Starting your YouTube Channel – Quick Camera Comparison – iPod, R50 and Cyber Shot

Starting your YouTube Channel – Quick Camera Comparison – iPod, R50 and Cyber Shot

Hi again YouTube, Stickguy187 back with kind of an odd little video. This is an equipment comparison for if you
want to start your YouTube channel. So what I’ve got is actually got the
Canon R50 in front of me I’ve got an iPod filming off to one side. In this case it’s an iPod Gen 5. And I’ve got the Sony Cyber Shot filming off to the other side. What I originally used for my channel is I did use the iPod I downloaded the Slo-mo app and I was able to use that, you guys saw it in my Kershaw Camp 18 video and my Cold Steel Blackthorn video. It
does offer that functionality but obviously it’s limited depending on what version you have you might not have the functionality of say a true camera. Starting with the Sony Cyber-Shot Obviously it’s a still camera and it films at 720p and it was what I used for almost all my shots. What I did find was that some of the functionality of a camcorder such as the Canon was lost. It’s very difficult for me to set up the shots with this because the display is only on the back. The canon does offer a flip display so I can see myself. I can see the little tracking on my head. I can see all my reactions and can see the set-up of the shot a little bit easier. So when you’re starting out your YouTube
channel it’s a good idea to check what you’ve got. Webcams they’re great. They’re cheap and unless you have
a higher end one they tend to be a really grainy shot and that might make people not want to check your channel. I know that my first couple videos that I shot with the cyber-shot
were actually some of the higher viewed videos. So it’s just an idea for when
you’re starting out I’m not gonna review the cameras
individually this is just one of those “ideas” videos So thanks so much for watching this
video you know…this kind of thing I hope
helps you guys out when you’re starting your own YouTube channel or if you haven’t even started yet and you were just thinking about it I hope this helps a little bit. Until next time guys I’m Stickguy187 Stay sharp. and in focus.

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  1. A quick side-by-side comparison of three different video cameras to help you out.

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