The Wuhan Shake Inspires Other Coronavirus-Safe Personal Greetings

The Wuhan Shake Inspires Other Coronavirus-Safe Personal Greetings

100 thoughts on “The Wuhan Shake Inspires Other Coronavirus-Safe Personal Greetings

  1. This got past a writers' meeting? Didn't even crack a smile…

  2. Confucius say : "Man who shakes foot has Pooh Man Shoe".

  3. Why would people in Wuhan invent a new handshake if it's already more common to bow instead of shaking hands?

  4. Just do The Bump! (anyone born after 1980 won't know what I'm talking about)

  5. Does this mean we can do away with the bizarre expectation that if you stick out your hand, I'm supposed to grab it? I don't know you, but the first thing I'm supposed to do is touch your dirty hand? The one that you just rubbed on 20 other strangers' dirty hands? What?

  6. Seems like “Kid ‘n’ Play” were far ahead of their time.

  7. The Kid and Play Dance!

  8. Is that Chris and chadwick?

  9. Just give them a Wakanda salute

  10. I love that the aliens springing from their chests were Wearing Gloves!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Hey you Stephen dumb why not wear rubber gloves will be safe shake hands or hugs easy for you wear rubber gloves everyday 24 hrs !!!!!!!

  12. China… Where "hair of the dog" involves an actual dog…

  13. How about Wakanda Forever!

  14. Lame

  15. Well, they can't all be funny, nice try

  16. too cute, loved this, ty mr colbert and the actors.

  17. This was more funny then stephens monologues.

  18. That's the Kid N Play Kickstep lol

  19. I'm gonna have to call a 'me too' with those interns.

  20. 2021

  21. I’ll get working on my access to hammer space so I too can pull a window out of nowhere simply to longingly stare through it.

  22. Am I the only one who did that foot shake thing in highschool?

  23. So "Jay the intern" has his own intern now. Good for him! ^^

  24. Where is the Kid N Play dance?

  25. 😆 The Alien puppets actually shook hands!

  26. If I weren't familiar with the context, I might believe "the Corona shake" to be something they're serving at McDonald's.

  27. ANDdddd.. what do you do when you get home? You take your shoes off.. with your hands.. touching all that crap that you've stepped into all day.. spittle.. vomit.. feces…

  28. KidNPlay were WAY ahead of their time!😁

  29. But the alien one would still be dangerous, even with their little gloves

  30. That last one, though. Not cool. Yeesh!

  31. Is it just me, or – at a glance – do the two actors in the thumbnail look like Chris Evans and Chadwick Boseman?

  32. I don't avoid handshakes. I just avoid people. People are a virus.

  33. I think I'm bringing back the "Demolition Man"

  34. we koreans bow..and look what happened here..

  35. BTW people if you are wearing thin masks….guess what…It doesn't work, you will be infected depending on the mass of people around you and how close the ambient you are in.

  36. Lmao 😂

  37. Lmao 😂

  38. Lmao 😂

  39. Lmao 😂

  40. I favor the Fight Club nod.

  41. Late Show is a little late with this one–Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo Rodriguez have been demonstrating their COVID-19 handshake replacements for a week or more. Better late (show) than never, I guess.

  42. Why not wear (plastic) gloves? And then throw them…👋🤝

  43. Trekkies are covered here 🖖

  44. The longing shield is so sweet!😃🥰

  45. In germany we once had a Coronavirus-Safe greeting…

    Just saying… we had no Corona back than.

  46. There should really be a disclaimer for the 127 hours shake. You can only do it twice before you have no arms.

    By the way, can anyone recommend a surgeon who can reattach limbs? Asking for a friend.

  47. "The longing shield", definitely need that one!

  48. the last one is joan cornellà inspired!

  49. I bet it looks funny when u meet more than 2 ppl…..

  50. Finally! Some common sense ideas we can all use!

  51. Americans would just use this as an excuse to kick people.

  52. AGAIN!

    Disease: COVID-19

    Virus: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2).


    Sincerely, an irritated biology and nomenclature nerd.

    Sources: ICTV (International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses) and WHO.

  53. 😂😂😂😂😂

  54. Just bring back the hat tip 🤷🏼‍♂️

  55. Wash your hands for 20 seconds, don't touch ECT ECT …….let's ignore the virus is airborne ( aerosol)


  57. Carrot Top should sue

  58. Guys, Aliens was a crappy movie. It sucks. Alien and Alien 3 were a trillion times better. #Cameronisahackfraud

  59. I'll choose the Alian

  60. I like the plague bell ringing approach

  61. I guess USA is infected with that kind of ways.

  62. just bow. -_-

  63. so not funny

  64. That VR one LOL

  65. Eh, coulda been worse.  Coulda been the Harlem shake.

  66. yeah, foot shake or elbow shake!

  67. Love the cut off the hand shake , LOL

  68. Swing and a rare miss.

  69. Necessity is the mother of all inventions. You got to admire how inventive the Chinese people are. 🙂

  70. Everyone is forgetting the greeting from Demolition Man.

  71. Just give a head nod or a bow like the Japanese.

  72. demolition man saw this comin…

  73. "And this is how they shake hands in China. By foot."

    Yeah, nothing wrong with that choice of words 🙂

  74. 📢👍Well, we can talk, and have fun, right?

  75. I love how a lighthearted viral video becomes "this is how they shake hands in China now" 🤔

  76. That was some fine over the top sketch acting

  77. It's sad that people think by doing this "safe greeting" they are helping stop spread of virus or germs, but they forget about money and doorknobs and other things we all touch…there is no safe zone from germs and viruses… just a piece of mind.

  78. That’s Brilliant!! The first one I mean.

  79. evolution will take care of trumpers…. have another rally…pack it tight… and speed that shit up…=/

  80. How could you forget about the Vulcan greeting?

  81. Damn writers, you had a perfect opportunity to mention the Kid & Play and failed!

  82. Let's see how funny this will be in the next few weeks America.

  83. You may have heard of the Wuhan shake, but do you remember the Harlem shake?

  84. It is soooooo funny how are lives will all be drastically different in 6 months.
    I'm so glad we have these inane distractions to trivialize the danger to us all.
    Fucking start doing something meaningful Colbert.

  85. The moment I saw 127 hours, I knew what they were doing hahaha

  86. Namaste is best n graceful

  87. Shake your hand, I’m gonna shake your hand

  88. Why don't use Indian way of greeting?

    Join your own hands and say

    No need to touch anyone no more.

  89. Why not just a head nod😂😂😂

  90. It's genuinely funny. But just don't joke about this.

  91. Where's the sanitizer? I don't know where your alien has been!

  92. finger 🔫s can be done at a safe distance

  93. That's why Indians are doing namaste from decade 🙏

  94. Bowing orgreeting with a nod of the head are still options.

  95. Why is it okay for Stephen douchebert to joke about the disease and not for Trump to encourage people to stay calm?

  96. 🤣 127 hrs is my fave

  97. So cringy…

  98. The intern should lead to an infinite loop

  99. Wuhan CoronaVirus is from LAB.
    YouTube <NTDTV>or <The Epoch Times> give you a shocking answer!

  100. Isn't that just the Kick Step dance step that Kid n Play used to do?

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