Top 10 EBAY Black Friday 2019 Deals

Top 10 EBAY Black Friday 2019 Deals

100 thoughts on “Top 10 EBAY Black Friday 2019 Deals

  1. thanks Matt!

  2. I haven’t shopped on eBay in years…It’s been a long time Matt…Catching up on your videos…

  3. If eBay weren’t connected to their own currency that has had horrible cyber-security, I’d consider it. Before that, I used to bid on auctions, all the time. It doesn’t seem right, as a “retailer.”

  4. Only iphones price deals in blackfriday 2019 separate video plzz

  5. nice selection

  6. These sound like some pretty sweet deals for the holidays. Thanks Matt!

  7. Always love your videos! ?

  8. Ebay has gotten so much better than they used to be. Thanks, Matt.


  10. Thanks for all of your help, i find eBay deals are easier to shop than Amazon ?

  11. Notice how most of the products are from the brand Decible ( power bank, camera,headphones , earbuds ,car jumper…)
    Or they are purwell (the toothbrush,and phone sanitizer ) low end brands that are expensive to start with

  12. Can't Wait for the Amazon deals.

  13. Love your energy!

  14. Deals are getting BETTER!!

  15. Hey Matt any good deals on apple watch with cellular and car dash cans?

  16. Noice

  17. I don’t shop at EBay, I got banned for selling pirated things from China ? oh well it was good while it lasted ?

  18. Always looking for collectibles on Ebay. Not new stuff. Hmmmmm

  19. wow

  20. ☆☆☆☆☆

  21. you are doing the best

  22. your videos are so useful ♡♡

  23. this is some great stuff Matt — GREAT JOB — keep the deals comin — luv it !!!!! thxxx

  24. have a very Happy Turkey day Gobble Gobble — Happy Thanksgiving Matt

  25. Is it true your channel views boost up during times like this?

  26. Ever wanted to hear capital letters in real life ? Hear ya go : 7:03 , 7:26

  27. I love you man! Keep up the great work! Love your videos! Can't wait to see you on the morning shows this year see what you got for Christmas!

  28. Thanks for all of your insights!

  29. Thankyou Matt…

  30. epic deals bro hope to win iphone 11 pro genuinely need an upgrade from my shattered iphone se i need it for my college ❤️?

  31. Is ebay a trustworthy site

  32. Great job

  33. Headphones are great.

  34. As always, thanks Matt!

  35. Just started watching,luv it

  36. I always check out ebay for everything

  37. Good stuff, thank's Matt

  38. I love Black Friday and cyber Monday butt Christmas is my worst month cause it’s my moms sister and my three kids birthdays . Butt it’s all worth it

  39. eBay gives me the chills tbh.. that's a scary name lol

  40. You've made me a frequent eBay buyer!! Thanks for today's video, have a happy weekend!

  41. Definitely good deals

  42. Thanks for the top 10 Matt…

  43. So many great items. Thanks for the video . I feel like I need all of them. Lol.

  44. I wish I could get a Playstation 4 pro from you

  45. Thank you sincerely for your strong efforts in revealing the best deals so we don't have to put in hours of searching. You're awesome!

  46. Omg!!! The earbuds you showed!!! I need those! What a great gift. For ME,!❤️

  47. you keep talking about the same 20 products are you sponsord by them or are they actually the best deals right now?

  48. For the digital antenna do you need to be connected to wifi? I am looking for something to use in an RD when we don't have wifi.

  49. Thanks for the ebay deals

  50. Good one

  51. Thanks Matt!! for all the deals you are finding. I'm in the market for luggage by chance can you find a great deal for me.
    Thank you

  52. I normally do all my shopping on line at ebat and Amazon however I really think walmart has stepped up their game, but I love the uv light/charger, jump charger and smart charger in ebay thank you Matt!

  53. Great deals as always. It's nice to see different sales from internet sites along with brick and mortar stores. Thanks Matt!

  54. So happy Im subscribed under my actual name now! Thanks Matt!

  55. Matt. I am looking for a deal on the new MacBook 16”. I received a notice from COSTCO for the new 16”, i9, 1TB ssd for $2,699. Is this a good deal? It appears to be considering the i9 chip and 1TB ssd drive. Thoughts?

  56. im not sure how i feel about ebay

  57. Thank you!

  58. Thanks for the deals, Matt!

  59. EBay really..

  60. Wow!! Thanks for all you do…it makes a difference to get reviews before any purchase…Thanks Matt, my son will love the Nintendo swich, he is 12, his name is Joshua

  61. Waiting for Mattress deals Matt!

  62. Thanks Matt

  63. Have a blessed day!

  64. ??????

  65. Awesome

  66. ??

  67. I can't believe you have so many thumbs down, are they just watching in hopes of winning something?!!!

  68. Thanks have a great day

  69. Hi Matt, I’m searching for apple airpods as an anniversary gift for my husband. They don’t have to be the new ones, I would love to win some. Thank you

  70. Thank you for letting us know these amazing deals ??

  71. Thanks, Matt for all your hard work finding us deals.

  72. Way over price_$ actually there was no discounts? You're paying full price for everything?

  73. Thanks Matt!!

  74. I shop at eBay but I will say I wish they could provide fast shipping

  75. Do you have any smart watch deals?

  76. cool video tech talk matt

  77. HA! You said Wafer thin~ I am not thin! LOL!

  78. 10 for the price of one video. …. wait, it’s a baker’s dozen. Does it get better?

  79. When is the best time to buy the dnafit dna test kit? Black friday or cyber monday?

  80. Thanks for the great deals.

  81. Matt any portable ice makers?

  82. I think Costco has that square antenna for less. Not positive though.

  83. Love waking up to your videos

  84. Toothbrush, ear bud, charger, and head phones sound promising. Do you have to pay shipping/handling cost?

  85. Hey Matt I've started to use ebay the past year especially for auto parts. Thanks for the deals.

  86. Love the wireless charger! Thanks Matt.

  87. I have the small indoor camera and just wish it had a longer cord so I could mount it up towards the ceiling. It does have a great picture but night time not so much (at least on mine but maybe there is a defect)

  88. I honestly don't know how people can be buying those types of crazy expenses tooth brushes. It's plain stupid in my opinion

  89. Thanks

  90. Thanks Again Matt , Happy deal shopping everyone ! ! !

  91. Awesome!!!! ?

  92. Matt I love your deals, CTE products are AWESOME. That said, PLEASE, PLEASE find a DASH CAM, I have only been asking for a year. The best I have seen gives you a forward view and a rear view.
    You know how important it is to watch out for our "RugRats" and I am quite sure you can find the best deal out there. Especially since you have a child of your own.
    Thank you

  93. Pretty sure I saw that wireless charging battery pack at the same price months before. Batteries like that go at those prices.

  94. I might give Ebay another try.Thxs Matt

  95. Great vids!! Love the deals you bring year after year!! Just fyi, I'm hunting for a pair of Corsair hs70s (white) on sale if at all possible and would greatly appreciate anything you may hear of, or find. Thank you.

  96. Should we sign up on your website each time we visit as the pop up appears each time? Thank you for everything you do!

  97. I am so excited…..I love this time of year!!

  98. Thanks Matt by the way what exactly is bubble tea and where can I buy it?

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