This Link Will Destroy Your iPhone

This Link Will Destroy Your iPhone

100 thoughts on “This Link Will Destroy Your iPhone

  1. The message itself is a virus, because you can't get out XD


  3. Cool

  4. Will it hack android too?

  5. This dosent work

  6. Keaton

  7. Hey guys who accidentally click the link

  8. Keaton hacked me

  9. another fun thing on pc… you can do a similar thing with scripts (won't harm the pc btw) if you know how to get those scripts send the link and when someone clicks on it the pc will just turn off.. it'll turn on just fine afterwards it just confuses/Gives people a scare.. as it simply prompts the pc to turn off


  11. Who is here in 2018

  12. Im in safe mode rn so im okay ?


  14. How bout iPad?

  15. keaton hacked me

  16. If you have a samsung galaxy s7 edge can you send the link to a apple phone and it will lag it?

    If you have a samsung galaxy su edge can you send it to an other android phone?

  17. I sent it and it just popped up like a internet arrive

  18. I have an android but the person I wanna send this to has an iphone

  19. Don’t do this!

    Links the hack link in description

  20. Doesn’t work

  21. 3:26

  22. Recomended for your hater friend

  23. KEATON

  24. Does it work on other Android

  25. Keaton hacked me

  26. Keaton hacked me

  27. is app even safe?

  28. Keaton hacked me

  29. Why doesn’t it work now

  30. Is app even safe?? Yo guys i rly need hekp

  31. Fp

  32. Does fully resetting your safari app data work?

  33. I did this on my phone and it said website not available

  34. Keaton hacked me

  35. How to send virus to iphone… Pls help

  36. Ur ded

  37. 0:05 doood I remember this

  38. Can they go to a service provider and get me in trouble

  39. You look like The guy from Lazy town the bad guy in the thumbnail

  40. Lol i will create fake instagram account and send it to my teacher

  41. “It completely destroys your phone” “this is the greatest prank you can pull on your friends” uh, no?

  42. If this gets 1,569 likes, I’ll do it on my phone and screen record it and upload it

  43. Exactly why i do not trust people with my phone

  44. oh shit i watched this whole thing in 1.25x speed and only just realised

  45. Bruh how cringe

  46. I hear pro era in the background

  47. Found the link in the description doesnt touch cause i saw thos (BE CAREFUL) already scared

  48. Keaton hacked me

  49. I sent this to my ex

  50. Keaton hacked me 🙁

  51. you're obviously not tech smart if you use an iphone and not an android

  52. Will this work on iPhone X

  53. Keaton hacked me

  54. Keaton HACKED ME

  55. keaton hacked me

  56. jk

  57. i want the shirt your wearing

  58. Keaton hacked me 🙁

  59. virus is an dstroying phone sooooo… install eset because it is the powerd and fastes antivirus.

  60. Keaton hasn’t gone through puberty yet

  61. I must kermit suicide

  62. Why always make faces ? ?

  63. This no prank this evil cuz I would have called the number lmao

  64. about that safari removal nah not only iphone 6s or above. no no no no. all phones what are compatible with iOS 12.0+

  65. Send to a phone scammer xD

  66. 3:22 The thing on a mac os

  67. Keaton hacked me.

  68. Keaton hacked me

  69. Keaton hacked me

  70. Keaton hacked me

  71. This is so dumb. You are seriously giving people a scammer site, that’s so messed up.

  72. I like how ur risking iPhones when I’m risking pencils lmao

  73. Keaton hacked me

  74. I clicked the link and I’m ok

  75. oh nice dor this work on andriod

  76. Keaton hacked me

  77. me

  78. Keaton hacked me

  79. Annoying right keaton❤️

  80. Thanks for waking my whole house up. Lmao.

  81. Does it still Work?

  82. Keaton hacked me

  83. This is why I have one of the world's most powerfull VPN ?

  84. I realy wanted to prank my friend, but he uses an android. Will it work on android?

  85. I got so lucky, I clicked it but the virus didn’t came, (I’m in iOS)

  86. i called the number and it did no answer xD

  87. virus link to send to friends

  88. Keaton hacked me

  89. 3:26 ANNOYING ISNT IT?

  90. how to lose all your friends 101

  91. I would send this to my old teacher let him know not to call the number and not tell him how to fix hit because I hate him so so so SO much, he almost ended me!!!!


  93. Shit

  94. HOLY CRAP I AM THE 100K like

  95. Does this just work at iphone

  96. This worked on my samsung two

  97. Keaton Hacked Me

  98. It won't lemme copy and paste the link. What happens if I click on it

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