This Is What Life Is Like with a Gigantic Penis: Monster Meat

This Is What Life Is Like with a Gigantic Penis: Monster Meat

100 thoughts on “This Is What Life Is Like with a Gigantic Penis: Monster Meat

  1. Is it wrong that I want to kick his private parts so bad? 🙄

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  3. am i okay

  4. Bnn njjjkkk look jjbbhhinkjbvvvn MJ jlhvk NJ k jkjj look km KL mjh jnnjjnnib LM bk kj jb LM bk inn HV vvji yh njhn jjbbhhinkjbvvvn vnnnjjjjjb mk kj n nnmmmmmmmm BC nbhhnnmmmgmmmm JH vnnnjjjjjb jjm night HV vvji jjm NB M NJ kjkn NJ I mk mjjjjjjb LM jb LM hnnn.nnjb CV jkj

  5. We need to replace elective cosmetic surgery with quality psychological care.

  6. Lmao that title tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Nah my shit perfect big black 10 inch dick 3 inches thicc and balls the size of turtle eggs ..and I ain't cheat or have surgery ..Its all natural just genetics….

  8. So basically he made his penis so enlarged that he can’t have sex.
    Good job guy.

  9. I actually paid more attention to his V for Vendetta messenger bag

  10. His bulge is a cock staircase not the real thing

  11. Love sexy domina alavyo baby

  12. Useless since the guy is playing for the wrong team

  13. I like to show this to a new girl I have brought home just before we have sex for the first time. They are shocked and horrified, that's when I tell them the good news – babe I am the exact opposite of that dude!

  14. By the way he is also using synthol in his arms.

  15. Fucking gay

  16. Germany either got weirder or less weird after the Third Reich

  17. Geeeee, how utterly conveeeeeeeeenient that this guy with the monster penis happens to be a homo.

  18. Just occurred to me how funny it would be if it turned out that all these years this was a massive malignant tumor when the whole time he just assumed he had a big cock.

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  21. Ok I’m not a perv!
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  22. Get it fixed bro

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  24. He look like morty when rick put the froth serum on one of his arms

  25. Everyone at that festival is a freak

  26. Mein Gott

  27. B I G D A D D Y P U M P

  28. Il est totalement cinglé !

  29. Legend say that he’s still a virgin

  30. the guy has real issues with his manhood[not his dick] and his whole male ego its very deep and dont get why no help has been given to him sad

  31. This is a very sad and pathetic method of grabbing/forcing attention to yourself. This man is hooked on attention like a person on heroin and has resorted to disfigurement to get his fix, all while in complete denial. Part of this denial was when he made a ridiculous comparison to woman's breast implants. You would have to compare breast implants the size of car tires to be a fair comparison. I wish he would have gotten psycological help to deal with his need for attention rather than resorting to such extreme measures.

  32. Vice… Always trying their best to 'normalize pathology.'

  33. YouTube takes down Alex Jones but not this garbage?

  34. I want to have sex with him

  35. So the Nazi were gay

  36. I wouldn't watch these types of vice videos if the comments were disabled

  37. If I saw this coming at me I’d run… in bolt really fast, on the other hand I’d be interested to see the monstrous boy. Who could possibly take all that in? 🤕😬😭

  38. Side note, he looks pretty good for 45

  39. Lmao



  42. What do u do with that exactly

  43. I wanna see it!!

  44. stupid people

  45. insecurity taken to the next level

  46. Weird!


  48. Eeewwwwww!!

  49. Why did good German men turn into freaks like this??🙄😞

  50. Unbelievable this world is going to hell smh.

  51. Just like the days of Noah……..

  52. Toooooooof on your face

  53. This is absolutely ridiculous! Who does he have sex with… elephants?! It's disgusting.

  54. Ww2 really did a number on the ole German bloodline

  55. Geeze…….I've got mixed feelings for this guy, but……..holy moly…….he is one attractive man, though!

  56. ….kinda wanted to see

  57. Beautiful eyes! Has a real sadness about him though, you can see it in his face & demeanour.

  58. This is degenerate

  59. Good old vice, perfect for a dose of pure AIDS

  60. You’re mutilating your dick just to impress other perverts? Well to each their own but wow

  61. EWWWW

  62. I think I know about a website that could sponsor this video

  63. It looks really deformed.

  64. I have monster cock

  65. My first thought would be “ this guy’s gone cuckoo “ , who in the world would find that monstrosity attractive ? Not everything big is beautiful.

  66. i see he also injected hjs biceps and they look aweful…..just fatty …. but yah thats a little overkill i think……he really should be a gay pornstar with that equipment

  67. disgusting…really disgusting….ill people!

  68. Dude i mean he's with men 1 and 2 how will that even fit i mean seriously no persons uhum hole is that big to fit his size.

  69. How could he poop, needs like two toilets.

  70. What a dick….head

  71. 11 inches??

  72. 2015 was such a weird nasty ass year

  73. very interesting

  74. What

  75. 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨 imagine THAT coming at you in the dark!!!!!! 😅

  76. officially the gayest video ive ever watched in my life

  77. Gross 🤮

  78. Sexy nurse.

  79. Sorry people but it's silicone injected

  80. I don't get white people. This is weird shit.

  81. I got rock hard watching his big penis.

    I’d love to lick it

  82. That shit is disgustingly sad!!!! It reads like a tumor not an object of lust or desire. This just further confirms that black men rock in terms of REAL erotic endowment .

  83. I would think he'd get his teeth fixed first LOL!!!!…….Jus sayin!!!

  84. What the cinammon toast fuck is this?

  85. It can't be that biiii- OH MY GOD!

  86. i would be proud of the 9 inches long aspect, not the fucking goddamn 3.5 inches wide

  87. What happened to his right arm? Silicon injection too? Or too much handling his package?

  88. No lawsuits. No divorce rape. No trading sex for material goods. No cheating. Indeed it is different from the "real" thing.

  89. Lots of muslims there too.

  90. More than a mouthful is a waste.

  91. What a weirdo.

  92. I saw him first!!! I could make that dick disappear in a few seconds! Delicious!


    SO I THINK IM DONE WITH SEX. I kinda fucked myself up, had an overdose on Vodka , Cocaine, Heroin, Weed, LOTS AND LOTS of EXTACY,  and 5 or 6 Viagra. After i dropped to the floor and had kinda convulsion that lasted many many minutes ( at least 10 minutes, told everyone thru clenched teeth to Not call ambulance, as im bouncing away on the floor, didnt want to wreck the epic party). ANYWAYS had an erection that lasted 4 days after that. It was HELL, nearly impossible to urinate, after first day it started to hurt, then on the third day i decided unfortunately to sober up a little for a taxi to hospital. Well the doctors just laughed and laughed, then he called couple more doctors and a nurse over for no reason other than to hear the story and laugh some more. So they tried a shot in my arm, then another somewhere You NEVER want a needle go. So that didnt help at all. So he just told me go home, get some decent sleep, and stop taking any drugs and come back for more laughs if its still an issue. Anyways so i slept 8 hours and still had erection and this was day 4, i was getting worried id have an erection for the rest of my life, but actually it stopped hurting on day 4 but still hurt and near impossible to pee, so i realized something: DRUGS got me into this problem, and well half day sober didnt cure it. So i took 5 valium and some GHB and just totally passed out for about 4 hours and AFTER that all was working fine. But ever since that day, regardless if im sober or not, i get an erection, but very seldom i can orgasm, but my girlfriend's always loved it tho, as im one of the few dudes that has sex with a girl and more often than not i just fake having an orgasm after spending well depends usually just give up after first hour, but sometimes id keep trying. But i get nada orgasm 95% of the time. So the moral of the story???? i could say DONT DO DRUGS KIDS, but NOPE. I had way too much fun, well i really dont do drugs anymore, not like an insane animal anyways ( well i use alcohol: daily, weed: monthly, cocaine, heroin, Ketamine yearly. ) and thats it. i call it SOBRIETY. OR WELL AS CLOSE AS ILL EVER VENTURE TO THE LIGHT SIDE. AAAHHH THOSE WERE INDEED GOOD TIMES. Dont get me wrong tho, i was wired for sound daily for at least 3 decades, but while i was doing that i always worked at least 1 job, built a couple houses of my own, raised a few great kids, my oldest daughter is now a medical biologist of something, the last 2 are getting close to moving out. They all tested drugs, but none well crazy like me, i never did it around them tho until they started on their own but none still do it. So sex can be amazing on massive amount of drugs, but its a fine line between SUPER FUN, AND SUPER FUNNY AS THEY LAUGH AT YOU IN HOSPITAL.

  94. Talk about the chaffing going on down there…….damn.

  95. How in the hell this came up recommend to me. Why in the hell this came recommend for me.

  96. "ha shit,… here we go again" 😀

  97. Mindestens 15 cm
    Mindestens 17 cm

  98. My mother always said, if you have to hide it… You shouldn't be doing it!

  99. Old gay men……groß

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