow for the 9th generation chips in either 6-core or 8-core configurations. Neither of these iMacs
have seen the addition of the T2 chip from the iMac Pro. So, that’s still an
advantage for the iMac Pro but you can now upgrade your graphics on your 27 inch iMac to
Radeon Vega Graphics. but this is going to be for an
additional charge of a $450. That 21 1/2 inch 4K iMac
is starting at $1,299 and the 27 inch 5K iMac
is starting at $1,799. But unfortunately both
of these starting prices include fusion drives
so you are still getting a spinning hard disk
drive inside of that iMac which is a little dated at this point. So, you’re really going to
want to upgrade to the SSD, no matter what, which is
gonna add a few extra dollars. That does it for the major
changes but we did also see a few new additions in
Apple’s Spring Collection. They’ve added a few new spring
colors for the iPhone cases as well as the Apple Watch bands and they’ve also added a new color to the iPhone charging case. This is now available in gold. So, you can get it in
white, black, or gold to match your space gray,
silver, or gold iPhone. And that about does it. I was actually kind of
nervous to make this video because Apple just kept
putting out releases. I didn’t know if I recorded this if I was gonna look and there
was gonna be 10 new products on their website but it looks
like that’s it for this week. Moving into next week, it’s going to be the Apple March Event on March 25th, that’ll be live streamed on this channel at 1 p.m. Eastern time on Monday. So, stay tuned for that. Give this video a like if you enjoyed it. Hit the subscribe button if you want to see more videos like this. And with that being said,
I’ll see you guys later.

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  4. Great overview of each new product! Very clear and concise and the visuals matched perfectly. I think the airpods 2 and the iPad Air will be the best products on the market 👌🏼 but we’ll see!

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