Inside this sexy body of metal and glass There’s hidden some disappointments and others big news We are going to know the three new iPhones from this year, 2019 [Music] Should we do it? Let’s do it Let’s go. [Music] Hi, Tecnonautas Are they sexy?, or not? Well, it depends on the point of view it’s like those people, or like the new fashions, that appear and first, people say “mmm (disapointying)”, and then they say “it´s not that bad” and at the end you end up using it Like the shirts I use Well, we are going to know them and not only with one but about all the iPhones that we are going to know in a few months And for keeping up the tradition, Martin, will we raffle them? Of course we will. We don’t know yet which one. The cheapest one! Ana, Ana! Don’t be…. While we argue it, the thing you can do is suscribe to our channel activate the notification bell, because we will do the same with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 that will be introduced the next month (august) which we made a video, too. We will gift it once it be introduced We´re going to talk about these three new iPhones ´cause it will be introduced three different models The iPhone XIr or iPhone 11r whatever you want to call it The iPhone XI or iPhone 11 and the iPhone XI Max or iPhone 11 Max I won´t stand calling them all year long like that, Ana eleven!! and that’s it! – 11r, 11 Max and don´t bother me anymore One will have six point one inches the iPhone 11r, the cheapest one. While the others versions, the powerful ones But no much at all because they will share the same processor. They’ll be a little bigger the one with six point five inches, the iPhone eleven max And five point eight the iPhone eleven But the sizes are not the only differences also the iPhone 11r will have a lcd display Like last year and the others will have an oled screen And the bad news, HORRIBLE is that they are falling behind compared with the advance of the competition because they still having the same giant notch 🙁 Is the biggest of the market Well, your phone is still winning don’t worry In this case, they should improve a little bit You know that they will keep the same measurements like the last year iPhones? they will be exactly the same. We hope at least they’ll make the edges smallers Well, and that for the front part Because the rear part they will have some novelties and i don’t know if everybody will like them for example for me they are horrible and you were saying to me that everytime you see it yo like it more now i see them with caring, when we did the previous video we already said it that they could put in a square format, very similar to the mate 20 pro but not in the same position, remember that the mate 20 pro has the cameras (the square) in the center and apple will put it in the left corner on the top furthermore the distribution of the lenses will be different as a triangle or something like that, a little weird. but at the same time the will seem that has more cameras, because they will look with a circumference surrounding the lenses i don’t know if all of that will make the camera to take better photos, but it will draw attention and be careful because now a lot of people complains about that but they end up buying the phone with that distribution because all the brands starts copying it, so be careful, stay calm The IPhone 11 and 11 Max will bring 3 cameras each, the main camera the wide-angle that there are rumors of it will have 12 megapixels and the telephoto. instead the IPhone 11r i have to think the names, this is very complicated -no no, say iphone IXR 11
-XIR, ok ._. this one will have only 2 cameras but it also come with the square exactly the same as the other models and all this cameras will improve a lot something that is good in the phones it is not the fault of the people of apple, is our fault because we don’t use it and i’m talking about the AR functions As for the entrails and the heart of those devices, I turn a little romantic all of them will come with a A13 bionic chip, exactly as the last year and this is also a good new and by the way, i didn’t search this, is that they will come with AI functions, surely for improve the processes and security Improved with respect to previous years. I mean we are improving step by step the storage, it will come in basic version of 128gb that is good, and it will reach 1TB in the most expensive version, that will hurt yes, it will hurt in all the versions in terms of the ram, it will bring 4gb of ram, we hope that this will the truth, because at the end of all they say that it will bring just 3 gb of ram, but 4gb it’s ok and it is also speculate, and we are sure that this will be, that this 3 models will bring more battery compared to the previous models of the 2018, reaching the 4000 mAh, i have some doubts about this but is ok let’s take into account that apple has very well optimized his devices i mean that 4000 mAh can last at least one week, i think that it will bring more than 3000 mAh but all of this, we don’t know too much, because apple is preparing all to forget the 3d touch this is the function that when you press a little bit more you get more options they will quit that system, and that will allow to have more space to put more battery in the phone another good new and this is something incredible by apple and i love it -(Martín corrects the pronunciation of Ana’s)
-does not matter in this case they will include a “quick charging charger” (Ana doesn’t believe that) of 18 watts unlike the 5 watts that included apple before look that other brands puts one of this chargers of 18 watts and they have to apologize with his customers because now that 18 watts charger is the standard charger, but is ok apple, keep going it buddy on the other hand we will have this devices with wifi 6 and one of the big novelties, that we hope it will truth, is that these models will bring usb-c instead of lightning like the android phones, and this is a pretty good new, because it is related to exactly the same– at least of my point of view with the jack of headphones because they already remove it, even the samsung note will do that , so there is the possibility of having a standard connection by wire with the usb-c Because having those different connections it was impossible to have a standardized connection for all headphones and perhaps from this point we will see in all the coming phones the usb-c port, that is pretty good and finally they will come (the 3 models) with ip68, for those people who do not know what is this is the maximum protection from dust and water, we’ll see if they include this in the warranty because they don’t do it and when we will see all this Iphones, and one of them which we will give it to you? as always in september ladies and gentlemens More or less in mid-September, I’m betting on those dates, approximately and now comes the maximum professionalism of the tecnonauta because we are going to talk about prices and Ana writes that the prices go through the roof. (you have to be rich to buy this phones) because i already know it, more or less the IPhone 11r the cheapest one will cost $900 the IPhone 11 will cost $1100-1200 and the IPhone 11 max around the $1500 (prices in euros) is what I think they will cost in euros it is usually more expensive, in dollars it could be cheaper, but is ok, in another video we will se this in depth what matters 100 dollars more or 100 dollar less?, they will be very expensive in all the ways We hope your subscribe and activate the notification bell, because in that way you can know when we upload that video– Martin this is Important– what could be more important than this Ana? we will leave all the sources of the information of this IPhones in the description of this video and we’ll see you in the next video bye [Music]

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