The 1-inch iPhone Exists

The 1-inch iPhone Exists

100 thoughts on “The 1-inch iPhone Exists

  1. Don’t press read more

    Ha got u

  2. I LOVE one iPhone like dat one

  3. I thought It was the barbie phone XXXDDDD

  4. If thats an inch you have a tiny hand .

  5. To excited over some boot leg shit from China !

  6. How about you make a phone call

  7. Haha so smol

  8. It’s Teeny tiny

  9. I bet that now that is not the only one inch thing he owns

  10. omg we have the same name

  11. eniemienie mine mo no one likes my comment so i will like my own

  12. I would lose my phone and never find it again

  13. Introducing, the new, Mini iPhone mini

  14. ₴ ₱ Ⱡ ł ₮ ₮ Ⱬ ♎️

  15. Saving this to buy my kids when they ask for an iPhone 💀

  16. 8:37 finally you drank the gatorade.

  17. LOOKS LIKE IM AN ON A IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait Andrang iPhone maybe its an IPhone sEeE android Extra Small Android 1?

  18. Omg my droid (MAXX) is finally bigger then some phone..

  19. I want one

  20. Some babies will probably own this product

  21. i hope it can run fortnite

  22. This phone is for a rich baby

  23. I wish I had one

  24. The firtest phone in the world xd

  25. What you mean is the VU Meter

  26. And I thought my iPhone 5 was small 😂

  27. uhhh…..can u download apps like spotify?

  28. Why the Frick does this phone perform better than a lot of androids

  29. You are best you tuber ever kason

  30. How much do these cost I want one two no maybe 3

  31. You should try to play fortnite

  32. Where to buy one? 😅😅

  33. how much phone

  34. Where is the apple logo

  35. Still looks like iPhone

  36. Just cut off the straps on a apple watch to have the smallest phone

  37. Where did you get it plz answer me I really want to get one for my self and I sub liked the video and turned bell notifications on

  38. and you send me a pare of airpods

  39. Where did you get them from so I can buy one

  40. I use to have a mini iPhone when I was nine years old plus it's too thick

  41. BUT it is not that small and it was white and doesn't use Android

  42. I so want the iPhone mini how do I find it

  43. 300$ phones dont have video pause option?

    Way talking more

  44. I guess this is what lankybox got but changed the theme to Ariana Grande

  45. Scine everybody ALWAYS WONDERS where you can find the mini iphone you can click the first link below the video and it will reach you to ebay next you type in mini android phone 7+ and it will bring you to the right page on mini 1 inch phones.
    Your welcome

  46. Jobs:Iphone lets fuse
    iphone and jobs:FUUUU SIONNNNN HAAAAAA
    Ijob:i am ijob/I MAKE JOBS

  47. Can you get me a phone?

  48. Its teenytiny

  49. Can i have one my adres is 159 medow plc hope in

  50. Those phones are not at inch lol

  51. This could be a dolls phone lol

  52. I want a tiny black iPhone se

  53. bu telefonun modeli nedir?

  54. Does the Beauty mode not work or r u too ugly???

  55. cash and its half android and half iphone

  56. I have a fat pink one that doesn’t even work cuz I don’t know where the charger is

  57. The stick thing on the voice recorder means how loud you talk

  58. Can I have one

  59. My android runs on a big N 7.1. 1

  60. My brother has a iPhone 4😎

  61. Where do you get it techsmartt?

  62. Yelp now there’s an iPhone 11

  63. You Cant Use The Word Iphone If Its An Android,And If Its Not Your Main Phone,Does It Connect Via Bluetooth

  64. What is the cost of it cute I phone and from where you buy iy

  65. idroid

  66. I love this

  67. I'm looking for a good mp3 and phone and this might be the best one

  68. New generation iphone 11

  69. Thats Not an Apple product therefore that is not an iPhone

  70. I would get one so when I go to town I don’t have my big phone in my pocket

  71. cant wait to play fortnite on dis

  72. Mobile price in India

  73. at last iphone(apple) has surrendered to Android!!! failed to input ios in their tiny version !! wtf!!!
    Be proud as an Android user

  74. Can have 😭

  75. Brother Soise Red Color Model Number How Much ???

  76. i love big shaq

  77. Man I can’t wait to play call of duty mobile on that

  78. Me: mom can I have an iPhone
    Mom: we have one at home
    iPhone at home:

  79. why can’t it be like an iphone tho not android

  80. Microphone

  81. It’s like a phone for kids

  82. If i mind question how much is that

  83. Cash

  84. My samsung galaxy watch is bigger than this (1.45 inches) and better performance (1.25 ghz dual core) lol I can't believe that 🤣🤣🤣

  85. They said the IPhone was 1 inch and I didn’t believe it‼️

    So, I shoved it in my underwear to see if they were lyin’, and they weren’t 👌🏽🤣

  86. "Wow! You can pause the video too!"

  87. Ship ME one

  88. Give me one please

  89. I’ll give you my address

  90. Duu plus duu is fou minus one dats free quick maffs

  91. I know it's a neon skateboard behind him but it looks like a giant…

  92. It's not an iphone though

  93. Does this work boost Mobile??

  94. Can I get the mini iPhone please

  95. Can I please get one because my phone is really cracked and I just can't use it that much because it's not on sometimes because my parents turn it off

  96. I just want it can buy from u? How much?

  97. Kayyum khan

  98. This is the best phone to sneak into school

  99. Techs,ary

  100. Oh yhea we are better than unbox therapy When you see a thumbnail of him starring at you

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