The iPhone 11 Pro Max Is So Good, It’s Allowed To Be Boring

The iPhone 11 Pro Max Is So Good, It’s Allowed To Be Boring

100 thoughts on “The iPhone 11 Pro Max Is So Good, It’s Allowed To Be Boring

  1. The best like Always

  2. I sincerely hope Google takes note and delivers a much stellar camera experience next year, shooting video on the Pixel is so bad it's not even funny. I have a OnePlue 7 Pro now and it stomps out the Pixel, and even then both still don't come close to the iPhone. I'm tempted to switch but I want to wait at least another year to see what manufacturer will finally step up and give the iPhone a run for it's money when it comes to video.

  3. Let's make a petition for Michael to get a cameo in a Discovery episode.

  4. I really wish they made that blue colour

  5. just purchased my iPhone 11 Pro max midnight green a few days ago. It is worth it. the photos are amazing. Im taking it with me on my trip to Denver and Colorado Springs!!

  6. So much to think about from this. Thanks Mr Mobile. And then you have a cameo appearance of Rene. I'm still holding out, only just, for usbc.

  7. Very solid/good info. for folks..:)
    In the same boat as you, ALWAYS get the latest and greatest…but this year i was not WOW iphone 11…BUT
    WHen i start use it, the battery and Camera was two things apple really did good and worth it for me.

  8. 1:58 I did the same thing to my dad's iPad 2 a few years ago

  9. so a phone for youtuber reviewers

  10. Consume product
    Get excited for product

  11. its not expensive enough

  12. You’re a tech version of Kris gethin

  13. I always enjoy watching this guys videos. His reviews are so good. I wish you more subs.

  14. QUALITY review! The video editing is just as amazing as the phone 🔥

  15. I think only , people want so hard apple product just to be cool meaning update person

  16. Siri is far far better than google assistant. Assistant is robotic and unhelpful. Siri gets the job done very well.

  17. Disagree. The worst choice to make is to purchase anything from apple. Stupidity at its best.

  18. If you look at the iPhone 11 Pro on its own, it’s a great phone. But if you look at it next to an iPhone XS… it is extremely underwhelming and not at all worth an upgrade. That’s me, an owner of the iPhone XS Max looking at the iPhone 11 Pro Max and saying “…meh.”

  19. Iphone=garbage

  20. S11: 108mp camera
    That's all I have to say.

  21. The front facing video he showed in the beginning was FLAWLESS and he still called the front facing camera weak ? cmonBruh

  22. Alas I would need to change too much to want to change also the lack of customization and emulation are a bummer.

  23. This is really the most honnest and best review yet

  24. I guess he's the Tony Stark of the tech world

  25. The place remaind me call of duty mobile lol 😂

  26. "Stay mobile, my friends". I don't know why but that makes me smile.

  27. "If you have been on the fence about becoming an iphone apple user now is the perfect time to buy an iphone."

    iphone 11 pro max base model = 1100$ goes up to 1400$
    16 inch macbook base model = 2100$ goes up to 6400$
    Apple homepod = 300$
    airpods pro = 250$
    apple watch = 500$ base model
    Apple TV = 150$

    So we are looking at 3650$ just to get the base models of apples newest devices and then consider you are going to want to buy all there subscription services becuase Siri will just disregard services that are not made by apple. Then also consider that there devices are very unrepairable so you are going to almost have to buy apple care.

    Its simply not logical to be apart of the apple ecosystem unless you specifically need there video editing software or video from the iphone 11 pro.

    Yes you can argue that you could buy there older devices to save money but the moment you start going back in time to even the iphone XR you realize Android does everything it does and better and same with windows at least for the price. Its the reason why Android has 77% of the market share. The only other reason I can see buying an iphone is you are trying to flex how much money you have but in that case literally go flex on people and buy the Galaxy Fold which costs more and will make you look cooler.

  28. Mr Mobile I have lost faith in you. For carrying Apple Balls

  29. That beach side hotel reminded me of Marilyn Monroe's Some Like It Hot

  30. Clickbait with the Blue iPhone 11 Pro!!!! What a bummer!!!

  31. Every Youtubers iPhone video
    1st Video : New Iphone Is Trash.
    2nd Video : Why New Iphone Is the Best.

    It's really annoying. 😑

  32. I've watched a lot of reviews for this phone.
    I wished that I saw your review first..
    I'm going to watch all your arts from now on.

  33. Instead, im keeping my money in my pocket till the iphone 12 comes out.

  34. This is the best review I've ever seen. Perfectly made. Regards from Spain, it's great.

  35. @7:10 WoW! That Note 10 looks so beautiful, it feels like it is atleast 2 years ahead of any other phones in terms of design
    (There's no denying that 11 Pro is a better phone, atleast for me.. but Apple really need to step up their design game)

  36. You sir, are the best tech reviewer ever. Been a fan of you since the time you worked with Pocketnow. So glad that you got your own channel!

  37. I would disagree with that, the display is inferior to what we have on android, in terms of saturation and resolution. Plus, the biggest disadvantage of having an iPhone is that it runs iOS. It is boring. You can't change anything and No manual mode on camera. I kinda wish someone needs to take all the best features from different phones and make one phone running AOSP android or Sony's version of Android.

  38. As people who uses both Android and iPhone, I can say that iPhone 11 Pro Max r on whole another level for iPhone, it's the fastest phone there is for game or productivity, social media feel so much comfortable.
    But if you enjoy listening to music, downloading pics / meme, managing something, then Android are the best because of their simplicity. The problem is, for someone who like phone under 6", theres not much option from flagship phone, they need to understand that there are people who hate bigass phone.

  39. What ever you say …. Paying 1k for a smartphone which i will eventually change them in few years is not worth it

  40. Using OnePlus to book an iPhone Genius bar appointment!

  41. theres absolutely nothing on any iphone that makes me think that my next phone should be an iphone

  42. It's much easier to be an Apple user as a U.S. citizen, just because infrastructure is heavily focused on its products. But if you live somewhere else things might change: lots of features might not work in other parts of the world. And that's the point where Google products will start to shine.

  43. Thank God I'm not a hardware junkie

  44. What a Review.

  45. Sigh, I guess I'll be the minority here.

    But in my opinion, unless you really are a youtuber and actually use applications, MrMobile is familiar with. Or unless mobile videos are your absolute priority, this title is wrong.
    Iphone is "sufficient". So as long as you can handle the price, you'll be alright.

    But everything about ecosystem is wrong. Its gone. Freedom, UX and time saving are just massively ahead on android.
    Starting with 4400 mAh+ batteries at price level of 300 usd. To extremely time-saving and useful main screen, lock screen customization even Payment apps, customizable to extend of never actually asking you to unlock phone.

    I'm pretty sure, most reviewers aren't familiar with Microsoft apps, that absolutely smash it even if you use Iphone/MacOS (as opposed to Windows+Android) and provide sync, time management tools and UI that just brings Apple's struggles to shame. Android ecosystem is deeply bound with rapidly growing ProgressiveWebApp concept, that puts Apps and their development cycle on whole other level. More ads on android? You can spend some time and install an App that removes ads from any App you want. Its just that most people that aren't aligned with Android ecosystem know little to nothing about it. The downside being much more to learn. The upside being – you're allowed to be anyone "special", not just video producer or blogger.

  46. No point having these specs when it does everything an iphone se can do it cant run emulators so the specs are useless

  47. Who's doing captions for you? They couldn't pickup MrMobile at 8:57!

  48. iOS 13 is dog shit. Honestly it’s seriously disgusting!

    I’m starting to lose respect for “YouTube Tech Reviewers”. Just seems like an excuse to create an advertisement or gain views for monetization…

  49. Mag ik een aphon11

  50. The last 2-3 minutes of the video explain all the reasons why i won't go back to an iphone, 0 freedom, not to mention the app store charges you for some apps that are free on Android's playstore

  51. "The iPhone 11 Pro Max Is So Good, It's Allowed To Be Boring"
    Yep, another year we hear "It's the best iPhone yet" from Apple.

  52. Ok man, gonna need a brand and model name, of those sweet mirror-finished glasses. 😎

  53. never changing andriod for apple

  54. If you need iPhone 11 pro ….You should DM me let's chat on WhatsApp number +14194055749

  55. Hello. This video seems quite imporved compared to previous videos.
    Mike fisher started this trend of making video reviews way before they were popular.
    What made him so special was that his style was different at that time.
    Now with time he hasn't evolved much in making videos like others have done.
    In this video I can see some improvement.
    He will become a more successful youtuber again if he focus more on changing his style.
    Content is very good but the style of delivery it should be modified a little like he did in this video in order to gain more audience.
    Long time follower,
    Munim ul haq

  56. So is it good or bad ?

  57. The video power is insane.😍

  58. After getting the note 10 plus I guess I’ll just have to wait another year before trying to switch to an iPhone

  59. I became an Realme x2 pro user, because £400, oh and 90hz display, 12 gb ram, 256 gb rom, 855+ it's just never ending really

  60. That sample footage made me questioning why I choose to bought a Galaxy

  61. I’m an android fan but there’s no doubt that the iPhone is an amazing device. I’m not a fan of IOS so I’m not switching. Great review and no phone wars in the comments.

  62. Great Video. Been an android guy for years and this is the first time I’m using an Iphone. I chose the pro max because of the specs. So far so good.

  63. This review is so crap, it's allowed to get a dislike from me

  64. No split screen is an absolute deal breaker for me .

  65. kinda curious how a tech youtuber needed help with something as mundane as putting an iPhone in recovery mode

  66. Video from iPhone 11 is great. Better than my DSLR. Lol

  67. your voice has some resemblance With robert AKA Iron man's voice

  68. I wanted a grip case but ended up getting an Apple case. Nice video keep up the good work. I got the 11 pro max about a few weeks ago an I love it so far

  69. I like so much that he use oneplus 7T on a shitfone video lmao ;))))

  70. But can it be jailbroken with checkra1n?

  71. No doubt iPhone 11 Pro is a great phone but I am enjoying my note 10 plus.

  72. Loved your honesty in the review, it's true Apple camera is way advanced then any android phone.. which me confused in choosing my new 📱. Shall i shift to Apple or stick with android!? Even though am using my 7 plus which I bought 3 year back after using S8 for 2 years

  73. No USB Type-C on the iPhone? No, then it is NOT the year to make the jump.

  74. Excellent review as usual for mrmobile. I have iPhone 10s and it's a good solid if very boring phone. Camera is very reliable. What I hate about this phone is file management. My blackberry is so much better for that.

  75. When apple make a watch with circular dial , I am ready to listen

  76. That screen of Note 10 though 😳 at 7:10

  77. I have both the note 10 pro and the iphone 11 pro max. And after using both phone, I'm much more happier with using the note 10 pro.

    The things that you can do with the note 10 pro is so extensive that the 11 pro max can't even compare with.

  78. I got the 11 instead of the pro max. But it’s good to see you making the switch …

  79. Oh dear this is not new to me I’ve read a lot of reviews of these faults also their new Macs are really ex too which is way to ex thank you for your review too

  80. The phone is so thick I feel like I was holding the iphone 3g.

  81. Mr. Mobile. What was actually the fix for the brick phone?

  82. Sunglass

  83. Been a samsung fan since 2011 but I decided to use an Iphone now with my 11 pro max and i am very happy that i switch to an iphone and i switch to ios. I'm loving iOS now.

  84. Still no fingerprint reader. Dealbreaker.

  85. This is one of the best videos produced by you, Mr. Mobile! Congrats, such great stuff 💙

  86. I love my space grey 11 pro max 🔥 i enjoy it FAR more than i enjoyed the note 10 plus and the curved screen of the note resulted in too many frustrating false touches.. plus the apple watch us the ultimate wearable 🤔💯

  87. What if this iphone have a usb C connector not the lighting one.
    Apple know how to upgrading there device for the market purpose, every year they give you some improvements but there are always something missing.

  88. Everything was perfect but ur advice to buy iphone this year is wrong i think next year would be best for next 4 years as they will change design and so many things a major upgrade for 2020

  89. still waiting for apple to get rid of that hideous notch…
    only when they do finally get rid of the notch i will move back to iOS…
    c'mon apple, if a 300$ Chinese phone could do that two years ago, surely you already developed a way to implement that on your phones did you?

  90. Stop it. With your smug language.

  91. I had the same thing with the 11promax. It updated but bricked. Then apple said they could only send it away for 3 weeks. But I tried to sync it with itunes and put the iphone in download mode. Then it worked… even apple didnt say or tried this…

  92. u got sub

  93. Why Mr.Mobile hasn't hit 1M yet 😡😡😡😡?

  94. Google may be a bit better when it comes to selfies. But when it comes to front caring video… Apple is living like in a total different World. Most flagships can't even give you this quality with its rear facing camera…

  95. ‪I love how much phone footage you used in this video. It was fantastic. I got a great sense of the phone capabilities in the review. ‬

  96. Lord Tim Crook says "use my iPhone how I like it not how you like it"

  97. As soon as he showed the Note 10+ side by side with the Iphone, It made me remember how far ahead the Note 10 is compared to the ugly Apple toy.

  98. Iphone is great and it's better than ever

    But galaxy Note 10+ is phone of the year

  99. This documentary was good👍👍👍

  100. I just want the notch to go away

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