TSP’s Hum Tum | Road Trip

TSP’s Hum Tum | Road Trip

Dude, we’ve been fighting since a week, today only she had to plan a road trip, we could’ve sort it out at home also. First thing whenever I say something, she would only say that ‘aww Kishore!
you look cute when you get angry’. Everytime I have to say sorry. But you actually look cute in anger. Thanks, bro. That’s why nobody takes you so seriously. What do you mean? I didn’t come from Bangalore to
Mumbai because I was missing Vada Pav. I came for him. And he started fighting. And then he’ll act so cute
that I can’t get angry on him. And then later I have to
say sorry at the end. Are you done? Listen, I have a solution. Today you’ll not say sorry to him. What? Dude, you should know how to
take advantage of your cuteness. Why don’t you learn anything from me? Tell her how much you’re upset. Tell her that it does bother you. And when someone
like you is really upset, then he cries. He knows that you get carried
away with his cuteness. So obviously everytime
he’s going to do that. Today the whole day he’s going to act
very cute just to seek your attention. Just to show you that
it really bothers him. Make such a face that you’ve indigestion. And when she’ll see you in this condition, she’ll melt and come straight to you. When he’ll see that its not bothering you, he’ll melt and say sorry to you. But for this, be strong. Dude, me and Tanvi, met after six months. If today it goes like this,
then I can’t have s**. Leave s**, I’ll leave after four days. And again I can’t see him for six months. I don’t think I can do this. Babe! You should never say no to the knowledge
gained from experienced people. Come on now! Be strong. Sad. You’re totally sad.
You’re filled with sadness. This entire burden is falling on you. Just cry. Cry from inside. Hi, Tanvi! – Hi.
– How are you? – I’m absolutely fine. How are you?
– Long time dude. I’m good. – Keep your luggages inside.
– Yes. – Hi.
– Hi. Hi. Actually… I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I was crying. My eyes have got swollen. Okay. Keep your luggages inside the trunk. What a f*****g gentleman, dude. I was not able to open it. Hi, Priya! Priya? Hi. Hi, Rafi! Actually Kishore used to swim
the river and go to school. And his father got him a cycle in college. So he doesn’t know
how to treat a car. – Bro, careful! It’s not our car.
– It’s ours only. You were an intern in Bangalore, isn’t it? Yes, brother. Rent it through Revv app. See. You can rent any car, for
a few days or may be for months. And the best part is people at Revv
will give you a pick and drop service. Nice. Isn’t it? Will you stop being a stud everytime? Shall we? So, guys! Tell me what did you do after college? After college I’m preparing
for the exams. So… Preparing for the back exams. And what about you, Kishore? Huh? Kishore? I used to wait for Tanvi’s calls.
That’s it. Let’s play songs, guys! – Isn’t it?
– Good idea. Sun Raha Hai Na Tu… Ro Raha Hoon… – Hey, Rafi?
– Hmm. Not happening. I was telling you to drink water
but you only didn’t wanted to. Obviously now it won’t. I can’t fight anymore. Should I say sorry and finish it off? Have you gone mad?
If you say sorry now then, till six months you
only have to say sorry. Even if it is not your mistake. It’s better don’t say anything. Just keep doing
whatever you are doing. Dude, now stop it! Save it little bit for crying. Yaay… Sugarcane… Let’s take one more. Listen, Priya! Since so long he has made a puppy face. He isn’t smiling in any selfies.
I can’t see him like this. I’ll say sorry and finish it… …No. You do one thing, be a Mother
Teresa if you’re feeling so pity. You just think,
today if you give up, then you’ve to give up in all the
fights in your entire life. Men have been dominating
like this for so many years. By making puppy face? Be strong. Sir, it was an awesome food. – Just loved it.
– Let’s order gulab jamun also. I’m not eating anything now. Just loved it. By the way, I heard that you
had a crush on me in college. Was it a rumor? Actually it depends on
whether you’re single or… Priyansh! Is he your real brother or cousin?
I mean Priya, Priyansh. Priyansh is my boyfriend. Excuse me! Hi, baby! Ouch! Water? – I’m feeling a bit suffocating.
– Ofcourse. I’ll sit inside the car and… – Hey, Rafi! Atleast listen…
– Please pay the money. Let’s ask for the bill and leave. Brother, bill please. Thank you. What happened? What happened? What’s your problem? What’s your problem? – Are you repeating it?
– I’m repeat… Yes. I’m doing it. But I’m glad that you noticed. – That’s why you’ve come on this trip?
– No, bro! I was not at all interested
in coming for this trip. I’ve come because you want it. So when I asked you, you could’ve said it. ‘Kishore, we’re going on a road trip’.
This is not asking. I’m sorry that I planned this trip
for you so that you can feel special. No. No. You tell me one thing, are we not fighting since a week? So we could’ve sorted it out at
home, right? Was it important to come on this road trip? I already had a planned with Priya. Even I’m meeting her after six months. So you could’ve gone alone and meet… I involved you so that I can
spend some time with you as well. And I called Rafi so that you don’t get
bored with our company or feel left out. – So you should’ve told me.
– When? Are we getting time to talk? You always fight.
Everytime you get bored in everything. Today also you’ve come for the road
trip, you’re getting bored. At least put some effort if you’re here. I don’t understand what exactly you want. What should I do? I’m trying so
much for you. I can’t even… Do you even remember this place? Please think. Hey, what’s wrong? Why are you angry?
You could’ve told me that you had a crush. Tanvi told you, right? I can see it on your face. Priyansh wants to tie a rakhi? Do you know funny
people are very smart. You’re an exception in this as well. Damn! Nobody takes you seriously. And do you know why you’re on this trip,
it’s just because you know how to drive. – Alright.
– Okay. Nobody takes you seriously. Oh! By the way,
Tanvi knows driving. Tanvi! By the way the idea of
car rent was nice. I’ve taken the subscription in
Bangalore as well for six months. With zero down payment and no road tax. You’ve become quite smart, baby. Sorry! Tanvi, aren’t you getting a
feeling like Imtiaz Ali films? Our love story is not
that awesome, where I can get a feel
like Imtiaz Ali film. At most a web series will be
made on any Youtube channel. And have you seen Imitiaz Ali’s locations? What are you saying, Tanvi?
Don’t you remember this place? First time we came here on a road trip. Don’t you remember our car got punctured
and then we had to push it till garage. And then behind the cans we had put
a camping and a bornfire and then… …we stayed back there at night. How can you forget? And? And? You seriously don’t remember? Kishore, that was the
first time we ever… Wait a minute! Then… …on my birthday… …what… …you passed out that time. What?! My whole life was lie Tanvi. – You really don’t remember?
– I… I just… What are you saying? I thought it was my… You’re so cute. Come here. Sorry! I planned this
trip without asking you. I didn’t know that you
were not interested. It’s okay. I understand. I’m sorry too. And I’m sorry that whole day
I was not in a good mood. But you do a lot Tanvi. You take out time from your job and then
you manage to talk at least once in a day. That’s the best part of my life. Thanks for being so honest. Thank you for being here. I hope we never break up again. No. As long as we’ve lot of
sorries and thank yous to say.

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