Top 5 Wireless Chargers You Can Buy

Top 5 Wireless Chargers You Can Buy

35 thoughts on “Top 5 Wireless Chargers You Can Buy

  1. Purchase here!

    Goobay Universal Wireless Charging Pad:

    Official Samsung Wireless Fast Charger Convertible:

    Seidio Qi Fast Wireless Charging Pad:

    Spigen Fast Wireless Charging Stand:

    Official Huawei Wireless Charging Pad:

  2. I bought a wireless charger from this website New Looks Amazing and it works fast on my Note 8

  3. I haven't chosen my favorite charger yet but I have one thing to ask does any of the Chargers charge a Samsung Galaxy S5 can they charge those type of Samsung's

  4. 2009: New smartphones
    2019: New wireless chargers with a wire 😀

  5. Can I use the circa charger for a tablet?

  6. schönes Video! Dankeschön! Ob das Gerät von Samsung gut mit einer Hülle klarkommt ?

  7. Wireless charging doesnt work on a50 does it?

  8. Need to say how many WATTS charging not only graet and fast

  9. Can the other end of the USB cord go into a car charger?

  10. Ok seriously m confused.
    Are u a girl or boy cause u sound like a 12 year boy😂😂😂😂

  11. what charger can i use with magnetic case ?

  12. The VoiceOver Sounds like an 12 years old Kid.

  13. I need a charging pad that can charge my xr and my airpods. Don't wanna spend more than 20 bucks on amazon

  14. Blow your nose!

  15. Waw!!, That's Fantastic. is its cord pluggged to the switch box or socket before it could charge the phone or what. and how much is it and where can someone purchare it? Thanks

  16. Does it work to with all phone n tablets

  17. Nice

  18. Stop dropping your Ts and Gs.

  19. i think the whole wireless charging option for the iphone and samsung is more of a gimick at this moment i dont use it yet.

  20. british

  21. How is it wireless if u have to freaking use a wire in order to charge it –_____

  22. How can anyone dislike this clip? With one exception toward the Goobay's smooth surface being "Own personal choice."** It quite simply gives a perfect review on 5 different wireless chargers with absolutely no [email protected] to be heard. THANK YOU 🙂
    ** As the smooth surface of any wireless charger may lend itself towards accidents where phones slide/slip off, this becomes an issue beyond that of personal choice. Thus the consumer should take into consideration the added benefits of a more textile surface.

  23. There is also an adsorbed wireless portable power supply that can be placed in pockets and hands to prevent slipping

  24. I see wires still

  25. and how do cases effect charging of each ?   that would be nice !  everyone has a case on their phone !?!??!!?

  26. Why is it called wireless when there is still wire on the charger itself🤣 such a gimmick

  27. The commentator got a cold last night 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  28. I literally cant take her serious considering she pronounces "Qi" wrong this entire video. How can I take somebody serious if they pronounce the topic wrong the entire time, doesnt really sound too educated on the topic..
    Its "chi" not "key"

  29. Couldn’t be bothered to review the No.1 best seller (by a country mile!) on Amazon, made by Anker?! Pointless.

  30. nuber block

  31. I don’t understand how it charges a phone, crazy shit

  32. can it charge an ipad too ?

  33. Let’s go my wireless charger is there

  34. Does all these wireless chargers support iphone 7 ?

  35. Instead of giving every item a rim job. How about actually testing them and comparing their charging distance and performance

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