TVF Couples | Truth or Dare: Husband vs. Wife feat. Permanent Roommates

TVF Couples | Truth or Dare: Husband vs. Wife feat. Permanent Roommates

Savitri, once you’re done dusting, just get those ‘Diwali’ (Indian festival)
lights out. -Sure, ma’am.
-Thank you. Hey, Tanu!
Happy Diwali! Happy Diwali! Your gift. What’s this? You’re asking a lot of questions.
Are you into politics or something? Just enjoy the gift. Mikesh, this is your phone.
How is this my gift? No, no. The phone is not the gift. I’m gifting you my time. Don’t you keep complaining that I spend
too much time on my phone? No phone today! Today is all about me. And you! Okay, so you’re not going to talk
to my dad for an hour and half? I won’t talk to him even
for a second! And you’ve exclusive access to my emails,
my WhatsApp, my messages, everything! Just don’t check my college WhatsApp
group. It’s private. Okay, this is very sweet, but… I don’t need this. I trust you.
You’re a nice man. What do you mean by that?! I can be a bad man also! Tiwari told me I look like a Greek God
in a black and white toned photo. Yeah I know that, but I know you
won’t lie to me. Tanu! How can you doubt me on that?
Of course I can lie to you! I’m not Monish Behl from
‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’ (Hindi movie). Even I have shades of grey! Look, I love you but I also lie
to you at times. Really? You lie to me?
Please explain? You remember I told you I got a call from
work when we were shopping the other day? Yes, the day you went to get me
nail paints. Yes. Well, I didn’t get
any calls that day. I had to actually go and… meet someone. Who? Mr. Pushotham’s pants tore
in a public toilet. So I bought him some pants
that were on discount. Oh man!
What else have you lied to me about? I obviously won’t know like this! You give me a situation and I’ll tell you
all the times I’ve lied to you. Miki, you’ve lied so much to me that you
don’t remember what all you’ve said to me? I told you, I can be a bad boy
when I want to. Please! Tanya ma’am… Can I give you an idea? Truth or dare? Truth. On the day of
‘Karva Chauth'(Indian festival) did you eat or drink anything?/ No! You didn’t even smoke a cigarette? What?! No! Don’t lie!
Your lips looked darker in the night. That was my lipstick.
It’s an exclusive collection by Rihanna. Really? Then the ash in the balcony
must be from the incense sticks, right? Tanu? How many cigarettes do you smoke
in a day? Three or four. And six when I’m stressed. Truth. Why didn’t you tell me! I’ve just been
hiding and smoking all the time. Kevin Spacey shares a cigarette
with his wife even when he’s a President. Couples should share their cigarette. This increases love and savings. You’re a commerce student, man.
You should know stuff about finances. Yes, ma’am. Even my husband and I share a smoke. Truth or dare? Truth! When you sit behind me on my back, do you really get scared or do you just
hold me to hold my waist? No, I do really get scared. So when you went to Khandala with Tiwari,
did you hold his waist as well? Obviously! If I’m a pillion
on the bike, I will hold… What I mean is… I didn’t romanticallly hold him
like that, I heterosexually held him. There was a such a big gap in the middle. A person like Savitri could sit
in between… No, Sir. When there are three of us
on the bike I always sit behind. Or I just ride the bike. The thing is, sitting in the middle
leaves no space for the feet. I’ll have to keep it
on the silencer then… Savitri! Why are you explaining this
practical problem? That was an example! Truth or dare? Truth… Always! Then tell me, the shoes you bought
for 10 grand, at a discount of 65%.
What was it’s actual cost? It was 10 grand only. The Alexander Mcqueen ones? You even know about Alexander’s shoes? How does she know so much?! Alexander Mcqueen is a shoe brand, Miki. What are you saying, Ma’am! Their
prices start from $500. $500?! Okay, I bought it for 25 grand
after a 50% discount, okay? -Tanu!
-It was a very good offer! You bought shoes for 25 grand?! But you can buy a video game for 40 grand?
That’s justified? Tanu, that’s a play station
not a video game. And I bought it for you
as our anniversary gift. For you to play with it! -That’s different!
-How? Sir, you should’ve just bought
the Xbox. Truth or dare? Dare. So, Mikesh Chaudary, give me your phone and let me read
your college WhatsApp group messages. Tanu, it’s all boy-talk. What will you do
reading all of that? They still talk like immature teenagers. Mikesh, sir.
Rules are rules. Yup! Fine! Go jump in the puddle. What a wannabe name! ‘B-wing Bros’. Once a guy went to buy vegetables
from the market… he buys cucumbers, carrots, banana
and egg plant. He gives it to his wife to… Ew, Miki! Ma’am, atleast complete the joke. Listen, leave this group right now!
Or leave me! Tanu, a man doesn’t get into this group
by his will or even leave by his will. Tiwari and I have tried 39 times! People can make a movie out of us-
‘WhatsApp Redemption.’ Truth or dare? Truth…always. Then tell me, do you find any other guy
hotter than me? I just need to clarify that I only find
Tanya hot and no other woman hot. Sir, you’re lying. Just yesterday I heard you tell
Mr.Tiwari that you still find
Raveena Tandon Thandani hot. Aww, you still have a crush
on Raveena Tandon Thadani? That is my teenage crush,
that is very different! I’m sure even you had
a teenage crush. Yeah! I still find them hot,
in fact I was thinking of them now. George Clooney, Ryan Gosling,
Ryan Reynolds… -Hugh Grant!
-..Hugh Grant, of course! Prince William, Hardik Pandya… Tanu! Slow down, man!
You just take off like this always! How do you find Hardik Pandya hot? I’m hotter than he is! -I even bowl faster than him.
-Bro! No, Mikesh, sir.
Hardik Pandya has better hair than you. And he’s a really big fashionista. He’s a nut job!
I hate how he does his hair! Someone’s jealous! Okay, ma’am.
It’s the last round now. After this I have to go with my husband
to his friend’s house party. Savitri, you’ve been humililating
me since morning! Truth or dare? Truth. Uh, dare! No, tru…Dare, dare! Dare. So call your mother right now and tell her
I make the best ‘dum aloo'(Indian food). Tanya, why are you creating
domestic problems? You know how possesive my mom
is about her ‘dum aloo’ right? She just got her recipe published
in a local magazine. ‘Dum dum diga diga,
aloo bheega bheega’. Sir, rules are rules. Tanya, I just wanted to celebrate
Diwali with you. You change this dare, please. Then lose the game, loser! Fine! Hello, mummy! Hello…Hello… He…There’s some issue with the network.
I can’t help it now. No network. How is that possible? She’s calling. Hello, mummy! Yes, hello. Yes, I ate. Oh, you made ‘dum aloo’ at home? No, well… Tanu wanted to tell you… Tell her that you’re saying it! I want to tell you… You please come to Bombay
for New Year’s this time! What?! We have to go to the Andamans for
New Year’s, our tickets are booked! Couldn’t you say anything else?! God! Miki, you’re such a bimbo! You know I got all over-ambitious
and gave you my phone! I should’ve just got you the hoverboard
instead of this! Hov…Hoverboard, just like your PS4? -Whatever…
-Hypocrite! #Loser I’ll get going now, ma’am. -Take the day off tomorrow.
-She just crossed the line! Take the day off!

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