Tết Hơn Cả Mong Đợi Cùng Nokia 8.1 – Expect more with Nokia 8.1 (Lunar new year)

Tết Hơn Cả Mong Đợi Cùng Nokia 8.1 – Expect more with Nokia 8.1 (Lunar new year)

The distich is done, let’s take a family photo Let me take you guys a photo Everyone looks great in Tet holiday Brother, let me see the picture Oh, why my beautiful purple dress looks so dark in the picture?. Te Giac! It takes me a long time to make up but in this photo my face looks so blur Brother, my dress looks so fade in the picture It’s not that easy to take a photo in Tet holiday Ah , I should use Nokia 8.1 of my dad instead Here, take my Nokia 8.1 and give us a best shot With Nokia 8.1 you can take great photo for no sweat More sharpen than your expectation
ZEISS Optics and OIS Grandma, is this video looks great New Year’s Eve is close, let go out side and take a picture everyone Oh It haven’t out of battery even we using it to take photo and record video for whole day? Yeah daddy, it have 2 days last battery so we don’t have to worry More brilliant than your expectation
20 MP front camera challenges low light Nokia 8.1 – Expect more Oh, your hand is shaking but the photo still looks sharp Of course, it’s Nokia 8.1

56 thoughts on “Tết Hơn Cả Mong Đợi Cùng Nokia 8.1 – Expect more with Nokia 8.1 (Lunar new year)

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  15. Siapa yang melihat dengan nokia 5

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  31. I'm gonna choose iPhone if it doesn't hit Russian market before January ends

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  34. idea for low profile market…
    #Nokia 2.2
    display : 4.5" or 5"
    RAM : 3gb
    processor : Nokia 2.1 ++
    battery and other thing same as Nokia 2.1

  35. bring up the original one. that is not the original nokia. that is HMD

  36. Please increase battery

  37. I don't latest notch designs.I like old smartphone design.

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  41. nokia 5.1plus mobile battery drain problem after Android pie update.
    please solve this problem
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  44. No headphone jack = Deal breaker ! . Hope same mistake will NOT happen with Nokia 9 ? #LOSINGMILLIONS

  45. Nokia is recommended to reproduce a cell phone that is unique but with a 4G and Android system if you can create your own system like the iPhone. The Indonesian market is very much awaiting the presence of Nokia mobile phones starting from the unique back-shaped cellphone produced with 4g until the cellphones get acquainted but the price is not too expensive like the Xiaomi cellphone. If you can, Nokia can differentiate the cellphone class from economy class to premium, and there are also premium cellphone classes, but the economic price is guaranteed if this happens in Indonesia, Nokia market will definitely regain control of Indonesia

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  55. Girl Vietnam: Xin Chào
    Me: Say Vietnam Uhh -_-

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    Other wise u also gonna service center with in 20 days like me….

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