Top 10 New Mac Games – February 2020

Top 10 New Mac Games – February 2020

– [Jon] Welcome to the top 10 new games for Mac in February 2020. My name’s John, the new guy helping out with Mac gaming videos. Number 10 is Blackwake. Ahoy, matey, Blackwake
is out of Early Access and is ready to plunder. Blackwake is a multiplayer naval FPS focused on teamwork and cooperation. Captain or assist your vessel in a variety of roles as
you blast enemy ships. If they aren’t sunk after
a volley of cannonballs, board them with cutlass and
blunderbuss to finish them off. This pirate title is at its best when your ship is half sunk, teammates are frantically repairing and reloading your canons, and you are strategically maneuvering to avoid Davy Jones’ Locker
while looking to board and sink your foes. A few different game modes and varied map hazards, such as icebergs or volcanoes, mean it
won’t get stale quickly, so grab some friends, assemble your crew, and prove you’re the best
scoundrel on the high seas. While Steam says this game
may not run on macOS Catalina, this is false and the game runs fine. Blackwake is available on Steam and best played on an iMac or a 15-inch or 16-inch MacBook Pro
released since 2014. Number nine, we have Neoverse. Neoverse is a newer breed of a card game known as a card battler. Think a sci-fi anime
version of Slay the Spire and you’re on the right track. Deck-building, strategy, action, and rogue-lite elements permeate
the card battle template to create something different. Choose a character, build a deck, and start your journey
through the game’s Multiverse. A slick 3D presentation and flashy visuals keep
Neoverse’s gameplay sharp. With over 300 cards,
more than 70 monsters, and three unique player characters, there are endless combinations and possibilities for you to
encounter each time you play. Please note, while Steam
says this game is not 64-bit, this is false and the game
runs fine on Catalina. (mellow music) Neoverse is available on Steam and should be playable on
most Macs back to 2014. Number eight is Dwarrows. Dwarrows is a low-key
third person adventure and town-building game. With no combat to stress over, you’re free to explore the
handcrafted world peacefully. That isn’t to say Dwarrows
isn’t without excitement. There’s plenty to explore;
quests to complete, resources to gather, and treasures to uncover
in your adventures. To build your town, you’ll
have to meet strange wanderers and befriend cute creatures to help out. Control your team of
three unique characters to best supply and create
the best town you can. Varied gameplay, meaningful progression, and a vast world to traverse are all in Dwarrows favor
to come as recommended. Dwarrows is available on Steam and best played on an iMac or a 15-inch and 16-inch
MacBook Pro released since 2014. Number seven, we have
Skul: The Hero Slayer. I love games where you play as
the bad guy or an anti-hero. In Skul: The Hero Slayer,
you are just this; a lone skeleton, a survivor
of a human onslaught. After your demonic king is kidnapped, you must fight hordes of imperial soldiers and heroic adventures to save your people. An action-platformer at heart
with rogue-lite elements, Skul will see you battling across ever-changing and challenging maps. While Skul may be small in stature, he has a few tricks up his
sleeve, such as the ability to swap heads and gain
new powers and skills. You can even switch them out
in the middle of a battle to catch your foes by surprise. If you get tired of beating
up the small fry, don’t worry, epic boss fights await at
the end of every chapter. Skul stands out for
its gorgeous pixel art, which is incredibly colorful. An exciting villain, anti-hero story, along with the entertaining
head-swapping mechanic will keep you happily slaying
during Skul’s journey. Skul: The Hero Slayer is available as an Early Access title on Steam and should be playable
on all Macs back to 2012. Number six is Besiege. While not a newly developed
game, Besiege is fresh out of Early Access and ready for release. If you have ever dreamed of building enormous medieval siege engines and laying waste to castles and hamlets, then Besiege
is the game for you. The core gameplay loop is to design and construct an engine of destruction, then bombard your targets. It won’t be one-sided, however, as you must defend your
machine from canons, archers, and other threats. An easy to use, but sophisticated
builder lets you approach your objectives as creatively
or not as you wish. Fully destructible environments also allow you to enjoy
the carnage as you smash through castle walls, hapless
soldiers, and livestock. A full-length campaign will keep you busy and if you want more, you can team up or go head-to-head with
other players and friends. The fun doesn’t stop there, as you can also access
a world editor to create and share your levels
and the best machines. Besiege is available on Steam and should be playable
on all Macs back to 2011. Number five, we have Path of Giants. Path of Giants is a
serene puzzle adventure perfect for relaxing
after a stressful day. Follow three charming
explorers as they traverse icy mountains in search of lost treasure. While some puzzle games can
be timed or limited on moves, there’s no such thing here. Path of Giants does away
with external factors and focuses on the player
experience to calmly let them solve the mountainous
mazes at their leisure. All the levels are handcrafted and accompanied by a
soothing original soundtrack. Simple commands and adorable
animations keep the game accessible and family-friendly
for all gamers. Path of Giants is available on Steam and should be playable
on all Macs back to 2012. Number four is LUNA The Shadow Dust. LUNA is an old school-inspired point and click adventure game. Take control of a young boy and his companion as you
enter a mysterious tower at the edge of the world. A focus on light and shadows envelops the game
during your magical journey. The visuals immerse you in
a feeling of a storybook come to life, as you
solve puzzles together. I particularly like that
the puzzles do not require any backtracking or hidden
object finding to complete. With stunning hand-drawn animations and a haunting original soundtrack,
it’s not hard to see why LUNA has won awards for
audio and visual design. LUNA The Shadow Dust is available on Steam and the App Store and should be playable
on all Macs back to 2012. Number three, we have The Dark Crystal: Age
of Resistance Tactics. While this game is based on
the world of the 1980s movie, The Dark Crystal, its namesake is derived from the recent Netflix show. No prior viewing or experience
is required to enjoy this turn-based strategy
game, though fans of the film and show will certainly enjoy seeing the lore and
characters come to life. A dark fairytale, this
fantasy sees you playing as the titular resistance,
fighting against your evil overlords in a
variety of RPG battles. Customize your units with unique gear and abilities to overcome powerful foes. An array of battlegrounds
will keep you on your toes and can be exploited to
obtain strategic benefits. The Dark Crystal is a
great casual tactics game for aspiring strategy players
or fans of the movie and show. The Dark Crystal: Age of
Resistance Tactics is available on Steam and should be playable
on all Macs back to 2012. Number two is ScourgeBringer. ScourgeBringer is an Early
Access action-adventure game with fast-paced and free-flowing combat. Set in a post-apocalyptic
world where an unknown entity has devastated all of humanity, you take up the role of your
clan’s deadliest warrior. Inspired by some of the
best games in the genre, such as Dead Cells,
Scourge’s frantic combat will keep you busy while you
master the movement system. Combine the two to become
an unstoppable force needed to conquer the
ever-changing dungeon and perhaps save humanity along the way. ScourgeBringer is available as an Early Access title on Steam and should be playable
on all Macs back to 2012. Number one, we have Out of Space. Out of Space is a silly
cooperative multiplayer game about living on a spaceship
with your roommates. Living together is never easy. Imagine doing it in outer space. Pesky alien infestations
will keep you scrambling, as you need to upgrade your
appliances, generate resources, throw out the trash, and
look after teammates. Each match contains a
procedurally-generated ship that will require teamwork and planning to build the
ultimate clean and cozy home. Adopt pets, build robots, harvest gardens, or take a nap on the sofa
while your friends run around. Despite being
multiplayer-focused, Out of Space also contains a single-player component. This casual indie experience
is ideal for those who want a light and goofy strategy title. Out of Space is available on Steam and is supported on Macs back to 2012, but for the best performance, play on a Mac released since 2014. Here are a few bonus mentions. Florence is a story-heavy
indie adventure game. Inhabit the shoes of a
young girl stuck in life until she meets a charming stranger. Interact with them at various
points in their relationship and change how Florence
herself sees the world. Florence is available on
Steam and the App Store, and should run on all Macs back to 2012. Crossy Road Castle is a new
game out on Apple Arcade. A sequel to 2014’s Crossy Road, Castle has you climbing a
procedurally-generated castle to bouncy music and pixelated graphics,
platforming ever upward, solving puzzles along the way. Crossy Road Castle is
available on Apple Arcade and should run on all Macs back to 2012. What was your favorite
game released in February? Let us know in the comments. There are certainly more
games released in February for Macs across Steam,
App Store, Apple Arcade, and other places. These are the ones we liked best. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to like,
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