SOLVED – How to Fix Vertical Lines on iPhone 5c | Unresponsive Screen 5c | White & Black Lines

hello everyone please welcome and join me easy steps today I’m going to share with you iPhone 5c it has the lines on the left side and right in the middle it’s a white line black lines sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t how we can fix it let’s get started the tools we need five star pentalobe screwdriver one straight screwdriver pry tool and suction cup these are two screws we’re going to remove it make sure that keep these screws on the safe place with the fingers you lift up and the other hand you press it down as you see it’s lifted up so once it is open and you lift it up and keep it straight don’t bend it through otherwise of the flex cables going to break now this is the plate which is a located right here and it’s holded by four screws one two three and four and I’m going to remove all these of four screws and make sure that keep the screws separately and mark them down where they come from because once we are going to put them back we’re going to put the same screws back into the same location two three and the last one so once you remove all the screws and now you going to lift up to the plate so this is the first cable the second and the third one right underneath this one this is the one is a problematic that one becomes a loose and causes a problem so we’re going to make sure that it’s securely get connected so this is the third one as a problem so this is the one causes a problem you need to inspect that if there is any bent pin or solder joint crack then it’s a problem after inspection the solder look for I’m going to plug that one back again it’s a really important or number three cable when you going to put this one on you need to press from the top so now it’s you press it from the back and then press it in the front and as it snaps in the other two are easy you just put it down on the top of it and just a snap on and before I put the screws in I’m going to test the screen if it’s working or not I still see a line appearing at the bottom and maybe it’s a due to because we haven’t put the plate on the socket so once we going to put the plate and it’s securely seated and I sure this line will go away so first you line up at the bottom you put the screws in now we’re going to put it back slide on the back we’re going to press it on the side slowly slowly and once it’s all done then we’re going to put those two screws back so as you see the phone is working now so initially it was having a problem there was a line appearing after securing the bracket the line disappeared so number three socket has a problem and that’s how you can fix it I hope this video will help you out to fix your 5c iPhone and if you like the content of this video please like subscribe and share so I’m going to see you soon

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