Super Tuesday Freak

Super Tuesday Freak

99 thoughts on “Super Tuesday Freak

  1. Come and watch my short films guys they’re simple movies so I hope you support me🎬

  2. The only risk with Bernie is the risk of winning

  3. You can’t touch this!

  4. tulsi gabbard is still in the race and got 1 delegate

  5. Is that Jon Lajoie!?

  6. It's 2016 all over again folks. Take every headline and replace "Hillary Clinton" with "Joe Biden" and watch history repeat itself down to the smallest detail.

  7. Super Tuesday. Super Freak. Two Supers we had no idea would go great together.

  8. I guess bring able to afford heath care is socialism now

  9. Was that John B singing that? I'm superfreaking out!?!

  10. Cocaine is a helluva drug.
    Watch 2016 all over again. Biden will put both his feet in his mouth and Trump will crush him. The DNC has learned nothing I almost wish for it to happen to see their stupid faces. Bernie is the only chance.

  11. Is this 2016 all over again🤷🏼‍♂️🦋

  12. 'Socialistic risk' …sure America

  13. okayyyy…

  14. Soo good!! 👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣

  15. How is Tulsi still in, unnoticed?

  16. That was pretty funny

  17. It's never a problem when we throw trillions of dollars away on war, but you talk about providing healthcare for all Americans and it's a "socialistic risk?"

  18. Excellent!

  19. People are so afraid of change, they rather vote to be in warm poop, because it's warm.

  20. Bernie or nothing! He is the original voice of reason and compassion.
    None of these copycats will do for me.
    Mr. BrainFarts Biden needs to retire.
    This job requires a bloodhound like Bernie to set things straight again.

  21. Jon & the band go above and beyond with these musical parodies. Love it!

  22. Jon Batiste would have rocked this…

  23. the tower of Babel from The 4G

  24. Whats the name of the original song for this, please?

  25. "Socialistic risk" >:C

  26. The only thing that could beat 'Super Tuesday' is… (you guessed it)… Bat Wednesday! 😁

  27. Just scroll past the Russian Bernie trolls…

  28. We laugh at coal miners voting against their own self interest, but Biden supporters are all about to do it as well.

    The joke's on you.

    Bernie 2020.

  29. Run this one back at the real super Tuesday.. a week before every 30 minuted…lol. IS IT TRUE THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE CAN NOT SELECT A WOMAN NOR A JEWISH PERSON????

  30. The DNC has interfered in the democratic process yet again to install the candidate they want. It’s a sham. They bought off Buttigieg and Klobuchar (and now Beto) and are so pleased with their stealth coup d’état that they fail to hide the contempt they have for the people they need to win. Don’t listen to CNN and MSNBC; they are to the Corporate Democrats what Fox is to Trump. Looks like the DNC is going to need another term of Trump to embrace democracy. Bernie or Bust. Anything else is complicit support for a rigged system.

  31. And the Freak is the President ….🤣🤣🤣

  32. 70's called, you are being sued…

  33. Vote for Bernie NOT Biden! In 1978 Joe Biden co-wrote the evil cruel bill that deprives poor people of being allowed to bankrupt federal student loans! That was evil of Joe Biden! If voters have a heart and agree that an impoverished single mother should be allowed to bankrupt her federal student loans, then they are hypocrites if they vote for Joe Biden instead of Bernie Sanders!  Bernie Sanders wants federal student loan forgiveness. VOTE FOR BERNIE SANDERS! Here is link for more info on Joe Biden's evil act against the poor with the bankruptcy laws:

  34. well done!

  35. Cocaine's a helluva drug.

  36. Damn Same the DNC are doing everything in thier power to make Trump a 2 term POTUS. RIP Rick James

  37. They're all white? well look at the clip , I don't see any black people . There are just some white people they are called albino and there are none black people at all , I'm not sure but people in this video looked they where mixed races the whole bunch .

  38. Reading the comments, it is clear that "the Russians are coming!" and they want Bernie!

  39. Dragon ball alien

  40. Socialistic Risk, as opposed to a Capitalistic Risk like: getting sick and losing your job; losing your health insurance because you lost your job; going bankrupt from being sick; dying because you can't afford to see a doctor.
    You know, it's almost like Democratic Socialism LOWERS risk for 99% of people.

  41. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  42. Thanks for the laughs Late Show!

  43. Joe’s friends with Obama He mentions it a lot.
    These song parodies are brilliant

  44. All of liar donnys supporters are so deep underwater I don’t believe they even hear what he says anymore they just agree… blindly it’s the stupid leading the stupider.

  45. Bernie Bros commentators are so adorable.

    The few that are actually from the US (at least half of them are from countries outside the US) and are eligible voters, really seem to think, he could win the majority of votes.

    Dudes, here's the news: just because you are part of a very vocal minority, doesn't mean your candidate will be elected by the silent majority.

  46. March 3, 2020, the day the DNC rigged the primary to steal the election from Bernie. We will now have 4 more years of Trump if Biden wins the nomination. How stupid are Americans? Obviously very stupid.

  47. I had to look and see if it was Jon dressed up as Rick. Nope, it's a voice over. 😂😂😂
    This has to be one of the funniest cold opens yet

  48. genuinely the best clip here!

  49. 😂😂😂👍🏼

  50. Production value is very high! Good job.


  52. 🤣🤣🤣🤣as always amazing 😉

  53. Might as well just go to the White House and tell Trump that there isn't a need for an election since he'll win it with the likes of Biden challenging him.

  54. The Dems are so white they glow in the dark.

  55. 1:01 They're alright! And they're all white!

  56. Trumps looks like a Super villain in Batman.

  57. Bloomberg has Just dropped out in the last 15 minutes: leaving VP Biden, Sanders, Warren & Gabbard.

  58. I can only imagine how loud-mouth, bombastic Trump is going to eviscerate poor old bumbling Biden in a debate. He'll have Biden forgetting his own name.

  59. Nice. The team's geist went back after "Parnas sings".

  60. I wonder if Bernie would get this much hate if he called himself a Socialist-Democrat as opposed to a Democratic-Socialist.
    Oh who am I kidding? The establishment would hate him either way.

  61. If Biden is the saviour, why hasn't Obama endorsed him?

  62. Bernie is the answer for small man Biden is a fraud.

  63. The history of all previous societies has been the history of class struggles.

  64. And the voting booth had incense, wine, and candles.

  65. Yuuuukkkk!!!!

  66. Jon Batiste had way too much fun singing this…

  67. Steve be our president in 2020

  68. I love Jon right now! He is on FIRE!

  69. very cute, ty mr colbert and the group 🙂

  70. Im a follower of Colbert for some time. This bit was corny as fuck bro.

  71. i absolutely adore rick james, but i am disliking this for the(predictable) smear against bernie.
    i like this show, but i am incredibly close to just unsubbing if this bullshit continues.
    a socialistic risk?!?!
    voting for the guy who has about 80 percent of the nation agree with his policies, has a clean track record, and wants to give healthcare to all, like every civilised nation, is now a socialistic risk?! this shit is outrageous!
    what about the capitalistic risk which has allowed such a gap in wealth that you have this 1% bullshit.
    americans. please don't stand or this crap. we in the civilised world have had healthcare for decades upon decades. you've had people like fdr and kennedy calling for this! why haven't you got this done?!?!?!!!
    bernie is the only candidate to pull your country out of becoming the third world country owned by oligarchs and corporations that only cares about its military budget.
    this is literally a campaign of bernie versus the corporations. even the other "progressive", warren, is bought out, but she showed her true colours when she was claiming bernie was a sexist. backstabbing snake that she is. a republican posing as a progressive. she is a corporate sellout that has no business staying n the race, but has been bought out in order to take away the progressive vote from bernie.
    go out and vote for bernie!!! please!

  72. Just brilliant! I've never been a fan of "funny" videos, like home-videos, sitcoms with prerecorded laughing, comedies, standup comedians laughing about themselves while talking rude and immature, not even old Greek Comedies. I hardly ever smile or laugh, but with Stephen Colbert I don't feel stupid if I so do, that must be his success. So good with these shows on YouTube, since I have no TV, that give me something to giggle about again. ^_^

  73. more hitpieces.
    bernie 2020.

  74. The Guy is pretty wealthy – He used to stop and frisk 😜

  75. He's Rick James. Dammit !

  76. 🤣

  77. Every state should vote on the same day. Also voting day should be a week or 2 long.


  79. I was thinking at first it might be Jude's "Rick James", but I will definitely take this. 😂

  80. came. here. for B E R N I E.

  81. Excellent

  82. If Rick James was alive I'm sure he would approve!👍

  83. How transparent… You know Tulsi is still running: 0:26
    But then you don't even list her again 1:02

    We need Jon Stewart.

    He was a man of integrity.

    I used to like your show Colbert.

  84. Jon does a good Rick James

  85. Bernie

  86. Want Trump? VOTE BIDEN!

  87. 👎

  88. I cannot get this song out of my head now lol

  89. This is catchy as hell!!

  90. 😹🙌🏾💚💙💚💙

  91. Australia, on the runs for toilet paper.

  92. OMG what is rhis??🤣😂😁😀

  93. Can’t touch this!

  94. I kind of wish Colbert wasn't adding to the propaganda about Bernie….not helpful.

  95. Somebody must have paid A LOT to have TULSI GABBARD completely ignored by the media and this show, what a shame, the only really good candidate there is and the only who actually can beat Trump, usual America

  96. lol

  97. Omg The girl on the right looks like a girl I dated in the 80's. Lol

  98. "Socialistic Risk" FU late show
    Bernie has enough media against him. Notice you were very kind to Biden and Warren and even Bloomberg to some extrnt.
    FU Late show.
    No I'm not a "Bernie Bro". Just looking aout for my favourite like everyone else.
    Bernie Bro is another smear myth.

  99. Please do more FUNK! Funk ain’t dead yet and the word Fun is in FUNK! Do it Colbert. This is awesome. 👽🤩🤪

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