TURNING MYSELF INTO A CARTOON | Using iPad Pro & Procreate

TURNING MYSELF INTO A CARTOON | Using iPad Pro & Procreate

I’ve decided to turn myself into a
cartoon so I’m using procreate as always love procreate and I am going to turn
myself into a cartoon which is something I’ve never done before I feel like it’s
really hard to draw yourself I don’t know why I am most critical of my own
work when it is some work designed for me
for example designing my own logo took me ages so we’ll see how this video goes
but either way it should be fun so I actually want to draw it in a similar
style to when I drew my subscribers I really really liked that and that was
the first time I’d ever drawn in that style so I figured I need a little bit
more practice and let’s draw myself an icon so I am going to import one of the
old drawings so I have something to kind of go off so I’m just gonna insert this
one here which I drew in that video and then also a couple of photos of me so I
have something to kind of go off alright so I’ve got my photos in there and first
things first is to sketch so I obviously need a sketching and I just use either
the technical pencil or the 6b I don’t think they’re like majorly different other
than the 6 B’s a little bit darker but either way you can either draw a thin
line or you can shade and draw a thick lines or soft lines it all depends on
like way holding the pen so to be honest at this point doesn’t really matter I’m
gonna make a new layer and just sketch things out actually I’m gonna be either
sneaky or tactical you decide I’m gonna trace this one because surely everyone’s
face looks pretty similar I’m gonna trace the kind of placement of the jaw
the nose the eyes and the mouth because that’s a bit I always get wrong and it
always frustrates me so I’m just gonna lower the opacity a little bit and and
let’s trace over this so I’ve got a good idea for the jaw line now I feel like
I’ve got like a pretty angled jaw line like sometime I look like a moon sometimes I’ve got
definition depends how much chocolate I’ve had and what I feel like I’m gonna do a
little bit of the definition for this just so it looks a little bit more like
me rather than just your average brown haired girl you know cool and then the
nose I’ll just do a quick thing and then do I want to smile with my teeth hmm I feel like a lot of the time I
don’t smile with my teeth so maybe I’ll just do a normal mouth it’s kind of
pointless me copying this actually like why am i tracing my own work why am I
being lazy who knows but I mean laziness is the story my life so might
as well go with it and then draw the head further up like that obviously it’s
a cartoon so it doesn’t really matter right let’s let’s move that other thing
so let’s move her back over here oh damn that looks scary oh my god okay those
eyes are terrifying let’s hope they don’t look like that in the end so we’ve got
some brows I like to think I’ve got fluffy brows sometimes but I don’t think
that’s the case so we’ll just do some rough brows for now like that um what
else like the nose bits my ears are always covered up and my hair now isn’t
actually that long so let’s just do the neck part and I guess do I draw myself
in this hmm I feel like a collared shirt of some sort is very very me
so maybe let’s to go with like a button open collared shirt and I don’t draw it all the way down for
little avatars so I’ll just leave it like that and then my hair currently
it’s actually really short isn’t it so it’s like kind of up to my collarbone
so maybe maybe I’ll exaggerate it a little bit I’ll make it a little bit
shorter maybe like wavy hair that’s some sort I always have a middle part in so
that’s easy so that’s just middle part and then I have no idea how to draw wavy
short hair like how how do we do this I’m gonna actually do it where my hair’s
tied up so maybe exaggerate this bit because a
lot of the time when I have my hair tied up it’s kind of big so exaggerated that
I mean that looks terrifying but I think it’s something to work off we’ll give it
a go either way so once I’ve done a sketch I like to create a new layer and
then I’m gonna go around it with an ink pen so I just use the inking bit with the
gel pen and it’s just a solid mono line shape it’s the same width all the way
through so first I just do it in black actually you know what I really do need
a photo of myself right so I found one my hair is actually it’s shorter than I
thought it was when it’s curly so I’ll bear that in mind when I draw it
and I’m actually gonna get rid of the collar for the top and I
really like my little polka dot one so I’ll do polka dots on it when I get to
that bit cool right back to the actual sketching so like I said ink pen just
the gel pen and I’m just gonna outline the bits that I’m gonna see basic features are done I know I’m gonna
do the hair so middle parting and I always have it tied up alright I feel
like that is a solid start so now I’ve done that outline I’m just gonna hide
the one underneath it and then create another new layer lower the opacity of
this one and this is where I start drawing in color so I am gonna draw skin
color so I mean I can pick the color from here but I look very pale in that
photo I mean I look pale anyway so first I’m gonna do the jawline so I usually
just copy the line that I’ve already done but hopefully neater then I also do the neck with this line
too that layer underneath is not dark enough do I like that color not sure so
if I ever want to change the lines I just put alpha lock on so I click the
layer alpha lock and then I can change the color of the skin so I feel like I’m
just gonna pick up a color out of this drawing and I’m just gonna fill the
layer with that color there we go that’s more skin colored then new layer so
every time I change the line color I create a new layer I’m gonna do the hair
so I need like a darky brown color not black we’re not too light and I’m just
gonna outline the hair so again new layer so for the top it is a
white top which isn’t going to show very well so for now I’m just going to draw
it in like a red orange orange burnt orange my paint-filled things not working like
usually if you drag it over and fill and let go it feels just that shape
especially when like there’s no gaps in that drawing but it doesn’t seem to want
to work I mean I suppose I could google it fixed it okay happy about that I
don’t know how that ended up getting changed like that and then I’m just gonna put
the lines for the jumper completely underneath the hair so it’s hidden oh
I’ve missed a bit then the jumper let’s fill it in in
orange actually quite like the orange maybe I’ll keep the orange I do wear Orange a lot especially at this time of year I always fill in the layer
underneath so that I can change the colors of the lines separately because
they’re two separate layers what color are my eyes mucky blue I feel
like that’s an accurate representation right so for the middle of the eye I
usually make the pen a lot fatter like that and then I get rid of the overlap
at the bottom because it’s kind of going over the white let’s put it back up to
the normal color and then I do a little bit lighter for the inside again on a
new layer whilst I saw it out then we have black so new layer well you’re way
too big eyelashes sometimes I don’t do the
eyelashes but obviously I always have mascara on so I’m gonna do the eyelashes
so for this I use a script pen and I end up refining this anyway but I’m gonna do
this on a new layer again above everything like that cute so I’m gonna
copy it over and do that and then I look a bit cross-eyed at the minute and it’s
because of these two bits so basically all I need to do is flip them over and
move it to the other side there we go and then the same with the eyebrow so
why are you there duplicate like that flip I’m gonna do some more finer details so
I’m going to do some details on the jumper so I thought maybe and add some
stripes around the neck so it actually looks like a jumper like that and then
some shadows which I always think brings everything to life a lot more so I’m
gonna do it quite dark to begin with and then I darken it down as I get going so then I always like to do some under the
chin just because there’s always naturally a shadow there and then a
little bit under the nose and then I’m just gonna lighten that up with the
opacity I actually think I need to darken this outline a little bit which
is why I coloured in the outline separate because it lets me darken the
outlines without having to start again of which I’ve learned the hard way there
we go right let’s just go on to the hair so I want some dark bits and some
lighter bits so picking up the color of the hair and then I’m gonna use the
calligraphy script pen again and then to make sure I am on the right layer and then I’m just gonna change the
opacity again so it’s not as in-your-face let’s add some texture all right so I’ve added a few freckles
I’ve added a little bit of texture in the hair and some blush I do think
there’s a little bit missing let me know in the comments what you think I
could add to this to improve it like I said at the beginning I don’t usually do
this kind of thing but there we go I’ve turned myself into a cartoon and
hopefully you enjoyed this video let me know what other videos you like to see
from me down in the comments below and yeah I’ll see you soon for another one

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  1. Love your procreate tutorials , you make it look so easy . Hope you're having a fantastic holiday ❤️

  2. You’re actually so talented!!♥️

  3. Awesome video Alice ❤️❤️

  4. Love this! You’re so talented x

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