Use Airdrop to transfer videos from iphone to ipad

Use Airdrop to transfer videos from iphone to ipad

– [Narrator] To turn on
AirDrop swipe upwards from the bottom of your iPhone or iPad. Make sure it’s lit and
then select Everyone. Tap AirDrop and you have three choices, the easiest one is just click on Everyone. If you select Contacts Only, you’ll also have to login to iCloud. You’ll probably want
to come back here later and turn AirDrop off, as it can run your battery down. I really like AirDrop. I take a lot of videos using my iPhone, but I like to edit them on my iPad. So go to your camera roll
and select photos and videos that you want to move from
one device to another. Next click on the share symbol, the square box with the arrow at the top and the other device that
you’re transferring to will show up here. Even transferring videos between
two devices is very quick. Anytime you see the share symbol, you can move files between
devices with AirDrop. So for instance, you could move PDF files, Contacts and so forth. (upbeat music)

6 thoughts on “Use Airdrop to transfer videos from iphone to ipad

  1. You're back 😀

  2. SOOO happy I found this video. I spent way too long trying to find a way to do this. I cannot believe it was this easy. Thank you for sharing!

  3. So helpful! Thank you!

  4. This video was made for me

  5. I always do this but today I discovered that it won’t work if the file is too large. I filmed a video on my phone that was around 36 minutes long and hit airdrop. Nothing happened. Well, I learned a lesson though. 😀

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