The Legend of Seven Cutter (Full Movie – 2006 – South Korea)

The Legend of Seven Cutter (Full Movie – 2006 – South Korea)

98 thoughts on “The Legend of Seven Cutter (Full Movie – 2006 – South Korea)

  1. Nice movie. gretting from Kurdistan!!


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  4. waa, funny xD

  5. ahhhh…its so hard to access this movie

  6. good movie!!! can sombody recomend me movie like this (comedys)

  7. my little bride or baby and me (y)

  8. i cant download this one 🙁

  9. 200 pounds beauty

  10. <3 hit like if your watching this in 2013. !! Yoon Eun Hye. <33

  11. so nice 😮 :v :3 (Y)

  12. who did the subs. spell check is nice.

  13. y I cant watch it??

  14. ahahaha.. (laughing so damn hard) lol

  15. ganda

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  17. LOL "if you do this again, ill report it to the school board" so it takes a second beating to be reported? -_-

  18. I love korean education system, you get beaten by your fellow students, beaten by teachers and principals and get beaten at home 🙂 also get mugged on the street by random guys

  19. ..I like this movie,kc bata p c joy d2 un bidang babae s MISSING YOU..

  20. is it just me?…. coz why is it theres no english sub?!!! dammit

  21. I really like this movie, i was on the floor lol.

  22. Argentine

  23. nice movie but still hanging on every second.

  24. fucking teacher voice

  25. Good movie . you did .

  26. buena

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  28. haha good movie… everyone was funny

  29. R

  30. Totally love this movie!

  31. 1:13:29 what is that song? please someone tell me 🙂

  32. Song name is "all for you"

  33. but I do not know who was singing in this movie. But I know Girl's day are the singing in new version

  34. Pore

  35. jajjajajjaja esta peli si que me hiso reir ademas tiene un buen mensaje. 😀

  36. this movie reminds me of the manga Angel Densetsu…its about misunderstandings just like this.  😀

  37. Really a shame… Movie started of very funny, and suddenly halfway in drops down to American Pie level.. Puberal humor of the worst kind. Such a waste, could have been good. Also some weird scenes that don't make any sense at all, as if it was cut in illogical places. Wouldn't recommend it to others, unless they like this adolescent type of humor.

  38. i love this movies,

  39. not subtitle

  40. So cool

  41. 53:00 what is that song? please tell me..many thanks..

  42. where is English subtitle?

  43. hit the CC tab that is close to the full screen tab.

  44. one of my favorite! awesome lol

  45. 아니다좋은데 왜이리 버퍼링이걸리는지 도무 지이해안가네요ㅡㅡ 누가이런걸 올렸음?

  46. damn i hate those ads every 15 minute

  47. gud1

  48. nice moviee…. 😀 

  49. Love this movie

  50. 젝스키스 나오는 세븐틴은 없나요?

  51. Ahaha im freaking like this movie…

  52. Nice movie

  53. indosub please

  54. Cool movie, cheers.

  55. funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  56. Ahaha

  57. The bee's knees!!!

  58. i watch this coz of 1003 love her

  59. nice movie i love it….

  60. any movie suggestions!? anyone?

  61. hsashhhhhaaaaaaaaaaahaaa

  62. the guy looks like charice pempengco

  63. hahahs

  64. Wat a nice movie.😊

  65. Thanks for uploading 🙂

  66. lol charice

  67. i like it

  68. bhuhahahaha mas natawa aq sa cment na charicetpempengco

  69. this movie is final destination romance version

  70. 오우 쉣

  71. Daming pinoy dito 😂

  72. I really love this movie

  73. 두한형님 하향버전이네

  74. nakakatawa
    love it

  75. hinintay ko tlga makita c charice😁😁

  76. cute!!!!

  77. damn sht

  78. wow'nice movie

  79. better watch true friends never die Mario Maurer is there

  80. 나의 업그레이드된 모습을보여주지ㅋㅋㅋ

  81. the octopus part…hahahah…lol pips!!

  82. somebody on the video sound like trash

  83. nice movie

  84. yun pala ang sinasabi nilang charice..haha..Kala KO pa naman astig ang role niya..

  85. it's a great movie… very entertaining.

  86. GANda nila

  87. There seem to be quite a few scenes cut from this film which leave it disjointed in place, leaving following scenes looking like non sequitors. The boys trying to film their own porn film for example. Actually I wouldn't mind losing the "American Pie" style gross out scenes in exchange for scenes concentrating on the OTP. Its only hinted at in the end credits out takes, but the film would have worked better for me if other scenes had been included and expanded upon for example Hansoo and Minjoo's movie date, what exactly happened to the Teddy Bear, and from her bloodied lip, the way the character was presented, and the dialogue of the big bad describing her as a tough b***h, Minjoo wouldn't of allowed herself to be captured without a fight; pity we didn't get to see the fight.

  88. dating ng movie nato ah

  89. legend of 7 cutter is not horror nor thriller movie,its bit a comedy movie

  90. who is this actress play tomboy boxer? she is cute

  91. ganda <3 nice movie☺ Thanks for uploading.. <32016<3

  92. hahaha funny

  93. hahahaha nice movie lovit

  94. loved it was really funny!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  96. wow. ngayon ĸo lng napanood…nιce мovιe…cυтe nι yoon eυn yнe…love ĸo тalaga мga draмa aт мovιe nya..

  97. мѕ ok ѕana ιғ мy eng or тagalog ѕυвтιтle.

  98. Nov 2019

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