Super Easy Ombre Technique Using Procreate App on the iPad Pro

okay so we’re gonna write the word
ombré and I’m not gonna make this super fancy or anything I just want you to
kind of see the process I’m using a black ink – black color and I’ll just select it using my little
arrow tool kind of center it where I want it and then I’m going to create a
new layer and let’s do like an ombré of ahhh, let’s do some aquas and I’m gonna switch my brush to
let’s go to our airbrush I like just using the hard – so let’s use the hard
airbrush and then I’m going to go all the way up to as far as I can with that
and I’m just gonna start coloring and I I color all the way from the top to the
bottom when I’m doing this because you’ll see why it’ll kind of shift and
then just kind of start changing your tones a little bit so that you can get
like some ombre effect and I’m just scribbling on it all down.
I’ve been missing you guys I don’t know if I’d if I haven’t even posted lately
because I recently just moved and it was probably one of the hardest moves I’ve
had in my whole life you know how to go back to your colors
you can hit the little square here touch it, hold, and then dab; it’ll bring your
color back up because I just lost it anyway so oh I was such a tough move I
finally getting in my studio back to setup okay so you’ve got all your color
down on this layer so we’ve got the layer that we lettered on and the layer
with the paint per se on it then you’re gonna go up while you’re still selecting
your layer with the paint come up to the little icon with the tool and the magic
wand and you’re gonna go to Gaussian blur and then you slide your pencil or
your finger and you’ll see how it starts to blur and so you can decide how much
of a blur you want and, that’s pretty good then you’re gonna go up to your layers
hit the N change to lighten and then you’re gonna hit lighten and when that
happens it’s only the colors only gonna show up where there was paint below so
anywhere there was black paint on this layer that’s going to saturate that so
that is it for this a really simple ombre effect and I hope you guys liked
it and I’m gonna stay tuned I owe you guys
a subscriber shoutout so let’s go ahead and do that really quick uh so let me
just hide those add another layer and let’s pick somebody I’m still using a
jar I still have it I didn’t lose it in the move pick and if you would like your
name to be lettered to Zell then just leave a comment below and write your
name that you want Leonard so let’s do this one more time and we’re gonna do
this a little bit differently so I’m gonna go back you double click on the
bottom to get pure black I’m gonna go to my lemonade brush and lemonade brushes
are this brush and I have a mono pen are available on my website for free right
now I haven’t been charging for those at all um because they’re pretty basic and
I think I think you guys could use the help so there you go so we are going to
write Joe’s Oh such a pretty name is gonna be fun okay here we go
maybe make this a little bit I tend to write so big probably need
like a a 20 inch iPad giselle so pretty okay so let’s do like
a rainbow effect sorry my dog’s yelling at somebody so we’re gonna go jakers
jakers okay so we’re gonna start let’s start with like a pinky color and go
back to your airbrush hard airbrush and then let’s just start filling in color
so let’s do you like some rainbow effects and if you guys need like I’m happy to
share any of the techniques as you guys know like on this channel so let me know
if there’s anything that you need help with especially I mean if I don’t know
it’ll figure it out I’ll show you guys what I did so yay
I love YouTube okay so alright so we have all of our color on there we’re
gonna hit the tool we’re gonna go Gaussian blur and you
slide it to where you want it so like that’s pretty cool you can go even more
and get rid of like all the lines and just kind of blends in there come back
to your layer hit the end hit like oh the Butcher I’m sorry my bad hit lighten
back to normal lighten and then hit lighten yeah super pretty awesome thanks
you guys for watching and if you want your name letter just comment below have
a good day mister guys bye you

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