Trying iOS 11!

Trying iOS 11!

Hey guys how’s it going? it’s iJustine and today i just installed iOS 11
Wait a minute.. -Hey Siri. What time is it?
-The time is 11:00 PM Why Does my time Say 9:41 on my Phone?
I’m super confused right now Well Anyway I’m not sure what’s going on with that That’s something..
so to start This Video off, A lot of you Guys were Asking me
What I thought of the Rock X Siri Movie.
First of all I absolutely loved Dwayne he’s an incredible, he’s an amazing Actor,
an Amazing Human
so all of Those things combined plus in an Apple ad?
Yeah i’m Freaking excited! The First Thing that I’ll know, because I just Installed this and I haven’t Really got a chance to play with it yet so this Is sort of my first Reactions, hey S I R I is Super Speedy. I mean, you just say it and it just.. things start Happening.
Oh Grace just started a live Video. I’ll Watch it so along With hey Siri being Updated and being super Speedy.. ok, stop! Cancel! Stop! Cancel! She also now Has a much more Realistic voice, which I can say yes, she does.. hey Siri, tell me a bedtime story in the great Green Dimension There was an iPhone and A red Balloon and a picture of Adults Hammond and Cal Jumping Over the Third Moon I’m not sure If I get the Reference you Can, also now type to siri so typing okay yes Contact Information for Ijustine Thank you, one of the Differences Here is the Control Center This is Completely redesigned Term our Brightness Up to turn my Flashlight on Which Is very important so everything is now on one Page Which is great Because I’ve Always so annoyed that it have to like Swipe back and Forth Hey Siri Play me Some adele’s Now Playing the Station adele yes yes There’s Almost Updated Maps They now Have indoor map you can get more Details About Airport Shopping Mall We just kind of Interesting Because There’s Been Many Times Where I’m Traveling Especially at Airport I need to know? What gate You want to go to or what Restaurant Is Behind Security and as something that Was Really Never Possible before let’s Get a specific App for That Airport There’s? Also new Files App Which Is kind of cool because there’s been so many Times Where I’ve Wanted to add attachments in Mail and I can’t find that so take your Phone one Step closer to making it more Computer Like Where you’re Actually, able to drag and drop File Finally it also super Excited About Paying People to Imessage I feel like all of my friends are Huge venmo fans but This is going to Completely Change the game I love apple Pay And i love Places that Accept apple Pay I’ll go to Bloomingdale’s and I’m like Yelp Pleases I just Paid for my clothes Now you’ll be able to do that Through I’m S If my sister Buys me Coffee and I just Pay her for that Coffee I can Just send her an Imessage There’s Some New Features in Notes so it will now Recognize Handwriting Which Is Interesting so we’re Taking Three Handwritten Notes in your Notepad Those will now be Translated To Text so These will be searchable Now Let’s See if We’re able to search for this and Guess what it Worked hello Hi how are you! It Looks Pretty cool what’s good I was Just a little like a long look at that like a little Lasso I Can Move it all Around Change Colors What’s New in Photos live Photos effects Create loops bounces and Long Exposures from your Life Photos live Photo Editing you Can? Alter the New key Photo Trim and Mutual Eye Photos view Memories One Another Memory Categories for more personal and Meaningful Moment So Let’s try out live Hi Of it you Can swipe Up to See live Photo affects People in Location all Gone Can Loop so that’s interesting Bounce Long Exposure Yeah that Looks Creepy hey Siri Take a selfie that’s Just that’s Going to be great Because, also the New Camera Filters Which I feel like aren’t Really that new They’ve Always had These but you Can kind of put them on live Just like This By Swiping What’s my Favorite how Vivid cool it is cool Super Dramatic Check out the new App Store Welcome to the all new Outdoor? Best way to binge game of Thrones I need to binge game of Thrones It Looks Like They’re Kind of Trying to curate a little bit More and Make it Seem I Don’t know if it Feels Actually a little bit Overwhelming to be Honest with you I Like These Selections Down here They don’t have Games Apps and then update Like A search One Thing that I’m going to be using and Implementing in my life Is do not Disturb While Driving so while you’re Driving and your Phone Is in Motion it will prevent you from being Distracted by Phone Calls or Text messages or? Notifications Which I’m excited About because I use Carplay a lot so i’m Constantly Being Notified That Something Somebody Posted an Instagram or this that i like that my Notifications will Be Muted what I’m Driving Is something that I need to Focus on and I feel like even Though I try not to Text and Drive if I’m in A red light I have this Instinct Where I just want to Grab my Phone and Check and See if I’m Missing A message no, no Let’s not do it Another Thing that’s Maybe Really fun for games that you Can now do Screen Capture on your Phone Which is something That I feel like Android and Samsung and other Phones Have had for A very Long Time See, if We Can activate Screen Recording in Here You have to go to Control Center Customize our Controls Ad so inside it here you Can Customize With on your Control Center Which Is pretty neat I’m going to set my alarm Definitely Apple TV Remote my note so now I’m going to test out my Screen Recording on my Phone Three two one So now Recording my Screen now Let’s stop our recording Wait did not Record, ah Maybe Screen Recording doesn’t Work yet Because. I don’t think that Worked here’s the Screen Recording I hit it and Nothing happens Okay, well it Looks like Screen Recording isn’t working so it’s kind of my first Impressions of ios 11 It Still has the ios 10 Field When We Updated ios 10 I feel like it was A Huge overhaul so 11 that We Still Feels Familiar? I’m excited to use it and get to know it a little bit more Perhaps. I will do a follow-Up but Let me Know if You Guys Have installed the Beta Another Any Features That you Guys Are looking Forward to Most in ios 11 leave Those in the Comments Below and I will see you Guys in The next Video

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  1. One of the coolest things that I noticed after filming this is taking screen shots! It pops up in notes and lets you mark them up, save or send then delete! Let me know what your favorite features are! xoxo

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