user experiences wacom cintiq companion 2 vs ipad pro

user experiences wacom cintiq companion 2 vs ipad pro

Hi welcome back to my video, meet me again Hery from today i will sharing the user experiences about… …two gears that helping me out to finish all of my illustration project. that gears are… first is.. …contiq companion 2 by Wacom then the second is ipad pro by apple. okay… this is a user experiences.. ..not unboxing, not a review because i own these for a few years the cintiq companion already own since 2015… …and the ipad pro from 2017 Okay..first thing i will show you is… the box i usually don’t throw away the packaging, specially stuff kind like these that’s why still have these. this since a year ago…. … and this since three years ago the boxes still in a good shape from this we can see… ..this cintiq companion 2 ..and this one is ipad pro which is each of these has similarity… …and also differences i am not a gadget reviewer so there’s so many things that may i don’t understand with the point is these two gears already helped me out to finish my projects this cintiq companion 2 is a successor.. .. from the previous model cintiq companion 1 which is both discontinued ..and also this one. This successor today… …cintiq mobile studio with several changes and improvement from this cintic companion 2 And this 9.7 model is also discontinued cmiiw this one i owned… … is wifi 128gb model i don’t bought the cellular version… ..because i don’t use it, wherever i need i can use my phone and tethering it and the most basic thing is… …this apple pencil is sold separately not inside the ipad pro box But in the cintiq pen is included So what inside the cintiq box? let we see what inside this box…’s not unboxing because it’s already been unboxed since 3 years ago and 1 year ago inside wacom cintiq companion 2 box are.. first is the stand… then… pen.. pen case with nine extra nib …ring for replacing the nib charging adapter…cables and of course… ..the drawing pad itself Then inside the ipad pro box are the ipad ..charging adapter.. apple pencil box only… the pen converter for charging… and one extra nib okay… so that’s the stuff inside the box basically the segment of these two product is a different we can see here from the box this one drawing pad with tablet ability.. and this one is tablet with drawing pad ability. that’s why the apple pencil is coming separately need an extra cash while this one is included okay here’s a little bit specs cintiq companion 2 has… …13.3 inches screen QHD here’s the QHD resolution And this ipad pro… has 9.7 inches for the model i owned this the resolution i’ll write it later Wacom cintiq companion 2 operate in… windows 8 while ipad pro in iOS the advantage of windows is… good for professional.. ..because it has a wide collection of professional graphic software can get the all Adobe product here such as photoshop… ..illustrator, after effect, premier all can be fit here while this one… ..only graphic application that available at the appstore… you may find adobe product here… but only it’s mobile version like.. adobe sketch.. illustrator for drawing then sketchbook pro create the different of this cintiq companion 2… and the regular cintiq HD is.. the portability cintiq companion was created for… people who like travleing because you can bring this everywhere.. when you’re in the cafe, traveling, on your holiday because of this have it’s own operating system… while the cintiq HD didn’t Because cintiq HD is just drawing pad with screen. But this cintiq companion 2 is also can me connect to your computer.. to your mac or pc. After it connected to the computer it would be turn as cintiq HD So it’s gonna be use same operating system as on the computer… this going to be second monitor ipad pro also can be connected to the computer but it’s need third party program called… …astropad you can find the Astropad on the appstore then install it on your ipad.. it paid application, but… astropad for you mac/pc is free So this can be turn your ipad pro into wacom cintiq These two gears are not completing each other… otherwise these two can be replacing each other So i don’t recommend you to buy all of these it’s because my err Firstly i bought this for the portability… i can use it while traveling, or going somewhere but i still keep my productivity… but in fact i rarely use because.. of weight it’s (cintiq) weight… i forgot i think around 1.5 kilos but this ipad pro is just around 700grams far gap in weight i felt after i bought this (cintiq).. it less practical Then i bought new ipad pro.. The next different is the pen.. on the ipad pro… using apple pencil which is must be need extra cash to own.. while wacom pen is already inside the package cons of the apple pencil is… it’s using battery while we draw it can disconnected once the battery empty it’s a bit annoyed but it’s quite practical for charging.. you just plug it into the ipad charging port The advantage on the cintiq pen is… cintiq’s pen is a non baterry so you don’t spend your time by charging… just keep on drawing Due to non battery usage.. it’s affected to the weight, it’s (cintiq’s pen) lighter And the design of this pen is better on cintiq companion Because it’s ergonomic and having matte rubber part… on the handle part Screen may be one thing to consider… Cintiq companion has build for designer and creative people… the screen is feels like paper, it’s matte so it’s really great for drawing while in ipad pro… if you don’t add the additional screenguard.. this ipad pro is terrible feel for drawing.. so i very recommend you to add the special screen guard. don’t use the most screen guard on the mark… because mostly those product are… only protecting without giving a good feel experience for drawing after i searched over the internet.. finally i got paperlike You can buy it online.. it’s from overseas but… the shipping is free from Germany. I like this ‘paperlike’… it has success to turn the ipad screen surface… more matte and drawing friendly, not like drawing over the glass And i felt it more sensitive because when it non using the paperlike it’s just sleek.. like drawing on the glass and can’t feel the pressure.. between the nib and the screen surface. So i recommend this product… for your ipad pro So how about the prices??? it’s the price when i bought it, not today’s price because both of these are discontinued this one have a successor…cintiq mobile studio pro and this 9.7 model already replaced with 10.5 inches This (cintiq companion 2) i bought for… Rp 22.900.000 ( around $1600 today) Maybe today is more expensive because of currency and this (ipad pro) i bought… Rp.10.900.000 (around $750 today) and this pen is.. i think around Rp 1.800.000 that’s the money i spent… on these two products Okay that’s the user experience about these two gears… So do you need to buy these?? I don’t think so this is just a tools.. the main important is the ‘man behind the gun’ i was using the wacom bamboo for a several years… small and cheap drawing pad from wacom. It’s was produced lots of designs From that i can do upgrade.. till i reach on this stage. year by year…step by step nowadays lot of products in market… that i thing quite enough to handle… illustrator jobs Maybe one of them that i have unboxed.. here’s the video. ‘one by wacom’ that i ever tried.. enough for drawing.. and helping me out of the illustration job from that point you may step by step upgrading… till reaching you can buy this because i know it’s not cheap But if you really need this… and have the budget for’s okay that’s great… everything’s must be fit to your need and budget. okay…that’s my user experiences video.. hope you guys get… informations from this video see you again on my next videos… don’t forget to subscribe, ‘like’ if you like it.. if you have any questions just leave it at the comment section.. because i believe there’s questions… or many things that i forgot to tell you… or something i wrong… so please leave it at the comment section below see you next time on my next videos… bye…bye

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