Whats up guys today we are doing another p o box unboxing I haven’t done one of these in a while, and I kind of let the mail stack up in my p o box as you can see this is going to be the biggest p o box unboxing I’ve ever done. This is just the first layer There’s a bunch of other boxes behind it so it’s pretty crazy the people at the post office hate me, but yeah Let’s just get right into it and start opening some of these up. hey, Its Angel Hope you like the first book I sent you your probably hooked like I was as soon as I read the first three pages I was hooked and finished it. I always have seen your dogs. They’re so adorable, so I am sending you pics of mine Oh my goodness. I love seeing pics of you [guys’s] dogs. So yeah, you guys have dogs always tweet me pics I love seeing them other pictures of his doggy he sent me polaroids oh I have one of these cameras that like they insta print their pics I should do that with my doggies and take a bunch of pictures of them Thank you angel. What is this a [pillow] [case]? Woah it’s a wolf Pillow case and it’s so soft [wolf howl] I don’t know who it’s from but thank you Oh Bam boozle this is the challenge with the gross Jelly beans, this is the naughty or nice addition And they added new flavors, spoiled milk and dead fish [wooh] Hi Lia it’s Brandon who sent you [Killzone] if you remember me I wanted to send you a gift for Christmas So I thought I’d send you these jelly beans would love to see you try a few and have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year Thank you so much Brandon, I remember you and yes, I will definitely use this for video! What’s this, a bear? What is this? Is this a Pomeranian?! Oh my goodness. This is so freaking cute. I love it. Aw this is from Joshua Thank you so much. Your message was so sweet and I love it this made so happy! A super soft blanket It’s a wolf blanket, with wolves howling I only take the softest of the soft and I like soft things and this is very soft [haha] This is so heavy! Says it’s from Slovenia. It’s so heavy that you got to ship me There’s like a silver box in here, and it says PSI. It’s got a man a naked man on it Please do not remove or damage the protective plastic foil. This book contains a serial number and personal access code Intended only for the buyer. What is this fancy freaking book? Is there something hidden in this I have no idea what this book is about, but it’s very fancy [oh] There’s a letter this book comes with a thousand years of warranty it is made out of the second most expensive paper on the Planet it does not have a barcode it is not sensitive to light and Air and you should read it with the manuals also It’s the first book Which is able to cure unlucky crush first book to eliminate dyslexia completely and first book that will Return true love to humanity. Ok maybe these claims are a little too ambitious Yeah, so this book is supposed to be able to cure everything and like fix the world of its evil I don’t know but I’m, I’m down to read it. I’m going to read it. It’s really heavy, but… So Thank you Tad from Slovenia Hi Sssniperwolf I didn’t know your size, so I guessed. Try it on and see if it fits love Donald. Oh Donald! I remember you! He always sends me the weird, weirdest stuff. [haha] Oh My God! He guessed my size and sent me at 6 Xl That’s like Sausage times six so that’s like Probably the biggest possible size. Well you guessed right! It’s perfect! [Ahaha!] I Love it. Thank you. Next up we have this lovely package from Kyle [gasp] Ohhh my goodness [Ahaha] dude! They sent me the freaking Gladio play arts toy! What?! I got open this I gotta see this! Oh boy. Oh boy Someone sent me Gladio [hahahaha] What’s this? It’s a nice little, bronzy box. Ooh it has a pearl bracelet, what? This is so pretty look! I’m going to wear it! How pretty! It’s a pomeranian key chain! I love fat little monkeys! I call my dogs monkeys. Hi Lia i joined the wolf pack on August 26th And I tweeted you the next day not expecting you to reply. I just wanted you to read it and when I saw you replied I knew what type of person you are You’re a loving wonderful person who actually cares about their fans You still make me smile and laugh every day, and I can’t imagine life without you Aw this is so sweet and I’ll read the rest of it! Thank you so much Kyle this made me so happy you’re the best Next up whoa It’s a poster. I think [haha], oh boy it’s a reeper poster! Ugh! There’s no name on it. But thank you so much whoever sent this to me You will see this hanging up in my room Wow, it’s a nerf blaster! Tracers gun peel off the note to use okay. Oh, ooh this is gonna be a lot of fun! Oh [hahaha] I like this [hehehe] Thank you so much. It was so awesome of you. [haha] Somebody sent me goku, its goku! [hahaha] I used to have every single character, wait no I used to have Vegetta, Bulma and Trunks It’s just the pretty ones that I like, I had Android 18 too but I didn’t have a goku because I really like goku, I like Vegeta This is from matt. Thank you so much. I know who you are! You’re on Twitter You’re always tweet me, so thank you! Next one. I like these easy open packages and make my life a lot easier See how they just rip open. I love this. Someone sent me a husky knife. Is this like a box cutter type thing? Oh Retractable blade, how fancy! Tell you to use this to open boxes. It’s much easier and safer than giant knives she makes you hold. [hahaha] Thanks matt! Ooh A knife I can actually use see how it retracts in and out Ooh! You see that clean cut?! I think these shoes. Not something I’d wear but it’s so weird because I haven’t wore heels in like a year I like never wear heels they’re so uncomfy. Actually these look pretty fancy hold on, look at these fancy freaking shoes Yeah, okay. I kind of like these and they kind of fit. Thank you for the shoes. This says open on camera Oh there’s candy! No! It’s KitKat! I can’t eat KitKat I wish I could but I can’t eat KitKat I’m allergic. Hi Lia after I’ve been watching you since 2014 love your videos. You make me laugh and smile. Love, Timmy Ps. Hope you like KitKat Timmy I’m allergic to Kitkats [hahaha] Harris sent me this Ooh! This is freaking cute You’re freaking cute. You’re a nice little wolf, nice little wolfie. Hi Lia my name is Paris I love your videos I started watching your videos a couple of days ago Which was 12 27 2016 geez you just like joined the wolf pack, so welcome to the wolf pack! Thank you so much Paris I love my little wolfie This is from sherry Sherry I think I’m not sure I’m sorry I don’t know how to say names. Ooh somebody sent me another one I have one of these somebody sent me one in the last unboxing! “A house is not a Home without a pomeranian” I got one for upstairs And I’ll put this one like in the front of my house or something just so people know that I am a pomeranian owner No letter? I don’t know. Thank you This is from Matt again [hehehe] I notice you don’t have any DBZ stuff in your office, or at least I didn’t see it I know Vegeta is your favorite But I had to get you Goku too because he is my favorite and there is no Vegeta without cacarot [ahaha] That’s awesome! Thank you so much! Next one. Oh you see how that opened ?! What?! I freaking love this knife Oh Ohhhh oh [HAHAHA] What is this lump?! This little lump of a dog it’s a pomeranian shaped plushie! Ahhh it’s like my dog but fake! I love this [hehehe] Oh Boy chocolate you try to fatten me up. Thank you so much Robert your letter was so sweet honestly yeah be happy That’s what the best thing you could do. That’s what I’m doing this year I just want to be happy and there’s there’s no point in being sad anymore, so yeah I hope you have a good year this year, and you will have a good year this year because I said so if I say, so you best believe you damn will! Wow amazon and your freaking, you sent me this big ass box Y’all see how big this box is?! And It’s just this! “Pomeranian Guard Dog” Ooh! Imma hang this up in my house or something, and then, it’ll encourage robbers because They’ll be like oh, they just have a pomeranian. How bad can they be? But this is really awesome. Thank you! Oh my goodness the present. Ooh these are cute Look at this bracelet Lia I hope this brings you much needed luck for the next year. It was half off So I got extra one just in case you want to give it to your mom or sister ! You might be Top 500 in Overwatch But you’re number one to me. Aw that’s so sweet! I’m sure my mom would like this, this is really pretty! Thank you so much. I love this bracelet! This box cutter is the best box cutter I’ve ever had like this This is the box cutter of all box cutters like this one actually works and makes me want to use instead of the scissors. Woah! More Presents! Ok Hi it’s Superstar sorry for the statue I, Wait What tweet at me because I don’t really know who you are sorry at least I’ll be real I just won’t be like “Oh Oh i know who you are” But let me know What’s up, cuz I don’t know what statue you’re talking about I saw milk chocolate. Dude, this is and iphone made out of chocolate. What it’s like a chocolate bar What is the iphone do this is crazy? This is like a blow-up subscribe thing and subscribe button or the pillow awesome pillow Talk you. I love this. I don’t know where to put it I do put it somewhere So now you can just click this here now. You can click it yeah click it Thank you [so] much super sizes are super awesome cute little envelopes from Marissa And I’m going to open it, and they’re pictures of side What about the sniper [all] fit has one of my dougie and she killing me a picture? There’s a buncha cute, little no, thanks wears out This is from a Michelle their glasses candy in here and their [job]. This is my go to gum in High school Oh, that’s a bracelet. [that] ak sniper wolf what? Y’all have to [talk] to I’m aware this right now you guys sent me the cutest stuff. How cute is This is this my parole [I] just said wait laffy taffy cause of me some [Matthew] [Caffey], [so] I’m gonna have some right now guys trying to give me diabetes Dearly I say you fan mail in your video, and you opened it, and it was a very bad reaper drawing [there’s] all my friends. I was in a famous person’s video, but you never said my name [did] it believe me This is from Brandy and Brandy [satin] exists, so I love brandi I don’t love you guys who don’t believe her so yeah, she’s in the video So shut up – Brandy you sure that’s your friends now. Haha. Oh I’m sorry Folk’ I hope you like the luchadors just a little taste from my home country in Mexico Thank you so much manuel. [I] know you are an instagram Jonah. Oh boy. It’s a reaper case look at this This is freaking cool. What is this a [pillowcase]? Oh Superb oops it is 3/4, ha ha oh And [Jessica] Lucas oh, it’s very soft Somebody custom-made this for me. Oh, I like this. Thank you. This is a long one. I like long I Also like short one. I’m not Doesn’t matter what’s on the outside Matters on the inside oh Wow, look at me Look at these amazing. I can’t show this wi-Fi to focus [4] ha ha Look, I can show you but I’m gonna censor it oh Why? Do these are for pikachu on Twitter, okay? [well], this is a lost [robo] Xru is just oh, I forget lover [Yuki] so cute Their letter there’s no letter, but these are so [awesome]. Thank you so much the last block one We’re to the last one let’s not hurt ourselves And this will be like the only video that I didn’t hurt myself in oh my goodness I did not hurt myself this whole video reaches before opening gifts on camera [alright]. This whole letter is horrible damn God stop being so hard on yourself anyways I know that everybody says this to you, but you’re one of the best youtubers out there My name is the [Ray] [han] yes. I know it’s a weird name just say ray okay It’s always better to have like a weird name like an unusual names and like a common name. It’s cool Because it’s like unique you’re wondering I have a girl gamer as well, I Get up every morning the first thing [that] comes to my mind is you post a good new video? I live in Australia, so when you post a new video [as] [opposed] to like 5 a.m.. Oh Jeez that’s freaking early That’s awesome. Though dude from your best [friend’s] sister all this so sweet Tell your sister the Irineu sister you are my new sister. Oh I Love this so much. I have so much pillows now. You guys have me like forget authority [pillows] I gotta find places for these [right] [so] [they] love pillows Oh, you guys know you guys already know my favorite chocolate well dark chocolate would be soft boy You know how to make me happy keep? Chocolate-coated marshmallow and Jam Snacks maybe please I hope I keep these I Can’t you do? Oh, there’s so much presence in here. I would open all of that Oh, it’s a little lumpy thing it so you can put out my bag is so cute. Oh so pretty Thank you so much ray. This was super sweet of you. I love you so much. Hi, so I think that’s everything Thank you guys so [much] for everything you sent me. I really enjoyed opening everything in reading you guys’s messages You guys are sweet, and I love you so much. Thank you for being a part of the wolf pack I just wanted to say that I appreciate all of you guys so much, and I love you guys so [much], but yeah That’s all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did [make] sure to sound like button up a special schedule that I Love you guys [so] much . Thanks for Watching bye guys

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