The BEST iOS 12 HIDDEN Features!

The BEST iOS 12 HIDDEN Features!

– Look, I’m Woody! Howdy, howdy, howdy. (beeping)
– Huge thank you to Audible for sponsoring today’s WWDC 2018 coverage. Yo guys, Jonathan here, iOS 12 just dropped this week at WWDC. Yes this is a microphone,
I’m on the road right now, so I opted for better audio quality as opposed to trying to hide it, because if not, it would sound echoey as– – Shikaka! (upbeat electronic music) – One, it is now much easier to swipe up and close out of applications
on the iPhone 10. For some strange reason, it was actually a multi-step process, where you had to get
to your multiple apps, window, hold, then swipe up. Now, it is much easier to simply get to your multiple apps, swipe up and that’s it. It’s how it should have
been from the first place. Two, I wish I had a dollar
for every time I accidentally took a screenshot on the iPhone 10. And now with iOS 12 it is
actually much harder to do. So if your phone’s off
and your screen is off, when you press the volume
up and the side button, thankfully, it will no
longer take a screenshot. (exciting electronic music) Three, it looks like
there’s not going to be automatic updates within iOS 12, or at least the option to turn that on. If you head into Settings,
General, Software Update, you had the ability to toggle
on or off Automatic Updates. And I like the fact that
Apple gives you an option. Some people don’t want to think
about updating their phones. So if you’re one of those
people and just want your phone to do the work for you,
you have that option. But if you want that control, we’ve all experienced those
bugs or those crazy updates where something goes seriously wrong, and just in case you don’t
want to update it right away, it’s nice that you have that flexibility. Next up at number four, are really useful shortcuts
within the Messages app. So if you’re within a thread, simply tap the name and
now you have quick access to call them, FaceTime,
or grant more info. Clearly that’s not a game-changing feature or the biggest update in the world, but it’s those small things that make the overall experience
kind of come together. (upbeat electronic music) Number five, there are
now two more Siri voices: Irish and South African. Tell me a joke in Irish. – [Siri] I was washing a car with a friend until they said “Can’t
you just use a sponge?” – Hmm?
– Irish peeps out there, let me know what you think of that accent, is it good, is it bad, is it terrible? Now we’re going to tap over to– – [Siri] I’m Siri, your virtual assistant. – I just downloaded you! (calm orchestral music) – [Siri] The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death, do you want to hear the next one? (loud thudding)
– No! (upbeat electronic music) – Six, it looks like you
now have the ability to have multiple face ID profiles
within the iPhone 10. Now within settings it
looks like Apple’s intent is for alternate appearances. So if you have a
drastically different look, that’s the idea. From what I can tell, it should work with
actually two different faces no problem whatsoever. I’m not sure if Apple keeps
this in for the final run, but we’ve always seen where you could have multiple fingerprints to where multiple people can log
in to the same device. So, it would make sense that
we can do that with face ID. So we’ve heard those
brand new Siri voices, but on top of that, number seven, Siri’s supposed to be smarter. Now I’m not sure exactly how much smarter. It’s definitely not
Google Assistant level, but at the very least she
should have more knowledge on celebrities, food, and I know for a fact she can
now turn on the Flashlight. Turn on the Flashlight. – [Siri] Okay, I turned on Flashlight. – Turn off the Flashlight. – [Siri] Okay, I turned off Flashlight. – So there we have Siri
turning off the Flashlight in a South African accent, just in case you wanted to see that. One more small detail with Siri, is that it will now work within low-power mode within iOS 12. Next up from there, number eight, you now have the ability to scan QR codes directly from the Camera app. So to do this, head over to Customize
Your Control Center, add it, once you tap it, bam! You are now scanning QR codes
directly from the camera. Now again, not a huge game-changing
feature, but it’s nice. This is something that you previously had to download or buy an app to do. And now it’s integrated
directly in iOS 12. So voice memos got a complete
redesign within iOS 12, but you can also dive into Settings and customize things even further. Not only can you change
if and when you want those voice memos to
automatically be deleted, you can change audio
quality up to uncompressed, or even set a default recording
name based on your location. (singing in a foreign language) Next from there, at number 10, Screen Time is obviously
a brand-new feature within iOS 12 where you can see how exactly you use your
phone, you can set limits. But, if you swipe right, you could actually add
a Screen Time widget. So you can see kind of a brief overview or if you want those in-depth details, simply tap and bam, you are there. Again, big shout out to Audible for sponsoring today’s video. With summer right around the corner, audiobooks make a fantastic sidekick whether you’re hiking,
whether you’re at the beach, whether you’re outdoors or in my case, on a plane to WWDC. On the way over I got a
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a freaking flamethrower, he might be the most
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selection of audiobooks from business, to classics, to erotica, fiction, history, romance, mysteries, thrillers, sci-fi, and fantasies. Essentially anything you want, they are more than
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amazing but it gets better. You can start your free 30-day trial by heading over to or texting today to 500-500. Once again, or text today to 500-500. It supports the channel. You guys are amazing. Audible’s amazing, let’s continue. (calm electronic music) Next up at number 11, animojis, and of course memojis now have the ability to record clips up to 30 seconds long. Previously, you were capped at 10 seconds. I could see that being a little short. You’re recording your animoji, and you’re racing the clock, it’s not a lot of time to get
everything out you gotta say. 30 seconds though should
be plenty of time, and is definitely welcomed. Finally from there, number 12. This is kind of a little small, but subtle, awesome feature. Now within Apple Music
you can search by lyrics. So if you got that one line
that’s stuck in your head, but you have no idea how to find it. You can’t Shazam it ’cause
you can’t sing for– – Shawshank Redemption. – But at least you know the line, now you can type it
directly into Apple Music and it should pop up with
the search results for you. So aside from that, thank you
guys very much for watching. Hopefully you enjoyed the video. If you did and you are
feeling like being awesome, make sure to go– – Hmm. – On that like button. If you missed my WWDC recap, got an awesome collab going on, check out the video here. This is Jonathan and I’ll catch you guys later. – You’re outta there! Go on, you’re gone.

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