Top 5 Games in JAPAN! – iPhone/iPad [iOS]

Top 5 Games in JAPAN! –  iPhone/iPad [iOS]

Hello and welcome to the top five games in Japan iOS. With Misato. – Hello everyone. – So let’s look at the this is the IOS app store on IPAD. So we have the top grossing games in Japan right now and looks like the first one is … Disney TsumTsum! Disney TSUM TSUM So let’s have a look at Disney Tsum Tsum. – It’s cute.
– They are cute Disney soft toys. Soft toys. What do we do? …. in Tsum Tsum? You connect the Tsum Tsums and they disappear. Connect the same characters and they all disappear. – What character is that?
– That’s Donald Duck! – Oh it’s Donald.
– Maybe. They are SO cute I don’t even recognize them anymore. It’s also fun to collect the Disney Characters. Alright. You collect the different types of characters. Very interesting! This is connected to the LINE SNS app so you can see the ranking of your friends. So if you have a LINE account on your phone you can… play with all your friends and what? Share things? You can share. Tsum Tsum. This is the first time I’m seeing it! I get a lot of invites from my friends but… – Yes.
– I haven’t played it yet. Do you want to play it now? That will depend on today. Alright so this is the uh cute introduction.
– It IS cute. 0 is not cute. 10 is Cute. How much? Right now I think 8. Right now it’s an 8.
– How can they get any cuter than this! Pretty cute, alright, let’s try… These ones here are cuter. The other ones look too much like dolls. Can you log in with your Line ID? I think you can log in as a guest, or if you have a LINE account you can connect. Oh, do you wanna tap to open?
– Is it ok to push it?! Go on go on! I don’t know what’s inside. Mickey. Okay. Yay. Game start. That’s cute, it’s a Mickey. – You can try.
– Really? -I wonder if two can play at the same time…
-You can surely. – It’s best to connect many at a time.
– More than seven. How do you get more than seven? Oh, that’s five. Oh good good good good good. You got it. Great fever. Fever. What’s fever? Ookii (big), okii, this is big. What character? What character is this? What was his name again? Not Snoopy… Pluto! Many people play this game on the train. It’s really popular in Japan. I mean this is… oh oh ! Fever! Fever, fever, fever. Maybe we are getting more points. I am not really sure why we are doing… – Can I use this one?
– Yeah! Oh, sorry… The sound is cutting off (headphones) There is a time limit. – Do you feel like you achieved something here? – Yeah kind of. – We levelled up. We got to level two. Awesome, well… That is Disney Tsum Tsum. This was the first time, so I don’t quite know what happened. I wanna find out what actually went on here. I see. It’s so crazy, you have to play it again to find out. – Number two.
– Number two in the store is… Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle. – Is it a game like Street Fighter? I wonder… it looks different though. It looks like a puzzle game. Like tsum tsum but 3d? It’s like it turned Dragon Ball style. It looks like Sugoroku. The game where you roll the dice? You roll the dice and move forwards. Wow, so this game has got lots of different variety in it huh? – I don’t quite understand.
– I don’t know what this is. I think if you clear the things away, you get to the next stage. – Comic!
– There it is! You can read Manga like this? – Do you like Dragon Ball?
– I like it. Well we should try it next time. Unfortunately because I downloaded these in advance, we can’t try this one. But we got the other ones. – Shiro Neko (White Cat)
– Is it popular?
– I haven’t tried it but… Until recently they showed a lot of TV commercials. And Ooshima Yuko… formerly from AKB … she was in those commercials. Wow so they got a real super idol to advertise the game. -“Mada minu sekai?”
– It means a world we haven’t seen yet. A new world. What’s this. “The new generation of smarphone games” in bold letters. Oh. Wow. The new generation of smartphone games. – What type of game is it?
– Is this maybe, you level up? – On this board, like Final Fantasy ten style. How kawaii? How cute? – Can I be honest?
– Yes you can. – Being honest, this is about a four. I don’t like 2D characters like these. I prefer this style. These are a little more…. like Anime. I don’t dislike SD characters but… But that style of SD character is not quite my thing. Okay that’s fair. You have to create a city. Oh, it’s one of those type. – And make friends.
– Building and what? Fighting? What’s this? Four players? Hey. Playing with four must be fun. I wonder what this is. Looks like a horse. That one here looks like wolf, human body and wolf head… But this is just a horse. – It should at least look like a centaur.
– What’s a centaur? The ones that have a human face and are horses from below here. Okay okay, I understand. Half horse, half human. Okay yeah. I am curious about this one. – “Shiro Neko”?
– Cat! – Project?
– There is a cat in the Kanji too. That’s a good design. That’s good design. If you do this on the train, you arrive at your stop in no time. Maybe you have to play this game at home, this is not good for trains. – What a shame. So there is story… – Yeah story.
– And music, and words,… “Shiro neko”
The white cat That’s what I thought it would be. But hey, this is quite good.
– Exciting! When I saw it earlier, I didn’t think it was cute but they are cute when they move. Ah yeah. Looks better when it’s moving. It’s got instructions with video. That’s so convenient and easy to understand. I will give it a try, Go. Well done, critical. Critical. You got it. Push it longer. Cool… You made it. Keep playing. – The enemies are kawaii.
– Yes they are so cute. – I really wanna play more of this game.
– This is a lot of fun. Number four: Monster Strike. A little while ago there was an event and it was so full that people couldn’t fit. Wow, it’s super popular. But I think, I think you can play this in the American store as well. – It’s also in America?
– Yeah yeah I think so. I don’t know if it’s as popular in America but well… it is in Japan. – Turn system.
– So you just take turns? Playing together… so what’s the… … what’s the draw? Why is everyone… into it?
– I wonder why. – Collection?
– Maybe that’s partly it. Well this might not only count for Japanese, but Japanese like collecting characters. – How cute are these?
– There are so many designs… I like these but I don’t like those.
– So ah there is no theme. It’s all a bit jumbled. – Jumbled.
– I see yes so… there are some cute ones, but then there are some that are just a bit random. The characters at the start are not quite my taste. That’s why I stopped playing. I will be red and blue and you can be green and purple. – Is that ok?
– Ok. You got a friendship combo. So you touch friends and it’s like combos. Lots of combos. You need to use your friends… – Oh no I let it go too quickly.
– That’s ok. I got something! I got an egg! Maybe it creates new characters. Alright, let’s fast. I got it! – Do you like billiards?
– I do! Do you think you will like this game? I like billiards but I am bad at it. – It’s a weak point.
– That was about half damage! We finished him. Yay! So number five is actually… … you play this game.
– I love this game. So you can help us explain. What is this? There was always an idolmaster series. And within all of them are the Cinderella girls. – A series?
– Yes. I actually like the Cinderella girls the most. I like the characters. They look like… a lot of… variety. Kind of standard idol and kind of cat idol and … and uh… genki … energetic idol. – It’s a rhythm game.
– Is it like project Diva? Hatsune Miku. – Yeah like that. It’s in 3D! – 3D idols will be dancing for you.
– Oh that’s good. – But you can also choose 2D
– What? You can change? – Yes you can change it.
– That’s great. You can enjoy 2D or 3D. 3d uses a lot of your internet connection, so if you switch to 2D you can avoid it. Wow that’s cool. There is also a story. Is there a voice? There is. Japan’s amazing, yes! But some girls don’t have voices. You can make a room, your own room. – You can put down your own furniture etc.
– What do you do? – Nothing in particular. – Oh so they’re just cute and they’re walking. – Yes they are. If you have in game-money you can buy songs, and stuff. – I see so you can buy new songs.
– If you level this up then you get a bonus. Also if you place an item box here, within the hour you get several items. Great. Touch. At the start, the voices are always different. Every time a different idol talks. Cast a spell on me. Okay. Here you decide who will be your main cast. From those three girls you have to select your main girl for the tutorial. But then later in the game you can try…? You get all three of them, but you select which one will be the main girl. The girl who first gets into the center gets lots of attention, right?! You kind of develop a bond for whoever you chose first. – Do you like her? I … I… I… don’t know… maybe… Let’s choose her, she is wearing pink. I chose Rin. Which one is that? Is that the kind of cool one? Ah okay. I chose Rin first. – Wow look at all these girls.
– They are all cute. I like Chieri a lot. She is very cute. When the balls fall down, you need to push the screen matching the rhythm. PERFECT. I have to push the girl’s faces. Sorry ladies. I haven’t thought of that before. And if you get a PERFECT you get a higher score. And this is free. – Keep pushing.
– Let go. It’s just like project diva then. Yeah I think it’s similar. – And it will get more difficult with time?
– It will. Good. I like, like the really hard mode. If you get those within a song, they are quite hard. Slide? Oh left? That’s it. All right. Oh that was too fast. You hear all the music notes. Each one. Tututututu. That’s it. Later the idols will sing and dance to these tracks. That’s a lot of fun too. Thank you very much for going through the top five games in Japan on iOS. I hope that we can do more of this. Would be good to always show what’s current and exciting in Japan. Don’t forget to check the playlist for more of this series. Top five games And maybe we will be doing top five other categories as well. – See you next time.
– Bye bye.

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