The Rose Gold iPhone Is Not Gay

The Rose Gold iPhone Is Not Gay

With the new iPhone 6S, Apple has added sleek new feautures and an array of colors. Including rose gold. The reaction of our users has been louder than ever. We’ve listened, and are pleased to announce: The rose gold iPhone is not gay. The iPhone 6S is the most powerful and least gay smartphone on earth. It comes in a wide variety of other colors Including Blow Torch. Raw Meat. And Scraped Knee. Do those sounds like gay colors? Because they’re not. Why does it matter if a PHONE seems gay or not? I mean, I’m gay and I can still do my job. We shouldn’t even be having a conversa— Our new processor makes Apple Maps faster than ever. Allowing you to easily find everything. From strip clubs. To a… Hummer dealership. To Adam Carolla’s house. The 6S introduces 3D touch Use it to zoom in on photos of Mila Kunis Or edit pictures of that girl from the Blurred Lines video with ease. [Tim Cook] “I thought the Rose Gold iPhone would be dope to have but now I think it would be to gay for a man to have tbh” “Debating whether I should get the Rose Gold iPhone 6S or would that be gay?” I-I… w-we’re not engaging these people, are– Our updated hands-free Siri allows you to activate her by voice. Hey Siri, where’s the nearest… I-I don’t know, bow and arrow… store. [Siri] I’m sorry. I’m unable to find that right now. Wow. She sounds hot. You know what? It’s a pink phone! IT’S A PINK. PHONE! And if your sexuality can’t handle that, get a fuckin’ Andriod! I don’t want your money. Have fun with your LG mother fuckers. COOK. OUT! The Rose Gold iPhone 6S. Do you guys watch Top Gear? It’s like, my favorite show. (Why don’t you have the Rose Gold iPhone?) Oh. I’m a top. Hello! I’m Siobhan from CollegeHumor. To subcribe to the channel, click right here. And to watch more videos, click here. And click here if you think the Queen of England should still be the Queen of America.

100 thoughts on “The Rose Gold iPhone Is Not Gay

  1. cook at the end is me god damn it

  2. Lmao

  3. My Siri just got activated during the sketch LOL

  4. "new iPhone 6s" I crackled

  5. I wouldn't get Apple anything… But if I did like Apple then I guess I couldn't buy a rose gold one if it's so un-gay lol

  6. I have one

  7. So fucking stupid that there are actually guys thinking that having a rose gold phone looks gay and they feel ashamed

  8. lol anyone here in 2019? and is a rose gold iphone 7 out of style? lol

  9. When he said hey Siri, it actually trigger Siri on my phone 😂

  10. I watched this a while back and was like? I’m not gay, I’m just going to buy it because it looks cool.

    I’m watching this again and I have come out to my parents as gay and I still own this phone.

  11. 💆🏻‍♂️✌🏻

  12. Every I Phone is gay

  13. I don’t know. I’m pretty gay and I have Rose Gold.

  14. Lol just watched vid on iPhone XR and when he says hey Siri it full opened Siri on my phone lol

  15. I got my moms old rose gold iPhone and I got called gay at school

  16. Watching this on a Huawei P30 Pro.

    Totally Android, I mean manly.

  17. It cums…

  18. Only watched this because I have a Rosegold IPhone 6s

  19. The fact i have an lg

  20. imagine if this was made in 2019

  21. It doesn't matter,if you are a guy and have a iphone,you are still gay.

  22. S stands for straight

  23. If a phone is NOT gay would it still let you watch gay porn?

    Just wondering

  24. " Oh I'm a top "

  25. iOS is for women, android is for men.

  26. I literally got a pink iPod to hint being trans

  27. STILL not trans or lesbian phones

  28. The color isn't gay. The phone is.

  29. Let's face facts, Apple is gay. 😂

  30. I LOVE THESE!!!!

  31. I have a gold rose phone I can grantee it’s gay very gay

  32. I guess they were to inGAYging about how the Rose Gold Color is gay

    AM I RIGHT? 😀

  33. Who saying it's gay. Also, why is the narrator talking so slow

  34. Me on my rose gold phone

    The gay agenda is being uncovered

  35. buys LG
    buys pink phone case for LG

  36. gold

  37. Watching this from an Android…

  38. You should be targeted by LGBTQ ..XYWZ community

  39. Did he said at the end "I'm a top"??? Lol

  40. At 1:43, my “Hey Siri” turned on bc I was watching this on iPhone lmao

  41. 1:59
    YES GUYS!!!

  42. 2:03
    And also:
    Sky devices

  43. that guy seems familiar

  44. I have a 6s and it’s gay

  45. “If your sexuality cannot handle it get an android .“

    Well I’m still debating what phone should I get

  46. Watch at 1.25x speed.

  47. Wait not gay? I don’t want it anymore

  48. Idk raw meat sounds kinda gay tbh

  49. It’s 2019, if it’s not gay then I don’t want it

  50. Well if rose gold isn't gay then darn guess I need a different color. Do you at least have a more "emo" colors than pink? I have to let my taste preceed me so I don't have to do all the speaking to strangers for myself SOMEHOW. XD

  51. 2:36 she is weeeirrrrd !

  52. This ceo is more ceo than apple ceo 😁

  53. I just watched this on a Samsung S6 in a Camo and Orange Otterbox. Can it get any straighter?

  54. People insecure about the rose gold iPhone like iPhones aren't gay in any color.

  55. I got that phone and took it to school, and I was handed a rainbow sticker.

  56. remember when this was the quality content coming out of college humor?

  57. Rose gold is actually a LESBIAN <3

  58. idk man seems kinda gay

  59. Kinda awkward watching this on a rose gold iPhone 6s

  60. lmao no thanks, imma go now
    puts samsung phone in pocket and walks off

  61. I like the rose gold, and I’m a straight white man

  62. Isn’t the LG more gay? Coz it’s the 1st two letters in LGBT

  63. The rose gold iPhone isn't gay

    It's lesbian

  64. Yaa it is !

    Jk dont do sexism ❤️

  65. Well…if iphone is not gay i am!!!!

  66. 🙁 i have an android

  67. Masculinity so fragile

  68. The phone is not gay

    But I am

  69. New 2019: JK Rowling confirms Rose Gold iPhone was gay all along.

  70. When you have both an iPhone and iPad in rose gold…

  71. idk seems pretty gay to me

  72. The iPhone is not gay…… U ARE

  73. every iphone user is gay

  74. I don't like this two colors for men (Rosegold&red)👎👎👎

  75. but the rose gold iphone is pretty damn cool

  76. what have i seen it seems that iphone if phone for womens to be honest here


  78. I got an android

  79. its been 4 years now so its definetly gay

  80. Bow and arrow store 😂😭😭

  81. YES I WATCH TOP GEAR I LOVE IT TOO AND IM NOT A BOY plz don’t judge me

  82. My granny has a rose gold i phone

  83. this didnt age well

  84. "why don't you have the rose gold phone?"
    "Oh I'm a top"

    Whahahah beat line

  85. My mum has the one in the thumbnail

  86. Q: Do THOSE sound like gay colors?
    A: The colors were the same as rose :/
    Q: Hey, if your gender can't handle that then GET A FRICKING ANDROID
    I don't want your money
    Have fun with your LG, MOTHERTRUCKERS

  87. LG is amazing.

  88. No it’s still gay

  89. I didn't even watch video just clicked to say yes it is

  90. Apple is gay android is sweet.

    You can't judge that.

  91. Pretty sure gay people go to strip clubs to so…

  92. Why in the world would an iPhone have a sexuality, like BRUH

  93. Nearest bow and arrow store 😫😫😫

  94. The time cook in this parody should be the real Tim cook. The I don't give a f*ck attitude would be a nice change of pace from the normal monotonous bullshit Corp talk he always does.

  95. 2:12 I watched top gear too

  96. I'd get the rose gold for the sole purpose of: custom-made gel pen decals show up the best on it. Add some nice silver accents around the edges, then apply those decals and BASK in the glory that is a phone no one else has.

  97. That was amazing 😉

  98. this is my favorite apple parody yet.

  99. Why haven’t they made more of these

  100. If any dude has a rose gold iPhone it's obv a hand-me down

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