Star Battalion – iPhone/iPod touch – Game Trailer

Star Battalion – iPhone/iPod touch – Game Trailer

50 thoughts on “Star Battalion – iPhone/iPod touch – Game Trailer

  1. first

  2. @YouAppTV


  4. @YouAppTV wow, you must be SOOOOOOO proud

  5. looks like Star Trek

  6. @boy82killer Alts Maul

  7. @YouAppTV boy82killer hat aber recht 😉

  8. foda que soh sai jogos pra iphone e seus derivados touch

  9. looks like star wars

  10. @BIMBOBOB22 warum sollt ich stolz sen?

  11. @YouAppTV lern zu schreiben du spast 😀
    es interesiert kein schwein ob du der erste aus dem heim warst der adoptiert wurde, halts maul.

  12. @janjericho123 nur weil du immer noch im Hem sitzt!!

  13. @YouAppTV ne ich sitze zuhause bei meinen eltern for meinem high end pc und lache mich über dich schlapp.

  14. fake star wars

  15. @janjericho123 du glaubst jetzt nicht echt dass du reicher werst als ich???
    Kein bock mehr mit soh einen schwuhlen wie du zu schreiben!!!

  16. @YouAppTV natürlich bin ich reicher als du. und jetzt lern mal wi man richtig schriebt du schwuler sack.

  17. @YouAppTV ach und apropo Eltern meine sind die besten der welt!!!! Ich Lebe in einen anstendigen Haus nicht im gegensatz zu dir du lebst bestimmt in einem Platten bau!!!!!!!

  18. Reminds me of Star Fox and Star Wars. Very cool!

  19. @janjericho123 gib es auf du hasst es nich drauf einen zu beleidigen!!!

  20. Is there vouce chat in the online mode?

  21. Great but when is it coming to iPad 🙁

  22. @lceus no 🙁

  23. Cool

  24. looklike starwars but it likes realy cool

  25. Please Fix the problems on going back to the homescreen

  26. @MetalJesusRocks i was thinking the same… i used to love starfox!!!

  27. Wow this game looks awesome!!! My friends and I want to buy it but want to test it first. So no ones willing to pay seven bucks and get it maybe I'll have to step up and buy it. Looks awesome though nice work gameloft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I'm getting this or galaxy on fire 2. Please tell me what's better

  29. @56mikale I told you get Galaxy on Fire 2.It´s much better.
    The Graphics are more Impressive and the story ist Better.

    PS: I haven´t Star Battalion,but i have GoF2 !

  30. how you find nhorson's tank?

  31. @xxsandrayxx well i have a netbook, and halo 1/2 and starwars battlefront 1/2 can run on it, so can FIFA (real football) and most GTA's (gang$tar games)….go on

  32. Well, as much as i love Gameloft, i was to thrilled about this game. i suggest you buy it if you want star fox on the go. lol, i even heard "SONAN, DO A BARREL ROLL!"

  33. @dmd356 There's already a "Star Fox on the go"; it's called Star Fox Assault. Sigh.

  34. omg dude u have 41 likes and zero dislikes u have maybe 5 dislikes in all ur vids combined thats amazing!

  35. This game is cool. Haters stop slagging Gameloft. Their putting cool games on mobile for us consumers. So what if it reminds you of other games. Every company copies from one another.

  36. Which should I get, this or Galaxy on Fire 2?

  37. add me: chichii=XD

  38. add me on Game Center: Divrge

  39. I get this game for only 0,79 Euro in the German App Store ^^

  40. Star Battalion or galaxy on fire 2!!!!??????

  41. SkyFly420 add me

  42. Make a sequel and make star 2 please?

  43. Gameloft can you make star battalion 2 please?

  44. @gameloft make this for android please.


  46. Lol graphically speaking the game isn't all that good. Game mechanic wise the game is a solid slice of delight.

  47. this is star wars :0


  49. i have these game but no one connect 🙁 lukcho is mi name there add me 🙂

  50. And this game still works on newer iOS versions!

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