Unboxing T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 by Wirefly

Unboxing T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 by Wirefly

Hi everyone, Scott Lewis here for Wirefly.
Today I’m here to unbox the brand new Nokia Lumia 521 for T-Mobile. Taking a look at the
box real quick. Just a pretty basic white box, the back we have all the features. So
let’s go ahead and dig inside. Here is the white version of the Lumia 521.
Look’s like it does have a removable back. It tells you how to take it off right there.
It looks like you peel from the top here, pull it apart real quick and that’s where
our batteries going to go. I’m guessing our battery is going to be in the box here. Your
T-Mobile sim card and some instruction manuals come in the box. You have your charger so
it doesn’t come with separate charging block and micro USB sync cable, it’s just all one
cable or one charger. But it does come with a separate short sync cable, now that’s a
pretty short cable, show that to you real quick. It’s maybe 6 to 8 inches long. Here’s
our battery. The battery on the Lumia 521 is 1,430 millionth hour battery. Nokia is
saying this battery is going to be good for 9.6 hours of talk time and 360 hours of standby
time. This is where our battery goes. Right here we have a spot for what looks like a
micro SD card and then the micro sim card. Put the back cover on.
We’ll power-up the Lumia 521. Here we can kind of see what’s going on with all the buttons.
We have our navigation buttons at the bottom, hard charging port, micro USB. On the side
here we have the dedicated camera shutter button which is a staple on Windows 8 phones.
Power and sleep button, volume up and down rocker switch. The on the top here we have
a headphone jack, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack.
Before we go over the specs, just to point out that the Lumia 521 is not a “going to
set the world on fire” smart phone. It’s an entry level smart phone for the Windows 8
mobile operating system. If you’re into the latest and greatest like the galaxy S4, the
HTC one, this is not directly competing with those. This is a new entry level smart phone.
Powering the 521 is a 1 Ghz dual-core snap dragon S4 processor. It has 520 megabytes
of ram, it comes with 8 GB of on-board storage. But as you saw underneath the back battery
cover, you can add additional storage through a micro SD card. We don’t have a front facing
camera. On the back here we do have a 5 mega pixel primary camera. As you can see there’s
not a flash for the camera. The screen is a 4 inch diagonal IPS LCD display with screen
resolution of 480 by 800 which give it an overall pixel density of 235 pixels per inch.
I’m gong to go ahead and turn the camera off for a second so I can boot up the Nokia Lumia
521 so I can show you the brand new Window 8 operating system.
Here’s what the 521 looks like all booted up. I’ve logged into my facebook and set up
some weather so we can see some live tiles. You can see the people hub is where it has
all my facebook contacts and it kind of flips through the profile pictures of people that
are active on facebook right now. Right here you can see the weather channel has some isolated
thunderstorms in the local area here in the weather.
That wraps up our unboxing video of the Nokia Lumia 521 for T-Mobile. If you have any questions
make sure to leave them in the comment section below. I’ll make sure to answer them for you.
If you’re looking to pick up the Lumia 521 make sure to check out wirefly.com. We have
a great price on the 521 right now. My name’s Scott Lewis for Wirefly. Thanks for watching.

15 thoughts on “Unboxing T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 by Wirefly

  1. Is this a prepay phone cause I'm looking for the prepay one

  2. is their a windows phone with really good specs but front camera and good one?

  3. Hi ramboyoazz,
    What carrier are you looking to use the phone on?
    -Scott at Wirefly

  4. Yes, You can buy for it 129.99 at Walmart, and if you get it at Walmart you can get the unlimited text and data plan with 100 minutes of talk for $30 a month, hope this helped.

  5. When will there be an in depth review on this?

  6. Hi xxghost209xx,
    I have a few other projects that I am working on so it might be a little while. Do you have any specific questions I could answer for you right away?
    -Scott at Wirefly

  7. What kind of sim card does it use?

  8. Hi xxghost209xx,
    It takes a micro Sim card.
    -Scott at Wirefly

  9. This phone is only on boot-mobile at the Walmart in my town :/ and its $230 dollars… So I am gonna order this phone off Microsoft. com but yes good review thank you..

  10. This is the only Windows phone on T-Mobile, but on Verizon there is the HTC Windows Phone 8x and the Nokia Lumia 822, both of them for free with a 2-year contract (but I don't suggest you do that because contracts expensive and not really worth it.) So, your best bet is to go with this phone, it's actually really good! Even though there is no flash the camera does really well in low-light settings. I personally don't use the front facing camera often, but it seems like a necessary feature.

  11. I've always wanted a nokia like this one I may get it I'll put the $60 plan

  12. Can do ScreenShot on The Phone?

  13. Hi Randy Delmonte,
    To take a screen shot of the device display, follow these steps: Press Start and the Power/Lock keys at the same time. The screen will flash and a shutter sound will be heard. That's all it takes to take a screenshot. Enjoy.
    -Scott at Wirefly

  14. Hi there can this phone be use with gmail & yahoo account? Plz help cause I want to get this phone

  15. Can it download grant theft auto 3 on nokia

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