The new Apple iPhone X design is DUMB!

The new Apple iPhone X design is DUMB!

Watch this dramatic video that I posted on Twitter and then we’ll talk about it. I don’t know anything about user interface design So maybe I’m completely off base here But the new iPhone 10 just seems idiotic Instead of pressing the bottom of the screen like a home button like we’ve done for the last 10 years and like you still do on their other new phones You have to swipe up swiping up on these phones and on every other phone get you to Control Center But on here it takes you to the home screen to go to control center. You’ve got to swipe down from the top right. WHAT?! On this phone swiping down from the top right takes you to the Notification Center, Which you can only do from the top left. It just seems silly. For the last 10 years they’ve told us this is a home button. This area is a home button with the iPhone 7. Look at this This is a button right so it’s not physically moving It’s pressure-sensitive, but it still simulates a home button Press they have this wonderful 3d touch engine that they’ve had for the last several years. That’s better than everything on the market Why not use this your pressure-sensitive screen to simulate a home button? Press just push that hard and it takes you back to the home button You can still swipe up for Control Center. You can still swipe down for notifications. You very apparent ease in your whole life IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE…… Based on the number of likes and retweets that this thing got I’m not the only person thinking this now Let me clarify for those of you that are still a tad confused I’m not suggesting that Apple should have gone with a virtual home button like a few sites have rumored for iPhone 10 That’s ugly and it’s a waste of space No, do you see that little nub that Apple put at the bottom of the iPhone 10 screen? I propose that when you 3d touch that area it simulates a home button press. Basically the galaxy s 8 implements this perfectly. I can still tap content at the very bottom of the screen But as soon as I hard press, I get home You don’t lose any screen real estate and you don’t mess with the tried-and-true formula of the home button Honestly when Apple moved to iPhone 7 and moved away from a physical clicking button I thought this is where they were going Trying to retrain people that have made a habit out of the home button for the last 10 years seems silly especially when it’s just for the sake of change a A tiny 3d touch home button area could have allowed everything to stay the same. One press and you’ll go to the springboard, two presses and you’ll get to the multitask app switcher, and a long press takes you to Siri now I’ll explain why I think Apple’s method is dumb for several reasons in just a second But most people who tweet it at me to disagree said generally the Apple didn’t try this nearly Focus groups. That was me and I’m sure you didn’t say like I’m sure you’re lovely people. I apologize Of course Apple does there are a multi-billion dollar company? there are entire departments filled with dozens of people at Apple whose entire career is to study the apex between profit maximization and user experience I mean, I’m just some college-age numbskull with a YouTube channel but Don’t think for a second that Apple is infallible or that they don’t make mistakes or that they don’t do stupid stuff for the sake Of marketing. Do you remember the third-generation? IPod shuffle. Yeah, the one with no buttons in an attempt to make this sexy tiny little music player They removed all of the buttons and put them on to the included headphones if you wanted to use your own headphones Would you probably did because those ones sucked you’d have to buy your own? Dongle to add buttons to your iPod without a dongle the iPod didn’t even work it completely ruined the user experience and it was all because Apple wanted a sexy little product that looked amazing that was tiny in their advertisements and guess what people hated it and they reverted to the bigger iPod shuffle with buttons on it for The next generation they make mistakes. Now. I’m not saying that iPhone 10 is the next third-generation iPod shuffle It’s going to be a success and I’m very excited to own one. However, this same principle of marketing Usability applies when the iPhone 6s came out there were only two advertisements that specifically highlighted 3d touch Despite it being the single biggest new feature of the iPhone They stopped advertising 3d touch and shifted ads to hands-free Siri, which wasn’t even exclusive to the iPhone 6s Why did they do this? Well because it was hard to show people on TV the difference between a firm press and a tap You have to try this 3d touch engine to realize how cool it is It’s way easier to show swipes on TV than it is to show a pressure-sensitive screen and that’s evidence in the iPhone 10 swiping around the new iPhone 10 UI and the commercials looks fun and cool and new and efficient and different and it makes you feel Like you need it, even though it provides a worse user experience Now you may be thinking okay, you’re being dramatic swiping up on the phone to go home. It’s not hard in fact It might even be faster than a home button press and you know what you’re probably right the home gesture isn’t really the problem it Actually reminds me a lot of the late palms webOS Which basically invents many modern creature comforts that we enjoy on both iOS and Android Now the problem is not really with the home button It’s the multitasking and control center, which is messed up because of the home button in the Verge’s hands-on coverage of iPhone 10 Nilay Patel fuddled around with the multitasking on his hands on video The app switcher requires you to swipe up and then hold it to enter the app switcher mode Which seems a lot slower than just a double home button, press the most annoying problem However is control center Which I don’t know about you but I use all the time with this new big screen and the tall body You can’t reach it with one hand Even marques Brownlee’s enormous hand looks like it would struggle reaching the top of the status bar without Shimmying his grip up the phone or without needing to use a second hand now Android manufacturers have learned this and most of them allow you to pull down the Notification shade when you’re on the home screen without needing to reach to the very very tippy top of the device Lastly a few niggles Siri on iPhone 10 requires you to hold the lockscreen button Which again requires you to change your grip from its natural position more importantly though? We also lose parity across iOS devices Accessing control center is now different on the iPad than it is from the iPhone 7 Which is the same as the new iPhone 8 but is different from the new – 10 it’s becoming fragmented So I said on Twitter Sure Apple if you want to use this new gesture based system fine, but change it on every iOS 11 device So at least they’re the same – which many of you responded well Why would they go to a gesture based system when the other devices have a better home button, and that’s exactly my point Apple is it wrong? And I’m not right? It’s just an opinion and I would love to hear yours and my spot-on am I way off base? Let’s talk about it Sibley in the comments section down below if you liked this video be sure to give it a like if you think I’m a big bumbling idiot that other button seems to work okay too Subscribe for more awesome tech videos like these but as always stay snazzy. See you later folks

100 thoughts on “The new Apple iPhone X design is DUMB!

  1. he’s gonna miss Touch ID it’s so speedy and I can also agree 💀

  2. Yeah dude I won't lie that hard press on s8 is REALLY handy especially since I'm conscious of burn in from my on screen nav bar

  3. Apple gave up the only advantage they might have had over Android, and that is the ability to make their OS run the same on all of its devices. That's what Snazzy means by "fragmentation".

  4. the picture of Jackie Chen's body language is so funny for explaining things that is a little bit weird

  5. Switch to Android. It'll cure your anger on Apple's iPhone X 🙂

  6. well saID

  7. besides apple won't allow you to customize that things

  8. My last Apple was a 5C. NEVER going back to that BS company. Use 7.1 phone now but still miss my Nokia 1520 with Windows 10. Loved the LIVE tiles on Windows phones.

  9. It's Sad owning an apple product these days, Apple hasn't been the same apple (a revolutionary company) that we used to know. Earlier Apple had some charm to the name, nowadays due to its gimmicks just to gain profits, Apple is degrading af… There were days when android was nowhere near to apple… But now both are compared on same lines….😔☹️ Even apple fanboys are converting to Android worshippers! Saaadddd!!

  10. What do you call an overpriced thing that works incorrectly and has no value at all a (piece of shit) and that is the iPhone x

  11. Will stay with android :P.

  12. It’s very interesting to come back and watch this video months after iPhone X came out. I had the same initial thought, but the new gesture felt much more natural then pressing home button now. I agree that the major differences between iPhone X and older iPhones UI is confusing – I find myself foolishly swiping down from top right corner on my iPhone 6 to access Control Center…

    Although, I think Apple is on the right track with current UI and seems to get better with iOS 12. Their next line up will further diminish the differences between old & new generation of devices and we will soon learn to accustom to this UI.

  13. I hate so bad that they took out the home button. The home button is what tells you a phone is Apple. Now, they're plain out copying android. 😒😑 good job apple

  14. Fragmentation wise, this is just their first all screen product. Soon enough, iPad will also be all screen and have the same gestures as iPhone X, and it will be all the same experience again.

  15. Miamoto on an apple thumbnail. What?

  16. I hate iPhone X

  17. Apple died with Steve. They just don't know it yet.

  18. I agree, but you're forgetting about the iPad. And how to make it consistent between the two devices. Until iPads have Force Touch, then your suggestion (whilst far more elegant) just doesn't work.

  19. Apple sucks

  20. IPhone X is so much more natural
    It's way more fluid and you get used to it almost instantly

  21. You bring up the point about how apple could have made a mistake, but you didnt need to. At the end of the day, apple make products for consumers. Your the consumer, if your not happy with it you have every right to complain. Apple could have einstein working on it, it doesnt mean you have to like it.

  22. How do you feel about this now? I absolutely love gesture controls and I think this next phones they will have will fix the fragmentation. And iOS 12 is even fixing the fragmentation with iPads. So the software is going to be streamlined.

  23. I agree with this entirely, that sounds problematic…

    Also, there are headphones with built in 7.1 Surround…

    Why remove the headphone port?

    Can you really do 7.1 or even any surround on a Device without External use? Such as speakers or headphones, oO

    Also, if it's not to remove them, but to make them wireless, then they need to market it with Wireless Capabilities, otherwise a Phone without Speaker or Headphone Compatibilities is going to fail fast…

  24. An idiots opinion

  25. while i fully agree with you, it would make sense to have a uniform system across all IOS devices, im a decade long android user whose never owned an iphone before. so not only do i have to learn a new operating system but ive got to familiarize myself with gestures considering mu current phone has 3 nav. buttons and no gesture support. hell, none of my phones have had gesture support.


  27. Please slow say ı cant understand anything

  28. Well we all swing and miss about predictions from time to time! Swipe up is great and your content is too.

  29. Your new acting style is DUMB

  30. It doesn’t bother me and I like it

  31. I think Apple is trying to start a new era of smartphones and are leaving the home button and every new device releasing ofter this will be the same and not confusing, it too quick to decide its fragmented.

  32. Apple fans: apple invented the notch
    Essential phone fans: TRIGGERED

  33. Yeah complain all you want dude, you still have the fucking phone you Apple sheep

  34. Buying the 8 Plus over the X was such a great choice 👍

  35. I was thinking about getting it but when i saw your video i scrapped the 1000$ plan.

  36. The iPhone X os horrible, My 2016 moto G4+ is better software and usability, and even that is underwhelmed for the iPhone X "super advanced user experience, software and hardware", is one of the best phones made by Leno cof cof Motorola to this day. Think about it.

  37. I actually agree the new CEO of Apple Tim Cook can be kinda weird I personally would just get the iPhone 8 I mean the iphone 8 and the iphone X are pretty much the same except one has no home button and one is cheaper I feel like the iPhone X is inefficient well that is just my opinion I would just get an iPhone 8 it is next to the iPhone X

  38. i dont like all the gesters i like accurall harware buttons more reliable and easier then gestures plus i dont think they should have one button do 3 things they shouldve done liike android and had multiple buttons on the device

  39. i completely agree

  40. Lel my dad has a Samsung Galaxy 8
    While for me……

    I got IPad 6th generation ;-; jk I got the 5th generation

    O my gosh

  41. use a nokia

  42. Exactly why I bought an iPhone 8 Plus. Pretty much the same phone with a wider screen, a physical home button, and Touch ID (just put it under the screen already!) Oh, and I don't have to relearn half of the OS.

  43. Why is there a millisecond flash of Spongebob at 3:24 of this video? lmao.


  44. They wont do the 3d touch home button at the bottom of the screen because it is already patented by Samsung. So they could face legal issues if they'd do that.

  45. I do like 3D Touch.

  46. How do you feel now?

  47. Guys the dislike button is not working, but due to Youtube's advanced neural technology if you click on the like button Youtube will understand that as being a dislike.

  48. So bad design!😏Notch is ugly…

  49. The design is/or dumb & dumber🤪

  50. Actually if you think about it iphone looks all the same except the back part. I hve the 7plus and i dont need to upgrade. But the headphone jack is gone because counterfeit so they will stop doing it. Now they need to perfect the battery life and also fast charging experience. Get rid of the notch. Also they need to stop messing with the software slowing them down too there forcing the upgrade on us. Now the back is glass and the button is non pushable you cant fix that more money to apple becuse only they can fix it because the waterproof strip if they dont seal it correctly its no longer waterproof shame. So im happy with 7plus i just dont drop it is all

  51. Multi billion dollar company that skimps on everything and hands the end users a featureless phone for a $1000 with an ugly notch as the final insult.

  52. But now Android manufacturers copy the same design 😂

  53. Just get an android… problem solved

  54. This… Didn't age well.

  55. If none likes iPhone x then send it to Me 😄😄😄

  56. Watch how iPhone goes back to flip phones😒

  57. But now you are using that Iphone X. Deal ith it.

  58. I actually agee. I agree with everything. IPhone X is a really big waste of money. I don't like the front design . No home button and the the top of the screen is just weird. Apple is going Down.

  59. Coming from android to iOS it’s a huge pain to use this shit. The workflow is just horrible, have to do so many steps to get simple shit done. How about a back button. Close all apps ? There’s a lot. If I didn’t need this one app so much I’d throw it in the bin. The only good thing is the standby battery time and battery use

  60. you have to get used to it lol, its not bad at all. dont listen to this nitpicking video

  61. Why are you still on Apple, switch over to android.

  62. And… Samsung's been doing the 3d touch home button for the past 2 years.

  63. I still use my galaxy S5… Fucking plebs..

  64. Woooow what s the matter!? If yyou dont like iphone x just buy an older one.

  65. Basically you just need to get used to it :/

  66. "… and I'm very excited to own one." gone

  67. I get used to the pressure-sensitive buttons on the latest Samsung Galaxy phones and other Android phones and tablets.

    P.S.: Samsung has a similar gesture on their Galaxy phones but it opens up Samsung Pay.

  68. Not to mention, the stupid screen-eating notch and the absence of the headphone jack.

  69. Yet almost all android phones are now getting notches

  70. The only way I will ever switch to anything but Apple is if Android were replaced with IOS.

  71. Actually love the gestures

  72. 1:40 Haha lol I saw the text on your finger about Touch ID

  73. Apple user is having a go at Apple product… LOL. Hope you will all open your eyes one day and stop buying this overpriced crap 🙂

  74. Everyone from Apple who was on the design team that decided that it was a good idea to remove the home button should be punished North Korean style with 3 generations of punishment in prison camps and executions….!!!!!

  75. Now the latest crapple phones all look the same and no ones buying the new phones. Android is way better

  76. I keep going back to this video. Apple dun goofed. Google does as well, now.

    The best feature of Samsung S9 is the hard press on the home button. I love it.

  77. What are you doing in everythingapplepro's house?

  78. No home button who cares if you don’t like the phone don’t get they are just trying something new that’s why the have a new phone every year they needed this upgrade they hade a home button for how long? Give them a break

  79. iOS 12 also allows control centre on top right for almost every IPhone.Sorry got to say this.

  80. my home button disappearred? not the design but the actual thing. i cant swipe up to exit an app. now i have to use acessive or whatever touch to exit.

  81. What do you think about Apple bringing these iPhone X gestures to the iPad in iOS 12? Because I use them all the time on my iPad running iOS 12

  82. I don't mind anything other than I miss the home button for unlocking my phone. I'm used to it now on my XR but i'd still prefer a home button of some type.

  83. It's not successful . It's RETARDED

  84. Was it just me or did I think how he said "jongle" was funny😂😂😂

  85. Another fail by apple. Fucking morons

  86. Dumb Apple sheep

  87. You realize now that the iPhone X design is the way to go, maybe not then, at least with the virtual hone button there is not hardware that needs to be replaced when broke, the beginning of the iPhone X was brilliant

  88. people Iphone is the best and FYI it’s the bestselling phone in the world so don’t be jealous that you can’t afford one.

  89. And long behold this design created a whole new market the customers didn’t know the potential but apple did

  90. Someones mad

  91. video didn't age well it's 2019 and gesture navigation on iphone is pretty much the benchmark everyone is trying to achive , just look at android q UI

  92. a phone should be used 90% of the time with one hand

  93. wrong,idiots

  94. Apple is so stupid since they made the iPhone 6 design Apple has always been sticking around the iPhone 6 design and making their future iPhones kind of like the iPhone 6 get your head out of your ass apple and go to the drawing board I'm making iPhone that's worth spending that money on you hardcore Apple Fans if you want an iPhone that looks like the iPhone 6 I advise you to go on Amazon or Ebay and get the iPhone 6

  95. Lol this video doesn’t age well

  96. Been using the iOS gestures since iPhone X release day, i guess you were wrong Quinn, the gestures are amazing and now everyone is adopting them.

  97. Not to mention that THERE'S STILL NO HEADPHONE JACK!

  98. wel now we know they didnt do this because they removed 3d touch

  99. So now all phone do like apple

  100. This is why U use android.

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