The $1899 Retro iPhone 7

The $1899 Retro iPhone 7

Hey guys Keaton here with TechSmartt so what I’m about to show you is a blast from the past and hi My name is Keaton, and I became a father with the worst dad joke ever I don’t even know what to say basically a company made an iPhone 7 plus that looks legit like this Mac classic You see that rainbow Apple logo right there? Let’s check it out. It’s retro So yeah guys this right here is one of the world’s first retro iPhone 7 pluses this company called colorware they modified phones that can make it any color you want and they just happen to do a Limited run of retro iPhones they did it last year and it looks super lit, so I’m happy I picked one up I gotta tell you guys now if you want to check this out the links down below, but it’s $1900 no joke and it’s supposed to look like a retro computer like something you see here drop a like on this video if you’ve guys have ever used like a big Apple computer like I use those big blue ones in elementary school, and actually one of you guys [sent] [me] [two] Mac classic here They’ve Brines an awesome dude Thank you so much Brian because you can actually See what this iPhone is Supposed to be modeled after if [you’re] one of the first 25 people to buy this retro iphone which we haven’t even seen yet [I] didn’t even know what I was buying I just saw a picture of it, and I click [buy] you actually got the number engraved on here Which one on 25 or whatever and that’s honestly the only reason I bought this I thought this is going to be like a limited Edition product for 1,900 bucks like you think this would be a limited edition product like not many people would buy this But they’re still selling it on their website. You just won’t get a number. So you judged me here I feel kind of stupid because I thought I was only gonna have [one] of 25 phones in the world that [exist] Apparently not if you’re one of the 25 people that have a number I hit me up on [Twitter] at Techsmartt We should get a group chat going you know stay with good. Let’s go ahead and open up this bone You can see it’s just a standard filled iphone 7 plus box. You know nothing too special You don’t see any retro designs if they made a retro box that would have been really cool, so on the back This is how you know it is a retro iphone or color product because it does around the back So let’s just go ahead and open this up. I got my knife right here cut that open cool and Here we go. Are you ready? [oh]? that is Just kidding. It’s I’m not ready. [it’s] the top. It’s the paperwork fuck it Such a tease such a tease. I’m going to open this up. I’m not even looking I haven’t seen yet Do we get any fun stickers or anything that’s wrapped like retro apple stickers would have been super sick. [oh], wow this did oh Wow Okay, I’m gonna go through the box before I even look at the phone okay? I don’t like I bought yeah knock on boxing channel [Donata] boxing channel for 1,900 bucks [I] didn’t get a retro cube. I would have loved a retro looking like adapter. That was funny No retro looking headphones. No cable not gonna Lie little disappointed [but] here it is here is Would you all the waiting for this is the retro iphone? You can see on the sides right here before I even flip it over. I haven’t even seen [equatoria] You can see like they got these etchings on here Okay, we [just] got all my yup. No way no way. Oh Wow, that is set What? Put back to okay, right I do pull Look at that. Look at that. That [is] that’s like a [decal] Is it no better be caliber? That’s definitely some 3D prison right there, but that is not just metal like you can feel that’s rich look at that Number three oh my God, it’s your standard iphone 7 plus you know 256 gigs and it’s the matte one So you know it looks awesome [wow] This just looks crazy. I guess I’m the third person to spend [almost] [$2,000] on an iphone that looks like it’s from the 90s That’s always good to know I was the third person to make that since oh Wow, [don’t] even it’s so sick if they could like jailbroken this or something. I know one doesn’t exist right now But I would love to see like a retro logo power on stuff. So let me know in the comments right now What you think was cooler the retro iphone which was awesome or the red iphone that I made I’m gonna Like comparing it to the Mac classic here seriously brian. Thank you so much for sending it I don’t know how I got one of these let’s just look at it you can see the logo here and Just like how similar it is to the macintosh class. Oh, I’m getting choked up here [I] don’t have words that is so similar look at the colors like they even got the color right? Obviously, they’re called color wear, but of course they got it right, and you’re probably asking yourself Keaton does this [iphone] do anything else different no it? It doesn’t it was just the exact same iphone 7 but the one I have here just I did say [$1,900] for that one this one so 225 other people sistahs iphone was originally like a mac colored iphone I don’t know about you But this is going to get hella dirty he’ll look back. I think this is going to show scratches So much, and it’s going to look honestly [like] computer from the 90s and just look dirty and stuff I don’t really know only time will tell so here’s the question I’ll ask you myself, and I want to know if you guys wants it So when you buy an iPhone 7 or 7 plus from Apple brand new it’s waterproof But the way they like paint these phones and like make it so this doesn’t scratch off Oh my God, did I just scratch it there? I just scratched it there the wave then they expose their to take it apart, so is this [bonus] the water I don’t know drop a like on the video if we have 50,000 likes about the video on 12 that techsmartt of me submerging this and water letting it sit And just answering the question is an iphone from the 1990s water pretty fast Yeah That’s pretty much it for the world first retro iphone it legit looks like he came from the 1990s [víCTimas] [Julie], [Exa] It’s my toaster being this video notification Shadow you guys want one turn of my easter notifications And then just comment down below saying done it get described my channel for more awesome stuff like this like this is Just the start and see the at tech bar. Do you guys find any other weird gadgets my red eye. So not cool anymore? This is it bye for those that wanted to know [I] did get food poisoning yesterday, but I’m going to coachella right now I’m so excited. [oh] oh my God

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