Tip Tuesday: Using the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom CC for iPad Pro

Tip Tuesday: Using the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom CC for iPad Pro

– What’s up? This is John from John
Branch IV Photography, and for Tip Tuesday, let’s go ahead and take a quick look at
using the adjustment brush in Lightroom CC on the iPad Pro. (soft music) If you haven’t had a
chance to jump into editing on your iPad Pro, you really need to give it a try. Lightroom CC on the iPad Pro is dope. Make sure to check out
some of my past videos on editing with the iPad Pro, which you can find right up here, and let’s go ahead and get into using the adjustment brush. So the adjustment brush is a great way to make changes to specific
spots on your photo. For instance, if you wanted to add some skin smoothing to someone, or if you wanted to paint in exposure in a certain area in your photo, it’s really awesome, you can get really
creative with your photos, and really just change them up however you want to. So let’s go ahead and jump
in a photo real quick. This is from a session
I did in a white space, if you haven’t checked out that video, you should be able to see it here. Also, I’ll leave the
link in the description. But this was a cool little session I did. Right now we’re looking
at all the five-stars, but I can get rid of that. Now we’re looking at every photo. Let’s jump in a photo real quick, and let’s just edit it. So to start out, I’m
gonna apply my preset. Which, little plug, my
preset pack is coming soon, very soon (chuckles). After that, I usually
turn up the exposure. Work with the shadows a little bit. Let’s go ahead and crop some. We’ll get her in the center
focus a little bit more. And so here’s the photo. The white balance was pretty
good coming out of the X-T3, so we’re all set there. Now for the adjustment brush, it’s gonna be this
circle here on the right. And then you hit the plus on the left. Once you’ve hit that plus, you have a couple of different options. The adjustment brush is gonna be the little paintbrush-looking thing. Now on the left, you
can change the feather, or how hard the brush is. You can also change the size. And then what you have to do
before you start brushing, is you actually have to change what settings you want to change. So for instance, if I
wanted to do a skin smooth, I would need to come over to effects, turn down clarity some, maybe turn down texture just a bit. I can also come over to details and turn the sharpness down. And you see while I’m doing this, it’s giving me a preview of
what it’s gonna look like. So now I can come in and I can paint where I want to. And so you see, I’m
painting it in on the skin. And basically all I’m doing in this photo is getting rid of the
sharpening in the skin area. Now, unlike Lightroom Classic, you don’t have a masking
option, so auto-mask, but since you’re painting with the pencil, it’s actually a little bit easier to stay in the lines per se, of wherever you you want it
to paint in your changes. And now you see I have
my adjustments on there, and I can also change stuff. I can change the exposure, and you see, that’s all the area that was painted on. Once you’re done with that, hit done. And you’re all done with your adjustments. And that was a quick little
video for Tip Tuesday. I hope it helped you out, and maybe you can start using the adjustment brush more often. If you like what you
saw, or have questions, leave it in the comments,
hit that subscribe, and I will be with you all next time. All right, peace.

16 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday: Using the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom CC for iPad Pro

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    I use LRM to photos, but when it comes to share them I lose a lot of image quality. Do you have the same problem?

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