Using Deauther stick for Tello picking WIFI channel

Using Deauther stick for Tello picking WIFI channel

In this video I’ll teach you how to force
Tello choosing a WIFI channel. You can check it by using any WIFI Analyzer
application. First of all, let’s imagine switching on Tello
at no WIFI interference spot. You will realize Tello is choosing WIFI channel
number one. Now, supose a neighbour WIFI filling channel
number one, and a second one at channel number two.
As you switch on Tello it will choose first available channel, number three.
Let me talk you about E S P 8 2 6 6 WIFI deauther chip. It’s used for multiple purposes, you
can build by yourself or buy item already assembled.
I bought my WIFI deauther stick at this United Kingdom web store. It costed me about 20 euros.
This little wonder need to be properly configured using a Terminal application.
Deauther plugs to smartphone using an USB OTG cable.
Once connected, you choose desired channel number for your Tello.
Choosing WIFI channel number four. Or choosing WIFI channel number ten.
Or choosing WIFI channel number one. Once configured you can unplug deauther.
When it turns on will generate an amount of fake WIFI networks named with x.
Imagine you want to force Tello choosing WIFI channel number four.
Turning on deauther configured to generate fake WIFIs at channel numbers one, two and
three. As you power on Tello it will choose desired
WIFI channel number four. We got it !
Then, you can turn off deauther as it’s not needed anymore.
Let me invite your a real life test. First, pluging deauther to power bank.
Remember, deauther was previously configured for filling channels one to five.
Now it’s time for powering on Tello. Tello is scanning for a free WIFI channel,
he will use channel number six as channels one to five are filled by deauther.
After a few seconds we can turn off deauther. I will use same power bank for feeding my
WIFI repeater, It has nothing to do with channel choice.
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    Or one

  2. this procedure only works on this model of repeater?

  3. I am not finding this "Deauther Stick" to sell. Could you pass the link, please?

  4. tanks. like

  5. did not quite understand??? this cancels the next network that gives interference in the tello drone would this be ??

  6. Have u solved that xiami repeater would lost its configurations after a period?

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