Unboxing The RED iPhone 7 – Should You Buy it?

Unboxing The RED iPhone 7 – Should You Buy it?

– So, we got this. (beep) Yo, guys. John here and
this is the (RED) iPhone 7. It’s new. It’s shiny. It’s different, but
should you pick one up? Now, I’m not gonna lie. I’m kind of excited to check this out. Being a Bulls fan, red has always kinda had a
special place in my heart. If you’re someone out there who loves red, this might have your name on it. (lively music) So, here we have the brand new, shiny product (RED) iPhone 7. There is some nice attention to detail with the red Apple logo, the red text, and we’re gonna rip this. (lively music) Sounds like a scream for mercy. (lively music) I could throw it at Ralphy, or I could throw it at Evans. (playful music) Anyways, I think I dented my box. Man, look what I did to that. Spin after spin after spin and we got some box damage. Luckily, that’s not the phone. Designed by Apple in California … Ooh! We got something red inside. In partnership with (RED), Apple will contribute a
portion of your iPhone purchase to the Global Fund to support
the HIV and AIDS program, and help deliver an AIDS free generation. So, yeah! It’s kind of cool that it’s going to such an awesome cause. But, to step things up I
do not just wanna donate a portion of this iPhone
to the (RED) program. So, what I did was donate the entire value to the (RED) program. And, if you wanna do the same yourself or whatever you can afford I
would drop a link down below. Back to the phone though, we’re getting some
serious iPod touch vibes. And, I know this is kinda
the controversial thing. There’s a lot of people
out there who wanted to see a black front with the red back. And, I think I’m kinda the minority here where I really like the white
front of this red iPhone. It kinda makes me really want
and hope and wish and dream of a blue iPhone. Now, I think what’s
tripping me out the most and thanks to Mr. Austin Ekans for hooking up the blue iPod touch. I’m not sure why this
still exists in 2017, but I think the size difference
is what is throwing me off. This guy is four inches, with this one being the 4.7 inch iPhone. And, if you smack that
next to an iPhone 7 Plus we got some major size difference. On a serious note, I actually really dig the finish of this. It’s kinda similar to
the matte black iPhone, not the jet black of course. I don’t think I would want
a super glossy red iPhone. This actually looks really good. Just after spending a couple
minutes with it though, you can see how it starts
to pick up the fingerprints. So, if you do grab one of this
you’re gonna wanna make sure you keep it clean. (lively music) Bringing the matte black
iPhone next to each other, you can see one other subtle difference is the silver Apple logo where we have the black Apple logo here. I just may have flipped
everyone of you off. I’m sorry. Now it is worth mention that we did see the silver
Apple logo on the silver iPhone with the white front. So, it’s not exactly new
but it does look really good in contrast with the
red back on this phone. And, I’m kinda tempted to
use this as my daily driver. I hate that word. I’m gonna leave that in. I hate that word. (laughs) So, fun fact, the first ever
product (RED) Apple device was the iPod nano. This is the one with the click wheel which was announced way back in 2006 which funny enough was just months before the
original iPhone was announced. And, here we are ten years
later with a red iPhone 7. Speaking of product (RED) fun facts, did you know there was a
custom one off (RED) Mac Pro designed by Mr. Jony Ive himself which actually auctioned off
to charity for 977,000 bucks. Plus, on top of the various
product (RED) devices in the Apple store, there’s
also a dedicated product page which includes a Vespa and essentially the MKBHD edition desk. So, yeah, I can see why
it would be tempting to wanna go run out and
pick one of these up. But, before you do there are
a couple things to consider. Number One. The iPhone
7 is now six months old and unless you’ve been
living under a rock, it is no secret the iPhone
is updated pretty much on a yearly basis. And, that means we are
about six months away from the next generation iPhone. Number Two. We are literally days away from the announcement of
the Galaxy S8 from Samsung and if they can learn from
their mistakes with the Note 7, the Galaxy S8 is looking to
be a really attractive phone. Now, conversely, maybe you
were looking to buy an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. Maybe, it fell into your upgrade cycle and if that’s the case and it just happen to
coincide with the red iPhone, then yeah I would go for it. In this world of technology,
we are constantly playing the next, newer, better product
just around the corner game so I can see why it could
be a difficult decision. At the end of the day, if I had to give you a definitive answer I would probably tend to
say wait for the next iPhone and not buy this red one. Yes, it is red. It is shiny. It is new. But, it is also very similar to the past two iPhone designs and with the next one I think we’re gonna expect something fresh and something new. Now, about that giveaway. I’ve actually teamed up
with my buddy Phillip over at Everything Apple Pro. We’re giving away not just a red iPhone 7, but a red iPhone 7 Plus as well. To enter, just make sure to
subscribe at both channels. Check out his video and
I’ll drop a link down below that will walk you through everything. This is Jonathan and I
will catch you guys later. (beep) Did you know there is a
custom one off red Mac Pro?

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