Tutorial atau cara Print Ebook di Play Store Books Google.

Tutorial atau cara Print Ebook di Play Store Books Google.

Please open your browser, currently the admin uses Mozilla please login by email, and click “account” on the left, “menu” payment method ” Click “Book” to search for books every book that has been selected will display the my books menu some are paid but some are free this time free will be chosen, Confirmation screen will appear, please click “read”, if the paid will appear “price” of the ebook please click on the sign: to download put the downloaded file to an easy place to look for when uploading later please find the application on google open the application kilik ” add Library” upload files downloaded previously the dis file earlier cannot be opened klik “file – Add these results can only be seen, can not be printed, because there is no print menu in this application Click Shown in explorer can’t open even in .pdf open the application and click “add ebook” upload the converter file the final file can be opened in the Document-Adobe PDF-Output Directory The document can be opened in Adobe Reader where there is a print menu, so that the Document Ebook can be printed directly See you in the next tutorial. Thanks for subscribing …

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  1. ternyata mudah

  2. Good

  3. Easy

  4. Support balik ke
    Mas Ezza YT

  5. Salam santuy….🙏

  6. ini bisa full atau ada yang kepotong ya?

  7. Mas saya kok gak bisa ya :'( pas diakhir malah keluar Source Code … Tolongin dong mas saya mau cetak buku untuk Tugas Akhir d3 saya … Besok minggu harus sudah dikumpulkan.. tolongin saya mas file ascm ke pdf kalo bisa saya emailkan mentahan file ebook yg sudah saya beli .. kalau bisa jadi ke pdf dan bisa di print saya akan memberikan tips itung" saya nyewa jasa ke mas nya 🙏
    Terima kasih 🙏🙏🙏


  9. membantu sekali

  10. Good

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