Surface Pro 4 vs. iPad Pro

Surface Pro 4 vs. iPad Pro

Hey there folks, Lane here with TechnoMaverick. Just last week Microsoft announced some brand new devices and
among those was the successor to the Surface Pro 3, the Surface Pro 4. Also
announced was the Surface Book. Not really the scope of this video to
discuss that particular device but it is certainly exciting. Let’s talk about how
the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro 4 compare. So first of all, why compare
these two products? They’re obviously very different. Well the reason is they have both been
designed with productivity in mind and both manufacturers are basically pushing
them or marking them as productivity devices. They are both also roughly the same
size, they have touch screens and pens that provide excellent digital inking. They also start at very similar price points. So that means that a lot of
people are going to be comparing these two devices and wondering which one is
right for them. Now first things first we’re going to talk
about the facts things that we can actually definitively say are similar
between these two devices and things that we can say one is better than the
other. But stick around because in the second half of the video we’re going to
be going over some more commentary about these two devices and that’s where
things really get interesting. So first of all, size. Just a moment ago I said
these two devices are roughly the same size and that is pretty impressive
considering what the Surface Pro 4 can actually do. So the Surface Pro 4 comes
in at .33 inches thick and is weighing in at one point six seven pounds meanwhile the iPad Pro is coming in at
.27 inches thick, so five one hundredths of an inch thinner than the Surface Pro 4
and is weighing in at one point by four pounds. So as well a little bit thinner
and a little bit lighter. In terms of the other dimensions these two devices don’t
really compare as well Microsoft is going after the 3:2 aspect ratio which basically they equate that to being like a pad of paper
that you would use an 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper or like a note pad
that you were right on whereas the iPad is going after the more
square 4:3 ratio. However both of them have 12 inch class screens The
iPad coming in at 12.9 inches and the Surface Pro 4 coming in at 12.3 inches.
Now let’s talk about hardware components Both of these devices have extremely
high resolution displays. You’re not going to see a pixel on either of these
displays but they don’t have exactly the same resolution and again that’s mostly
due to their aspect ratios. The Surface Pro 4 features a 2736 by 1824
resolution coming in at 267 PPI. While the iPad Pro features a similar 2732 by
2048 resolution display technically superior but again that has to do with
the aspect ratio. The iPad Pro is a bit wider when it comes to processing
components. The Surface Pro 4 is running a sixth generation Intel Core
processor goes all the way from core M up to a core i7 depending on the
configuration that you purchased and depending on configuration you purchase
you also have integrated graphics available on that hardware. So you can
get anywhere between 4 gigabytes of RAM and 16 gigabytes of RAM. Anywhere
from 128 gigabytes of onboard storage going all the way up to one terabyte.
Couple that with the fact that you also have the option to insert a microSD card
technically with support up to 2 terabytes although those cards are not
exist today. Now the iPad Pro is running Apple’s
latest generation A9X chipset along with its own proprietary dedicated
graphics. Although Apple doesn’t give out these numbers it looks like the iPad
Pro is using 4 gigabytes of RAM and you can purchase this in configurations of
either 32 gigabytes or 128 gigabytes of storage with nothing in
between and no option to expand the memory. Both of these devices have their
own proprietary biometric scanners. The Surface Pro 4 has facial recognition
which is said to be enterprise-class security. And the iPad has Apple’s excellent TouchID built right
into the home button. Now, both manufacturers in the past have really
failed to deliver high-quality cameras on these devices which is OK, I mean
they’re targeting devices people really shouldn’t be taking pictures with them, but
both of them will be fine for streaming video during FaceTime or Skype calling.
The Surface has the latest wi-fi radios along with Bluetooth 4.0. The iPad
Pro has a little bit better hardware in terms of connectivity. They also have the
latest generation wi-fi radios Bluetooth 4.2 and also the option of purchasing a
device with connectivity for 4G LTE and HSPA+. The Surface Pro 4 also
features a continuous kickstand hands that will enable you to use the device
like a laptop propped up propped up on your desk or in bed or things like that.
The iPad Pro does not. The Surface Pro 4 features two front facing stereo
speakers which have Dolby sound built in if they’re anything like the Surface Pro 3 speakers they will be you know pretty good. They do get
pretty loud these are said to be louder The iPad Profeatures some very
interesting speakers there’s actually one speaker in each corner and it will
dynamically change the audio depending on how you hold the device to also
deliver stereo sound and Apple claims that these speakers are much louder than
those in the iPad Air 2. Alright now let’s talk about the accessories and in
this case is really what makes these devices special these are tablets but
they’re huge you really need great accessories to make them useful since
you’re not really going to be holding them in your hands and interacting with
them that way most of the time now both of these tablets do have first party
accessories available when it comes to Microsoft the ship the device with the
surface pen which is entering technology which Microsoft now owns to deliver 1024
levels of pressure sensitivity in the screen using the surface pen which again
is included they also have their own first party keyboards which are said to
be fantastic we haven’t had a chance to get our hands on those yet but my talk
claims that it the thinnest and lightest of their type covers yet and then also that it is
a better typing experience and that looks to be the case they also have a
large trackpad since these services software does support native mouse
control Apple has the Apple pencil that can be used in conjunction with the iPad
Pro two supposedly deliver really excellent thinking we haven’t had a
chance to try this out yet and really it’s the first time that Apple has ever
done this so we’ll have to see how great it is I’m guessing that it’s going to be
really good it’s going to be a great experience for artists especially just
likely services have been in the past now each of these pens from different
manufacturers have their own kind of special unique twist on them the latest generation servicemen from
Microsoft does have an eraser on the back end of it so you can just turn the
plane around to start of racing and it also has a couple of buttons for
selecting and doing other things like launching one note on the Apple pencil
does not have a dedicated a racer but it’s unique because it offers till
sensitivity so you in certain applications will be able to tilt the
pencil to one angle to get a different fact this will be most useful when it
comes to artistic applications how useful I’m not really sure I know I do a
lot of 2d work in Photoshop and I prefer to have more specific control but there
are some natural artists out there that try to make digital art that is more natural feeling so that may be a
good thing for some artists not really important for most people though when it
comes to storage the Microsoft Surface pen can just be magnetically attached to
the side of the device will have to see how strong that connection really is
apple offers no form of connection at all the servers pen is very superior in
terms of its battery life said to last for about a year my current service men with my service
pro 3 I’ve never had to change the batteries and I’ve had it for a year
half so absolutely believe Microsoft claimed the Apple pencil will need to be
charged probably every few days by heavy users and the way you charge it is by
plugging it into the end of your iPad which seems dangerous for a lot of
reasons I imagine people are gonna be breaking that Apple will probably have
to find a different way to charge it with a next-generation device now both
of these devices when coupled with their pen do support palm recognition so they
should be pretty much on par in terms of the artistic experience when you’re
using these silences when it comes to performance it’s difficult to really
compare these two devices because they’re handling completely different
operating systems Windows 10 is a desktop operating system which uses more
memory to just keep things going iPad obviously one day mobile operating
system so in terms of performance when you’re measuring the benchmark it’ll be
hard to really comparable for both of these devices will perform exceptionally
well at the task that they are really designed to do service pro for on the
one hand will be excellent for editing photos videos surfing the web creating documents
things like that that had pro on the other hand will probably be very good
and very fast when it comes to browsing the web watching video is creating
digital art and some dedicated applications that are made for that on
the iPad pro so they will both perform exceptionally well based on what they’re
really designed to do so let’s start with price because this is where things
get really crazy to be fair the Apple iPad pro and does start at a lower price
point of the $100 whereas Microsoft’s surface pro four starts at $900 however there’s a big gap in terms
of what you get at $800 Apple’s iPad Pro offers only 32 gigabytes of storage and
includes no accessories that means even the Apple pencil you don’t get that in
the box Microsoft Surface pro four starts with
128 gigabytes of storage although it will obviously be closer to about
ninety-five after the operating system and Microsoft after they have installed
when you take it out of the box but they also do include the surface pen so right
off the bat for $100 extra you also get the pen which Apple charges $100 for and
you get a lot more storage in reality few if any people should be buying the
iPad pro at the $800 configuration 32 gigabytes is simply not enough storage
for the kinds of things are going to be doing on this device this device has a
huge high resolution display applications are gonna take a ton of
space and it actually going to be using it to do things like anything movies
creating digital art the things that Apple wants to sell this device to New
to enable you to do you shouldn’t be using a 32 gigabyte model if your gonna
be editing movies for instance you’re gonna have absolutely no room you’re
constantly gonna be transferring files on and off of the device so no one who
in their right mind would even consider buying a 32 gigabyte model so if you ask
me we have to leave that device completely
out of the equation that’s just for people who maybe are too impatient to
wait for the next option to be available if they can’t get a pre pre order in for
the 128 gigabyte version so you go ahead and purchase the iPad pro in the 128
gigabytes variant and do not include the pencil that actually makes it more
expensive than the 128 gigabytes variant of the surface Pro for and again that
doesn’t include the pen so for $900 you can purchase a service pro for getting
128 gigabytes of storage and have a pen included for $950 you can purchase the 28 gigabyte variant of the iPad pro and
still not have the pen however we should also consider that nobody is going to
purchase the surface Pro for without the keyboard so we need to add another $130
to the prices there so that put these devices a little closer to being on
parity with each other that had Pro can be used without a keyboard and I think
it’s likely people will purchase it and not by the keyboard whereas that’s
completely really not even an option when it comes to the surface Pro for
however there’s another crucial thing that we should be considering when
you’re comparing these two devices both of these claimed to be productivity
devices the surface Pro for does a good job of being that first of all it has
needed keyboard and mouse support the operating system Apple does a pretty
good job with keyboard support but not support is non-existent which means that
if you’re going to be using this device in a productivity landscape you’re
constantly going to meet meeting to reach up and touch the screen also
apples keyboard option supplies a kickstand keep the device up but it
doesn’t have adjustable angles so that means it’s going to be difficult to use
it on your lap it looks like it’s going to be unstable Microsoft on the other
hand has had a few tries at this and it seems like they’ve got the formula
correct here not only does the kickstand work really well normal individuals lap
but they also have a nice feature built into the keyboard their folds up so that
it’s a nice typing angle and it’s more stable on your lap if I was going to be
purchasing one of these devices and I probably will in the near future I have
a few different things in mind I’m going to need to do with it 41 I
edit a lot of video so there has to be some great software and great hardware
to make that possible I’m also going to be creating 2d art writing articles and
then also editing of photographs if you ask me it’s clear which of these devices
is better for that now even if you think that you want to purchase one of these
devices to consume more than you produce the surface is definitely a better
device even in that respect I currently use my service pro 30 a lot to watch
Netflix and Hulu Plus and YouTube and things like that while I’m in bed the iPad doesn’t have a kickstand which
means you’re going to need to hold it up and even though it’s slightly lighter
than the surface Pro for its not comfortable to continuously hold a
tablet up or propped up against the pillow on things like that for a couple
of hours it’s just not practical which means you’re going to need to
purchase something to put around your iPad to make it stand up and even Apple
solutions even though they had several years to figure this out my iPad error
still topples over when I’m trying to watch things and bad happens all the
time literally every single night that falls over my service 403 does not fall
over so if you ask me whether you’re considering consumption needs or
production needs the surface Pro for is generally speaking a better device with
that said the iPad pro instill a great device and I think there are people out
there who will like it better regardless of the fact that the surface Pro for can
do a lot of things way better than the things that Apple intends for you to do
with the iPad Pro for one even though Windows 10 has come a long way towards
making windows touch-friendly it’s still not there yet there are some bugs and
different things that make it kind of difficult to use the service pro 3 and
no doubt the surface Pro for as a tablet device with that in mind the software
support is still not there although things are improving quite rapidly the
iPad however runs a tablet-optimized operating system and third-party
developers are gonna be all over this thing they’re gonna be no doubt
thousands and thousands of apps that support this to fight with them months of it coming out so if you’re
going to be focusing on using a device as a touch screen as a tablet the iPad
Pro is still going to be a better option couple that with the fact that it is a
little bits in a little bit wider from we also gonna be a little bit more
comfortable to hold regardless I still think the iPad air two is better for
that if you’re going to be purchasing a device with that in mind using it as a
tablet and occasionally doing productivity’s things on it like
creating documents or editing photos think the iPad air to is still a better
option especially considering it’s much much cheaper a lot of you know me as a
Microsoft guy I should have you know that I do use iPads and iPhones and
things like that all the time I love Apple just as much as I love Microsoft
but I just think the surface Pro for is a better buy for the average consumer so
let me know what you think though I’m wrong and I miss something when your
comment below to enjoy this video whether you agree or disagree with me
please give me a thumbs up about the channel while thanks so much for

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    I would also add that Surface is on its 4th generation. The iPad Pro is the first model. The first version of the iPad didn't even have a camera, IIRC. I suspect that if Apple continues the Pro model line, we'll see huge improvements in subsequent models. The memory options alone are
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    For example, take a look at the Chromebook Pixel. That device is like an iPad Pro. Good specs but a not so good OS. But, if you can work with Chrome and web apps just as well as desktop Windows apps, then you are all set. If you need Windows, the Surface is still great.

    Many companies are already switching to mobile because software is drastically cheaper on that platform, and mobile devices are increasing in power. So why would they spend more, just to get more processing power, but also have to pay for more expensive software? This is why things like the Pixel C and iPad Pro exist.

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  50. FYI: If you plan on buying a Surface Pro 4 on Amazon, don't get it from a company called ADORAMA. They sent me a dented box and a SP4 with a defective screen (three big dots on the display). Now, they want me to send pictures and wait over the Presidents Day weekend before THEY decide what to do. That was $899 blown on a possible "grey market" device – ADORAMA is a camera store in NYC.

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    I understand your choice, nut I have a macbook an iPhone.
    I guess its just easier to use the same brand, even though you wouldn't usually buy it.

  81. i would pref the surface pro 4 over the ipad pro, because of the pen and the OS also the possability to store data on a card and easilly swap it into my computer. this is my opinion as an artist, that means i would buy it to create digital art and more, not only regular use. I really would like you to make a review of the new Surface Studio, this thing could change the game on the market when it comes to professional work for digital artists, the market is right now dominated by Wacom. Will you probably make a review of the Surface Studio in near future? would love it, greetz.

  82. SP 4 looks a great product, I like the idea of combining the tablet and laptop functions. Both products are providing good service with some glitches occasionally. Personally, if I have the money in the future I will go for the SP 4. BTW, I am still running a DELL Latitude E6410 Intel i5, is doing the work.

  83. Very fair review! Keep up the good work!

  84. I would like to see Microsoft make a tablet that competes with the smaller ipad pro.  It would be in the $500 or $600 price range and have an intel m7 processor.

  85. nah, I'm still going with an iPad pro

  86. me personality I think the Ipad is cool and I have 1. but the Surface is a tablet & Laptop u are saving money right there by having 2 in 1 devices. don't get me wrong I like Apple products but they have to many devices.

  87. This review could have been great but the reviewers is boring AF. Condense all this.

  88. Just watch iPad Pro in serrious audio production. That's thé Hudgens difference with this laptop

  89. you are great dude i love you so much 🙂

  90. This review helped me a lot. I've been thinking hard about these two devices since I'm heading to college in the fall. Definitely feeling the surface more. Thanks for the review!

  91. Not being mean but u look like Karim Benzama

  92. Wow that was a 17 min video looking at your face. Maybe some b-roll in the future great commentary. But was really wanting to see the surface and how you use it.

  93. How u can compare laptop with i5 processors or i7 (Microsoft surface) where u can download movies playing pc games to f tablet with phone chip.

  94. The surface pro 4 does not come with the pen

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  99. Surface is easily a winner

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