The Best Ways to Bond with An African Grey Parrot

The Best Ways to Bond with An African Grey Parrot

15 thoughts on “The Best Ways to Bond with An African Grey Parrot

  1. Ohh my word, the yellow bird in the background!!! what kind is it? it is absolutely beautiful!! <3

  2. I love you guys so much thank you for everything that you do 💓💓

  3. I can’t stop watching your videos! I’m getting an Eclectus really soon and want to be as prepared as I can. Will be my first bird 😍

  4. Actually your a life saver i needed this for me and my bird thanks so much

  5. PITCH: u guys should create and trademark a special stick with a small clicker built in the handle and call it "The Touche". it would sell and help the channel. the built in clicker could have the birdtricks logo on it.

  6. The macaw in the background looks so relaxed, he seems to really be comfortable with his owner, that's so happy to see.

    P.s the way he sat reminds me of my late grey when he wanted a bit of salad, realised he wasn't allowed and sat with us watching TV… He was only 6 months old and we only had him for 1 week out of 7 by then…

  7. That Golden Conure in the background is so distractingly stunning. Beautiful beautiful birds, but think about an ear-piercing scream

  8. My grey is 24, I've had him since I was 18, hes is good for me, but only me. he bites almost anyone else. I try to tell my partner to be patient but it's escalated to my partner hating my feathered buddy. how do I help my partner understand my baby when hes no longer willing to even try?

  9. i can hear a macaw in the background there and it sounds like a duck so for most of a video i’ve just searched for a duck i feel so silly hahaha

  10. Wait, the bird's adopted?! You're not her biological mother?!

  11. Love the new thumbnails very clean and crisp 😁

  12. So smart. He showed the treat for a split. Second and the bird saw it and was like Ohhhhhh I get it

  13. You have to visualize then attack 😂

  14. Very intelligent bird😊 thanks for sharing!

  15. 17th

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