Sound Library Hack

Sound Library Hack

hello it’s Patrick here from the
GarageBand are you a garage band from Mac OS user who’s jealous of
the steady stream of sound library updates your GarageBand for iOS / iPod
OS cousins seem to regularly enjoy the last two sound packs released the
prismatic ax new disco pack and skyline heat hip hop pack were from my money the
best so far so why oh why haven’t they been added to GarageBand from Mac OS yet
it’s not like we haven’t had a recent update or anything what if I told you
that you can add the content from those iOS exclusive packs into GarageBand for
Mac OS Apple just makes it really difficult classic Apple II now I’ll put my hands up and be
completely honest here i 100% stumbled upon the solution by accident I was
playing around with GarageBand from mac’s ability to open GarageBand for iOS
projects trying out different ways of shooting project files back and forth
etc when I try to open a project in GarageBand from Mac the only contain
loops and sounds from the GarageBand for iOS as sound libraries skyline heap
sound pack now none of these sounds are available in GarageBand from Mac OS but
instead of a traditional error message warning me that some sounds wouldn’t
playback I instead was prompted to download additional sounds when I hit
continue sure enough a download started the sounds were installed and GarageBand
even automatically rien dext the apple root library after the install once done
the correct waveforms appeared and the project regions and I was able to play
back the project looking in the loop browser all of the skyline hit songs had
been added alongside the ones present in the project that I had imported very
very strange so I thought I try it with the prismatic a sound pack as well
that’s the other pack that GarageBand from Mac OS users don’t have access to
so again here I’ve shared a project file that includes loops and sounds from the
prism atticus sound pack and again when I open that GarageBand for iOS file in
GarageBand from Mac OS I’m prompted to download additional sounds and look at that sounds are downloaded
Apple loops are rien dext and I’m able to play back my project as well as now
use all of the sounds from the prism attica sound back
now usually additional sounds are added to garrage band on Mac OS alongside an
update of sorts but you can add all of the content available in one go by
selecting the download all available sounds option from the sound library tab
in the GarageBand menu I did try this and nothing choosing to download all
available zones didn’t add either the skyline heat or prismatic a loops to
garrett bands loop browser looking at GarageBand for Mac’s update notes on the
Mac App Store you can see that the last update to include additional content
which did include songs from GarageBand for iOS is Polly box sound pack was
version 10.3 from over a year ago notice that versions ten point three
point two and ten point three point three can say nothing but bug fixes and
stability improvements no extra content I’ve reached out to Apple support to see
if they can shed a bit of light on this bizarre situation but for the time being
it looks like if you want to use these sounds in GarageBand on Mac OS you’re
going to have to open a garage band for iOS / iPad OS project on your Mac that
contains loops from those packs and choose to download when prompted now
that’s going to be fairly straightforward for those of you with
both an iPhone or iPad as well as a Mac not so straightforward if you just have
a Mac if you don’t have access to an area device to force the install of
these sounds I’ve uploaded a GarageBand for iOS project to my Google Drive
account that contains one loop from the prismatic
sound pack and one loop from the skyline heat sound pack that you can download
that file open it and GarageBand on your Mac
and get a hold of these fantastic sons I’ve put a link to that file in the
description for this to work just click the link choose to download
the file open the downloaded file to extract it and then double-click to open
it choose to download the additional sounds
when prompted and you’ll be good to go whew
right this is one of these stranger GarageBand hacks I’ve ever had to do
fingers crossed Apple pull their heads out of their backsides and it won’t be
required for too much longer I’ve been Patrick from the GarageBand and I’ll see you next time bye for now

18 thoughts on “Sound Library Hack

  1. Jesus Christ, you're such a f*cking legend.

  2. Now that's a VALUE ADD! Thanks brother!

  3. Where can we get Indian instruments – sitar, tabla, etc. for os x, not ios? Thanx!

  4. Thanks! Is there a way to import In Garageband IOS the features of the mac version, like the guitar sounds and loops ? Thanks!

  5. Yoooo, soooo awesome! Thanks man!

  6. Yup. That worked!!! Thanks!!!

  7. Thanks, Patrick! Worked a treat.

  8. Great info! Thank you!

  9. Great hack, thanks

  10. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Your Kung Fu is awesome! ๐Ÿ™

  12. Thank you for providing the project download. I'm one with no other IOS devices. Everything else is Android.

  13. Pat is the Led Zeppelin of all things Garageband, you must have the patience of a Saint! Well done and Thanks very much mate!

  14. Great find Patrick.

    Game changer. Again.

    Am I right in thinking that these two packs are the only ones missing (provided the user has done โ€˜download all availableโ€™ in GarageBand?)

    Thanks soooo much btw

  15. Excellent workaround, Patrick!

  16. Nice one!

  17. Wow! Patrick, this os fantastic! Thank you!

  18. Very cool of you to share! I had imported a track of mine from iOS & remember it saying it needed to download more in order to play. Never occurred to me that it might've downloaded more than just that one instrument. Must go check – thanks!

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