Top 5 Note-Taking Apps of 2019

Top 5 Note-Taking Apps of 2019

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  1. Let me know your chosen note-taking tools. As mentioned, this was an Evernote alternative feature – so I still highly rank Evernote! ☝️

  2. What about Coda?

  3. Onenote: last couple of times I tried it, the import feature to bring Evernote across just created a huge mess. Without good import any app is useless as an Evernote alternative.

    After trying a few note takers over a few years, and as an Evernote user for 10 years I have to say how I am SO impressed with the blindingly simple and obvious app….Apple Notes.
    Yes, it's MacOS and iOS only, but I do use it on a PC via iCloud. I don't use Android so that's a non issue.

    Apple Notes is free, reliable, syncs well across Apple devices, and has all the basic features I need. It imports Evernote brilliantly, has handwriting, drawing, scanning, folders and sub folders.
    I'd like to see tags, but it's not a big issue.
    Finally I have downgraded my expensive Evernote account to a free one, and have all I need.
    Just saying…

  4. Hello Francesco, I really like your videos. The one thing I advise you is editing your audio. I hear a bit of echo in your videos. I have watched a video from Mike Russell about removing echo in audio. This is the video:
    I have tested this on your audio (by downloading the video) and it seriously improves your audio! I think if you use this technique that your videos become more pleasing to listen to! But good videos, keep it up!

  5. Hi Francesco, great apps. Workflowy(with WFx) is very powerful as well as Dynalist.

  6. I think OneNote should be on the top 3.

  7. Cintanotes

  8. Hi Francesco just wondering what kind of workflow do you have / recommend. Do you email the note out from your notes app? Copy paste? Cloud? Would love to see a video about that. Some of these notes apps are better at this than the others in my experience.

  9. Cintanotes is my favorites.

  10. So many good ones on iOS, would love to use Bear

  11. I thought the top 5 would be 1. Evernote, 2. Notion, 3. Bear, 4. Ulysses & 5. Onenote/a toss-up application.

  12. Can you do a video on Airmail premium version, answering an important question, is it worth it?

  13. Would really love a video talking about email apps. For most people email is a huge part of their daily life and "keeping productive" with your email client is important!

  14. Have you seen Joplin? It does not have its own online backup and storage but works with drop box or you can use some other services including setting up your own server.

  15. All those you have advised on – can you back-up and export from these Apps?

  16. This is a very bizarre list.

  17. Dynalist?

  18. Dynalist? Also, I think Evernote is probably the best note taking app.

  19. Joplin for me!!!!

  20. I really think Evernote still has all the strengths that keep it as the App to use. And when the updates they are working on are made available, it should cement it, that bit more. I do really like Dropbox Paper for our small team meeting organising, recording and commenting on alongside. Also with setting tasks applicable to those notes and completion dates . And it recently has updated with links to many services like YouTube and instagram.

  21. OneNote is by far the best.

  22. Curious what camera you use to record your videos!

  23. For quick note-taking I use Standard Notes and Cryptee, but I'm learning Notion for everything else. Though Basecamp now has a free tier so I'm adding that into my workflow again.

  24. Onenote hands down. Especially if you use a digitizing pen. Also it's free and very cross platform. In this day and age, especially in education and business cross platform is a must due to bring your own device (BYOD).

  25. I used EverNote for years but after trying one note, I think it's by far more reliable and easy to use especially its completely free so I don't have to pay this steep price of Evernote sub to just be able to use it on my 3 devices. thanks for the great video tho.

  26. Great video!! At the moment I am using Notion, and I absolutely love it.

  27. OneNote is the best.

  28. I have recently jumped back into Simplenote and forgot how good it is, cross platform (Android, iOS , Mac and Windows) and supports Markdown which is great!

  29. That Dyson in the corner ♥️♥️

  30. The only thing that keeps me with Evernote is their great web clipper and the searching feature especially with PDFs.

  31. Probably the title of this feature should have been “Top Note-Taking Alternatives to Evernote”. Does this imply that you think Evernote is going down the tubes? Your videos were a big reason I got hooked on Notion. I was a little surprised at your tepid review of it as a note-taking app. Notion’s lack of global search (text and tags) is its biggest limitation as a “note keeper”. Note-taking has to do with things like how you like font management, the look on the screen, and what type of non-text elements are supported (e.g., web clipping, embedded graphics, tables, spell check/dictionary, etc.). Note-keeping has to do with organization and search, i.e., your ability to find notes later.

    As a note-taker I like Notion. It’s a little funky because each time you press “Enter” you could enter test, a page, etc. But once you get used to that I really like it. I like the way notes look on the page (although I would like to have a wider palette of fonts and control over font size). I agree that the web clipper is basic and offline notes are funky. Hopefully that is high on the list for improvement. Where Notion really falls down IMHO is note-keeping. If you nest your notes into mini-web sites the way you (and now I) do it, that’s one way to start looking for notes. But Evernote is still my preference for creating notes (especially with the web clipper) that don’t really have a home as such but I would like to find later.

    In some of your other features you’ve pondered who might acquire Evernote — If I ruled the world I would have Evernote acquire Notion and put their designers into the leadership role and fire the Evernote designers. Let Notion adopt their web clipper, global search, tagging, smartphone camera support, scanning support, etc., and make the Notion UI a little friendlier to non-geeks (like you and me). That would be a powerhouse.

  32. Great review. On request please' if you could mention on your reviews whether the application supports RTL (for Hebrew & Arabic) it would be great, since for those who needs it , the apps like Evernote as good as they are, less relevant. Thanks

  33. I personally love Google Keep. Its simplicity but the efficiency with Labels and add-ons keep me on it. The other ones mentioned are great but they're definitely more work. Google Keep for me, is effortless. I'm a simpler user though, I don't even use font styling. Just lots of text, simples, labels and sub-labels.

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