The Journey of Gyan Sarovar | Awakening TV | Brahma Kumaris

The Journey of Gyan Sarovar | Awakening TV | Brahma Kumaris

I, Gyan Sarovar, welcome you to this auspicious moment of my silver jubilee celebration with a joyful heart. As you all know, 25 years ago I was built with a noble aim. Amidst the Aravalli ranges, in the natural beauty of Mount Abu, my foundation stone was laid on 27th March, 1993. With the good wishes and cooperation of all, I was created. And the auspicious day of 18th January,
1995, filled with festivity. There was a melody of bliss and
happiness in every heart. Every face was smiling and blossoming. On that day, began the golden chapter of the expansion of services of the Brahmakumaris institution. For me, the greatest moment of joy was that when the creator of the new world inaugurated me amidst the huge gathering of angels. Today, I’m getting emotional remembering those who gave me unlimited love and care. My beloved dadi prakashmani ji dadi Chandramani ji Dadi manohar ji in whose caring and motherly lap I spent my childhood. I remember many names were suggested. But our manohar dadi She suggested the name Gyan Sarovar. So, everybody liked it a lot. And this is also an incidental thing that afterwards, Manohar dadi
looked into it’s management. She was the in charge. As soon as dadi ji used to finish her breakfast, She used to say, “Munni, let’s go to Gyan Sarovar.” I used to say, “Dadi, we visited it yesterday.
What will you see today?” She said, “No. I’ll give drishti.” “It’ll build sooner if we give it drishti.” It was huge plan. Constructing such a massive
Gyan Sarovar was no game. So, dadi ji used to feel contented after giving drishti. That now this Baba’s service is like already done. He’ll take care. There, on that terrace, this thought came to dadi ji So, every Baba’s child should contribute a rupee So, dadi ji very lovingly gave a gesture
to all the brothers and sisters that when you come to class and sit in the
remembrance of Baba, then, at that time, especially for the
construction of Gyan Sarovar, contibute a rupee everyday in Baba’s
Bhandari (Baba’s Box). With each rupee, this Gyan Sarovar will get completed like this. You’ll be surprised, the massive Gyan Sarovar was all built from that one rupee. “There’s only one thing our dadi ji is worried about.” “Dadi ji” “Dadi ji, aren’t you worried.” “There’s one thing that you’re definitely worried about.” “For sure.” “Let us see what is that thing.” “There’s only one thing our dadi ji is worried about.” “A beautiful asylum should be built for
every child to be safe and well.” Presently, Rajyogini Dadi Janki ji and sister Nirmala’s affinity keeps me beautiful, well organised and useful. Gyan Sarovar is a very sweet gift that we have received from God. Here, Everybody has the aim that whoever, brothers, sisters or
curious people may come, they go into the depths of knowledge and meditation, experience divinity in their lives and experience peace and happiness. I am dedicated towards manifesting the
unparalleled and dignified Rajyoga teachings given by God Shiva through the great medium of Brahma and the concept of a new humanity. Looking at the services of youths, doctors, judges, media and several other departments, I bloom. Rajyoga camps, conferences, and retreats are all wonderfully magical. The unsolved questions of life are solved. The complex riddle of “Who am I” is solved. And everybody gets to know what is conscious and what is mortal. And realise that the true parent and
companion is The One God. Spread over 35 acres, my picturesque campus, along with being beautiful and delightful, is completely relevant for contemplation, churning, spiritual learning and making one’s life noble. Here’s a wonderful example of the world family. People from all the nations, people of all religions and castes stay together here, without any discrimination, dine together, they all have the same meals and meditate together. Here, in the lives of all, spiritual love incomparable joy, and purity can be seen. I’m filled with the most subtle spiritual
heritage of the world. Attracted towards this invaluable treasure, a number of famous personalities of the
world have looked at me with love and have taken the benefit of my services. And I have heart touching memories with all of them. My environment has a scale of positivity, tunes of peace and the sound of eternal bliss. Gyan Sarovar Academy for a better world is practically being proved because the brothers and sisters who have come
here from every corner of the world and have received the knowledge up till now there’s been a huge transformation in their lives. I can remember the faces of foreigners how they reach Gyan Sarovar all tired and how as soon as they reach, the
environment is so beautiful that they instantly feel that we’ve come to Baba’s lap. And also the guests that arrive, whether in Peace of Mind or in Call of Time, or in IPIP, several programs are organised, they’re also very happy witnessing the practical form of spirituality and they take a lot of benefit. Coming to my divine atmosphere, the dawn of a new hope awakens in every life. Practising meditation in actions, awakens the power to face challenges. And what makes me glad is that under the canopy of The Supreme Father, the experience of each one who enters is supremely divine and full of happiness. Gyan Sarovar is an amazing blend of
science and spirituality. Where on the one hand, scientists and technologists from outside were involved in this task, on the other hand, the vibrations of
sacrifice and meditation within it, escalated its progress manifold and gave it a shape which is an
extraordinary example in the world today. Today, in India and abroad, there are retreat centres at various sites. because looking at the profile, routine and
layout of Gyan Sarovar everybody has taken inspiration from it. Because this is the first retreat centre. The pure vibrations of 300 celibates here and because of the waves of their meditation practices, one’s mind easily attains focus. Several people have had joyful experiences
of communion with God here. Several lives were transformed. Many received a new life from here. And innumerable people received
the light of true knowledge. I bring to reality, the dream of a noble and virtuous life. A yogi life filled with contentment, a life supportive of world renewal The yogis who reside in me, render their services, understand and explain the deep secrets of
a yogi life through solitude and meditation, go beyond the limits and awaken the
experiences of the unlimited, make their own and others’ lives blossom like spring. For beautifully adding to my
honour with their great lives, I thank all the Gyan Sarovar residents today. The current of love and spiritual powers
constantly flows through me. I am the path towards being the owner of the self. I am the relentless flow of purity, the vision of the self and virtues, the desire of the supreme ideal form. I’m proud that with your cooperation, I was always devoted to the work of world renewal. I am the fruit of the feelings of the father of humanity, Brahma baba, the mother of humanity, Saraswati and all those noble souls who dedicated every single thought and
breath to the service of humanity. Even today, they’re smiling in my reflection and I, filled with hopes am waiting eagerly of the time when all of you, with your powerful vibrations, good deeds and self transformation, will create the golden aged world. Till then, I’m with you, stable and unshakeable, with the burning torch of liberation and liberation-in-life. And this is my promise that in every heart and life that comes to me, God’s love, truth and bliss will become alive.

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