Upgrade Your Device to iOS 5.1.1

Upgrade Your Device to iOS 5.1.1

After April 2015 Supercell games for Apple devices will only be supported by iOS 5.1.1, or above. For those of you below this version of iOS, upgrading will ensure your device is up-to-date for an optimal experience in our games! Do you have an old Apple device, and aren’t sure if it is below iOS 5.1.1? To find out, begin by entering your device’s settings and selecting “About”. By scrolling down, you’ll see the “Version Details”. If the current version reads anything below 5.1.1, please keep watching! My iPhone 4 is currently running the version 4.3.5. If you’re like me, then it’s time to update! First, back up your device in order not to lose any personal data or content. Like those selfies of you and your Grandma! 😉 Start by connecting your device to your Mac or PC computer using a USB cable. Open iTunes, as it is the only program that can enable the upgrade. you will know your device is connected when it appears on the left hand side of the iTunes window. Click on the phone icon and your device’s
summary will appear. Move to the middle section of the window and click on “back up now”. And once again to confirm! This will ensure that the content
on your phone is saved. Now to update the iOS! Click on “update” to begin the process. Please note! Your device will upgrade to the latest iOS version that is available for your device. The version available for mine is 7.1.2. Confirm the update. Go through the prompts for set up options and “Accept” the Terms of Service. If you don’t have enough free space to update using iTunes, you’ll have to delete some apps or content manually on your device. Wait as your device performs the iOS upgrade. When the update is complete, continue enjoying our games!

98 thoughts on “Upgrade Your Device to iOS 5.1.1

  1. I have no idea why i was watching this simce i have an android lol

  2. Hi

  3. First world problems…

  4. Ничоси,они на русский перевили(титры) круто!

  5. У меня стоит пол года уже 8.3-_-

  6. What if I had a devise that can only reach iOS 4

  7. Please add more troops(IOS/Android)

  8. I was running Android 5.0.1 on my AT&T LG G3, but now I have successfully updated to iOS 5.1.1.  Good thing this video informed me of this necessary change, as now I can continue to play Clash of Clans on my smartphone.

  9. ¿iphone 4? ¿Ya comiste?

  10. Falto desir yo no lo hago por que ya lo tengo

  11. Who is even on 5.1.1?

  12. I wish you will stay the ios 5.1.1 because i have ipad 1 can update to ios 7 or 8

  13. Can't update the ios 7 or 8

  14. i still have iPad 1 haha 5.1.1

  15. I dont even have an iphone but I still watched the whole video lol

  16. Me 2 ….. 😫

  17. What if you have the 8.2 version

  18. I totally forgot how that version looked. IOS 7 made it so much better. Any one agree?

  19. Anybody else noticed, g-eazy was in recently added?😂😂

  20. Mine is 8.1.5 But Idgaf I'm still gonna watch the video😂😂

  21. i like very much

  22. Darn how did they know I had selfies with my grandma.

  23. Just tried sharing a vid I made to a client and got the 'device support' vid in it's place twice when trying to share the link. I use a MacBookPro vers.10.6.8. WTF is going on again? I am not on any iphone or anything like that.

  24. Pis water characters viper it can shoot poison to enemies

  25. Please help me I have to change my username in coc

  26. مافهمت ولاشئ

  27. Vous devriez mettre tout le temps les sous-titres car je comprends rien à l'anglais vous parlez trop vite XD

  28. 2:22 This is exactly what your phone will look like after downloading that giant OS

  29. I have 6.6.6.

  30. Just Gem it

  31. My IPad Is 8.1 is that find?

  32. Is 0.8.3 better

  33. But really, who the hell has an iphone this outdated?

  34. pls help i need play my fb this

  35. For everybody that disliked this video cuz your i device is not up to date,it's not their fault,go turn your dinosaur of a phone in for an iPhone 5,which I am using and currently running 8.3,so stop cryin

  36. Is 8.2 still good

  37. Is 8.3 still good

  38. is 8.4 ok?

  39. You could double your iOSXD

  40. شباب هذا يتكلم عن ايش بالله الي يعرف يكتب

  41. Still using iOS 6.1.3 on my iPhone 4S 🙂

  42. Who uses iOS anyways..?

  43. Is 8.4 lower I'm play on my iPad my phones broken

  44. Same

  45. I got the iOS9 Beta so this isn't a problem for me lol.

  46. THX I AM RELIVED BECAUSE MY IPAD IS VERSION 5.1.1 and its the max update for it and plz keep ithe updates 5.1.1

  47. yes thank you so much now i can play my ipad 1 clash of clans

  48. Supercell can u help me
    My clash of clans does not work , when I open clash of clans the SUPERCELL only show up and sut down
    Help me its apples

  49. yo quiero que me regalen un iPhone 5 o 6

  50. it doesnt say update on mine

  51. what about android 5.1.1

  52. 8.1.8

  53. вы суки

  54. I have iOS 9

  55. I'll be surprised if anyone still has IOS 4 today

  56. عههههه

  57. Haha I have iOS 8.4

  58. FY Sookoo Same and also I have 8.3

  59. Lol I have iOS 9 but I still watched

  60. I have IOS 9

  61. يا علي♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

  62. a minha e 5.0.2

  63. 16GB?!? I have an IPhone IOS 9.1- AND I HAVE 3GB!! ):(

  64. Lol i have ios 9.2

  65. What ios 7 was out before this video was even made

  66. I don't have so much Dark Elexier for the Update D:

  67. I don't have so much Dark Elexier for the Update D:

  68. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3,I played Coc for 1 year,i rebooted my phone and now its says that its not compatible with your phone.Before it worked very fine,now i cant download it anymore wtf guys

  69. Why!!

  70. Coc account account

  71. My clans DrakWars&GDC

  72. Lol

  73. my ipod wont connect

  74. I'm good mines 9.2.1

  75. دش لايك يالمير

  76. everyone using mac

  77. I got 9.3.3

  78. I want a private server plz

  79. I have 9.3 who has anything else than me?

  80. I'm on 10.1.1???

  81. iOS 10.2

  82. I'm on version 0.0.Prehistoric and i'm triggered because it's the best version than newest versions.

  83. Im only on Android 4.4 i cant get it im sad wink

  84. Please i have ipod 4 with ios 6 it says ios7 helpppp!!!!

  85. What can I do if I do not have iTunes?

  86. Using IOS… Poor people, buying overpriced mediocre products.

  87. My village is banned . Please help me . Tell me how to unbanned my village.

  88. Apple ended support for 32 bit so please end support for iOS 7

  89. Will this work on Android too?

  90. lol were on like iOS 11 now in 2018


  92. there is no phone icon
    on my itunes

  93. pls help

  94. pls make coc able to be played in ios7.1.2

  95. 2018

  96. lol ios 12.1

  97. how to update coc in iphone 4 guys?

  98. it pains me to see an iPhone 4 being updated from ios 4 to 7 without blobs saved.

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