The TRUTH behind the iPhone Headphone Jack Removal!

The TRUTH behind the iPhone Headphone Jack Removal!

The iPhone 7 headphone jack – why is it
really gone? Let’s find out. [Intro] There are several reasons why Apple removed
the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, and surprisingly #courage is not one of them. One of the main reasons why the headphone
jack is gone is that the lightning port is propriety to Apple. Apple owns that jack. So any company making third party accessories
for that lightning port have to pay Apple in order to use it. It’s a direct revenue stream for Apple. So let’s say as a third party manufacturer
I want to design a new car charger, or a docking station, or a charging cable for the iPhone
7 using that lightning port. I get to pay Apple royalties for each cable
that I make, even though Apple is not producing or manufacturing that cable just because it’s
using their port. So how much does Apple make for each third
party accessory sold? It’s hard to say for sure. Wikipedia estimates at about 10%, but since
Apple has NDA forms all over the place, once you’re in the program and have signed all
their forms, you’re not allowed to talk about it or you’ll get sued. Some websites speculate that Apple has recently
switched to a 4 dollar flat fee per cable because it’s easier to keep track of. Lucky for you guys, I am not in Apple’s
MFi certification program and I have not signed any of their forms, but I have talked to several
companies in China that manufacture MFi certified cables and they say that in order to get certified
it’s 550 dollars per product. So let’s say I have three different colors
of lightning cables and each of those cables come in three different lengths. Now we have nine cables total and I’m paying
Apple almost 5,000 dollars to certify my cables for the public use. Remember that these numbers are not from Apple
directly, they’re just from the manufacturer in China, so take that how you will. Now remember, I am not opposed to these fees,
business is business. Apple designed their own port, Apple should
get paid for anyone who decides to use their port. That’s how business works and I’m okay
with that. But, just for reference HDMI ports are also
proprietary, and their royalty fee per cable can be as low as 5 cents. You can really tell what manufacturer wants
you to use their product and which manufacturer doesn’t. So Apple did not design the 3.5 millimeter
headphone jack, so any accessory used with the iPhone -using that jack- Apple didn’t
make any money on. Now that they have effectively eliminated
that headphone jack in the iPhone 7, each and every accessory that gets plugged into
the iPhone 7, Apple gets paid for. Even if Apple doesn’t design, manufacture
or produce that accessory. It’s an incredibly intelligent business
decision. Apple does legally enforce their patents,
as they should. I know someone who is selling non-MFi certified
cables and they got sued by Apple and ended up paying over 5 figures as restitution. So, Apple’s money is rolling in from all
directions. Now remember, I don’t care that Apple’s
protecting their design and their products and their investment and their information
– that’s totally within their legal right and I approve. It’s important to business to protect your
assets. But it’s unfortunate that they had to remove
a feature as useful as the headphone jack just because they weren’t making money on
it. Apple saw a piece of the financial pie and
they took it. The second reason Apple got rid of the headphone
jack is because of waterproofing. Sealing off a 3.5 millimeter hole in the bottom
of your phone is extremely expensive – especially when you’re manufacturing millions of them. Sealing that headphone jack internally would
cost Apple a lot of money. Any why would they spend extra money on something
they aren’t making any money with in the first place. Apple’s claim that they are dedicated to
the wireless future is not valid. If they were truly dedicated to the wireless
future they would have put wireless charging in their cellphones. Wireless charging has been built into cell
phones for years now. The thing is, Apple wouldn’t make money
from that wireless charging…yet. That’s why they haven’t integrated it
into their phones. They would be paying someone else royalties
for that technology, and they’re not about that life. The argument that the headphone jack doesn’t
fit inside of the phone isn’t valid either. The nice thing about designing your own phone,
Apple, is that you get to decide what fits and what doesn’t. So now that we know why the headphone jack
is gone, let’s talk about how it affects us as customers. Let’s say you’re on a road trip with your
friends, anyone who owns an iPhone 7 won’t be able to contribute to the aux cable music
selection in the car unless you are carrying around your little dongle extender. If you’ve ever been to a state fair or know
any entrepreneur, they won’t be able to use the credit card reader like Square or
PayPal for credit card transactions. If you’ve ever left your headphones at home
while you’re at the gym or traveling, there’s no more buying a cheap pair of headphones
with a headphone jack…you’ll need to buy a way more expensive proprietary, royalty
fee included, pair of lightning headphones that Apple gets paid for, even if they weren’t
made by Apple. But that’s just what I think. I’m curious as to what you think. Would you buy a phone without a headphone
jack? Let me know down in the comments. And if you like seeing tech reviewed from
the inside, hit that subscribe button. Thanks for watching. Hope to see you around.

100 thoughts on “The TRUTH behind the iPhone Headphone Jack Removal!

  1. Just don't buy their products.

  2. I guess samsung wants to make more money on the note now huh

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    Iphone X-XI: No home button
    Iphone 15: Just glass
    Iphone 29: No battery
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  11. Every phone ive had with a headphone jack always broke on me at some point though. Guess it just depends on your experiences and what you prefer i dont mind tbh

  12. See?? Greed. That's all it's about. Greed. And iSheep wanted so badly to believe that crApple was being 'brave' and 'forward thinking' and other dumb ass bullshit. That's why I refer to them as 'iDiots'. 👀🤣

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  14. Apple died the day Steve Jobs died.

  15. Jerryrigeverything

    I get your point, but just be honest. Apple are greedy fucks. You don't see any other company doing some of the same shit they do. Now granted they are starting to copy some of the dumbass things, but overall Apple's unique to it's greediness

  16. Yes

  17. Why do they still send us headphones when it don't have a jack in it

  18. is the title of the video norwegian,
    Or is it just me?

  19. At least galaxy fold comes with Samsung bluetooth earbuds because it doesn't have any headphone Jack

  20. Anyone complaining about removing a connector that was invented in the 70’s is a fucking moron. It’s called progression. It like complaining you had to buy and HDMI cable and or a new TV when DVD’s came out, idiots.

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  27. Business is business, that's true, but all those royalties and licence charges the manufacturers pay are being transferred to customer prices eventually. So in the end Apple is just sucking more money from their customers for a thing that has no real technological benefit and does not add anything valuable to everyday life. Thank you, but I will pass.

  28. The same happened with the floppy disk, and then the CD, and now the headphone jack. People were always mad at these, but the truth is that technology is getting better. Soon, there will be only wireless headphones. Deal with it.

  29. Its always about money.

  30. Ion know I like the look of the iPhone without the headphone jack

  31. No, I won't buy a phone without a headphone jack… and I'm a happy Samsung phone owner. When I heard about the Note 10, I decided I'd never buy their products again if they excluded the jack from them. I'm not even someone who's opposed to change, but we need a good, consistent connector that anchors well. We also need more than one of them.

    I was one of the first USB-C adopters. I'd be ok with change… just include two slots for universal connectors and make them durable and convenient to use. Adapters will pop up and eventually people will move to the new way of things. The real issue is that these companies just don't feel like putting out quality if it causes even a small short-term loss in revenue.

  32. 2019 is coming to an end, and i'm still using phones with Jack in it. It's one of the two criterias i'm looking for while buying the new one every time.

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  44. Another effect that aill come ia PEOPLE CONSTANTLY SAYING "HEY BRO CAN I BORROW YA DONGLE?"

  45. I wouldn't ever buy phone without headphone jack, because I want to have ability to charge phone while using headphones.
    Yes, you might ask, why don't I use bluetooth headphones, but I won't use them, because of bigger sound latency (while gaming)

  46. After iphone 6s plus with headphone jack… Im.. Using android phone that comes. With headphone jack

  47. Seriously I have not missed the earphone jack 1 bit
    Technically their cable is the only universal cable in the world which I love!!! I cannot seem to ever not try and put a USB cable the wrong way in… drives me nuts!

  48. 2:26
    Apple. iPhone: noooooooo………..

  49. Protecting one's assets is one thing, but forcing you to use and pay for those assets extra is something I can never agree with and will always oppose.

    Having to buy a dongle in order to plug your headphones to a cellphone, because there's that lightning port there in the way, reminds me of a picture where a highwayman steps in your way:
    "Hey mate, before you pass, you need to pay up. You're not getting any service from me, but you gotta pay, or else I won't let you through down this road."

    …or y'know, you don't really need to use that road. Just like you don't have to buy Apple and you can just buy a phone that makes sense.

    Answering the question – no. I will never buy a phone without a headphone jack, because that's castrating the device of its essential functionality. Neither will I ever buy an Apple product, even if my life depends on it. Every single thing this company does reeks of scam.

  50. Just drill a hole on the bottom

  51. Me: Watches With An iPhone

    Also Me: Laughs

  52. I'm not complaining…
    Mine has a headphone jack

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  54. That’s my phone right there


  56. Apple is a shit company that produces sub-standard technologies and only care about money and not the customer.
    Anyone who buys apple products is only doing it as a status symbol to show off how much money they have, anyone with a shred of tech knowledge knows apple is inferior

  57. Bottomline, it's all about greed and politics.

  58. Hey jerry! Really enjoy your videos your an amazing feller! continue the great work with your page and I look forward to watching more of your videos


  60. Fu apple

  61. Agree totally.

  62. Because the jack is old and should have been obsolete years ago. RCA got replaced by HDMI and no one bats an eye. USB C attempts to replace the jack and everyone loses their minds.

  63. Me: enjoying music while using headphones
    Apple: ✊🌝 Want expensive dongles?

  64. I bought the Google pixel 2 XL knowing it did not have the head phone jack. I . Okay with it. I can use the adapter that came with the phone or blue tooth.

  65. Would not buy a phone without a headphone jack. I got a Galaxy S8 active because it's both a tank and has a headphone jack still

  66. and 3 years later almost no phone has one.

  67. But how much did it cost to waterproof the old iPhone charger

  68. More company’s paying to use there port means more money for updates to the software phones and more accessories really good and easy way to make more profit on one phone

  69. It might make sense…but that dosn't mean everyone is pissed about it!(and yes I say that in my school)

  70. The comparison is not accurate. You compare for HDMI the license fee per manufactured product, however the price for the Apple Licensing is per product line. So the licensing for HDMI can be much higher, when selling high amounts of cables.

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  72. They did it because FUCK YOU GIVE ME MONEY

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  74. Thats exactly the reason I dont like apple. Proprietary technology is an afront to technological progress when taken to the extremes apple takes it to.

  75. I hate that I can no longer listen to music and charge my phone at the same time. Removing the headphone jack was a stupid decision and I wish they would bring it back. Apple is too greedy and I fucking hate it.

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  77. I'll Stick withé my Classic S7 I doth think

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  79. Never

  80. Very good content jerry do you giveaway or sell scratched usable devices?

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  82. I've been hating Apple and iOS for many years, but I still don't have an audio jack. Although I didn't realise that for a half year, when I finally forgot to take my wireless headphones with me. Lol. Few years ago I got so passed of by broken wires and need to resolder audio jack, that I started using wireless headphones. They have a Lot of cons, but I still prefer them. So I don't really mind the lack of that old trusty port.

  83. I really hate apple 😒 profit oriented company

  84. Buy a phone without a headphone jack? HAHAHAHA. no Even tho all my earbuds and headphones r bluetooth, i still want a headphone jack incase something goes wrong with them. And if theres no headphone jack, my backup earbuds wont serve a purpose lmao. (Im a total audiophile)

  85. Apple is like Motorola. Apple ruins everything that they make good. Headphone jack

  86. Good true details.. via +
    Ear and eyes

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  88. Super like!

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  92. Actually Apple doesn’t aim to get people to buy those AirPods because of marketing reasons, At least this is not the only reason. Also if you have seen how well the AirPods work you would know that they are not trying to push people to buy them as much is you might think

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  94. cough
    AirPods :>

    Don’t Attack me man, it’s just Apple making more money :>

  95. I’ve been living without a headphone jack for 2 year
    And honestly it ain’t bad (until I broke those earpieces which got me to use that ancient connector, still cool, but I’m scared I’ll break it.)
    I prefer wireless earpiece because honestly the hassle of a wired earpiece is slightly annoying and those buds will just pop of my ear with a tug.
    I’d gladly trade off my Headphone jacks if I can get a wireless earpiece:D
    And I’m still using a iPhone 7 so hah

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