Was iOS 7 created in Microsoft Word?

Was iOS 7 created in Microsoft Word?

OK, so the question is
was iOS 7 created in Microsoft Word? it may sound stupid, but this video should
show you, that it´s actually possible
if you like it, don´t forget to check the whole series in a real-time speed
so you can learn something new let´s get started
we will start with some screenshot from the internet which we will paste into the Word
and continue with this base shape for all the icons which would be this rounded rectangle
and it may be a good idea to make it in a size that it fits the grid properly
so we can save some time later creating a calendar icon is as easy
as adding two text boxes but because we don´t have a thin font
like it is used for the 11 number we have to use a simple trick
and add an outline to this label so it visually looks thinner
for the messages icon, we have to set the right color gradient for the background
shape that is from the lighter green
to a darker green color we don´t have a color picker, but there are
some tricks how to set the right colors
the bubble is just a symbol from the font Segue UI Symbol
so there is not much work here the weather icon is made only from three objects
the background uses our base object, the sun is just
a circle with the yellow gradient fill and for the cloud, we use a symbol from the
font Segue UI symbol we set the fill to a little bit transparent
one, so the sun is a little bit visible
also below the cloud for the Facetime icon, we will reuse
the same background shape as was used for the messages icon
and again insert a symbol from the font Segue UI Symbol
the camera is almost the same, we just have to get rid of those
two circles on the top, by drawing a freeform shape with the same gradient fill
as is used for the background the phone icon is probably the easiest one
because we will again reuse the green background shape
and just insert a phone icon and rotate it a little bit
the blue background for the mail icon is reused from the weather icon
and the envelope is again a symbol, but this time from the Windings font
we need to change the fill for this symbol to be the same as the background
so it serves as a fake mask for the underlying white rectangle
the reminders icon uses a little trick where the circles have
the double white outline applied to them, so the fill color also
changes the outline color and creates this offset outline effect
the rest are just well positioned lines the clock icon is actually pretty easy
but it takes some time to duplicate the text box 12 times
and position every number precisely there is a cool little trick –
when you drag an object with the Control key pressed, you create a copy.
it is much faster than using the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V shortcuts
the middle part is made from lines and circles and the hardest part here
is to position everything properly the background for the notes icon
can be done in a few different ways but the less expected one would be to use
a gradient fill on the other hand, it gives us a freedom to
keep the rounded rectangle shape as a base object
the rest of the icon is again made from lines, where the one on the very top is set to dotted
line for the stocks icon, we need to trace
the graph line and create two separate objects, where the first one will
be the white line and the second will create the subtle gradient
fill – or highlight – below this line
to keep both objects only over the background shape,
we use gridlines all the other lines are the line shapes,
drawn with the Shift key to keep them straight one of them is blue, and this one also contains
the blue circle with the black outline the Safari icon is easier than it seems
the white rounded rectangle and blue circle are pretty clear
but for the tick marks, we use a little trick with the text box, we insert a different sized
lines and apply the Wordart transform effect
to follow the circle path that way, we can easily control the size
and amount of the tick marks the middle part is made from two triangles
the music icon also uses the Wordart distort function
but this time, for the note symbol it is because the standard fonts
do not contain a note which is skewed this way, so we have to distort it
a little it saves us time, because we don´t need
to draw this symbol from scratch we will reuse the same note symbol
also for the iTunes store icon we just need to adjust the background gradient
fill to match the colors perfectly
and than make the note a little bit smaller and add a circle with no fill and white outline
the camera icon again uses a symbol from the font Segoe UI Symbol
filled with the dark gray to black gradient fill
it also has the inner shadow effect on the top
and the outline in the same color as the fill to make the circle in the middle
thinner a freeform shape is again used to create gaps
on the top and bottom by having the same gradient fill as the background
shape the yellow LED icon is just another circle
the photos icon is made from multiple rounded rectangles objects
filled with the gradient fill from the more transparent color in the
middle to the less transparent color towards the edges
that way we can see multiple semi-transparent objects in the center of the icon
to make the middle part even darker, we copy all the objects one more time
and adjust the all the gradients to be darker in the middle
the background for the passbook icon is again using the gradient fill
to fake thee stripes of colors. the maximum number of gradient stops in
Microsoft Word is 10, but we are only using 5 here
for the bottom divider, we will not use a dotted line,
but a text box with the circle symbols instead. that way we can precisely control the spacing
and position of each dot the three symbols on the left are from the
fonts Webdings and Segoe UI Symbol. the game center icon is made from simple circles
with the gradient fill but we are using Word 3D options to form a
spheres our of them with the proper setting for material and lighting,
we can get almost the right result Word doesn´t support advanced blending modes,
so in order to show the overlapping objects, we have to
adjust the transparency the videos icon is made from two parts
the background uses again a custom gradient fill to form a top black part and the
bottom green to blue gradient the top part is created separately using pre-defined
shapes and this group is later used as a custom fill
for another rounded rectangle which acts as a clipping mask
the maps icon takes a little more time to create because
it uses a lot of different shapes we have to insert multiple rectangles and
set the right fill and the outline we also have to create the yellow road
which is made from two very thick lines finally all those background objects are used
as a fill for a rounded rectangle for the badge, a symbol from the Webdings
font is used it´s a little bit different, so we have to
set the font scaling to make it a little bit wider
and fill it with the custom gradient fill to form those free stripes of colors
the arrow is again the symbol from the font and the blue path uses the L-shape symbol,
so we don´t have to use two separate rectangles sometimes, there is no appropriate symbol
which we can use, so we have to draw it from the scratch
that is the case of the App store icon, where both the pencil and the brush
needs to be created from the standard shapes like the rectangles
we can, however, use a symbol for the brush tip and save some time
it is some nut symbol, but it fits the icon perfectly
the gaps around those two symbols are created with freeform shape with the gradient
fill same as the background it may look complicated, but we easily tweak
the gaps sizes using the line width settings the newsstand icon background uses a very
subtle gradient fill to create a small shadow below the magazine covers
for the covers, it´s mainly about drawing the rectangles, circles and triangles
and setting the right fill color and no outline for the more complicated shapes like the plane,
we can use a symbol from the font we are also using the selecting pane a lot
to hide what we don´t currently need to see the most complicated cover is the sports one,
we create the tennis ball from the scratch, and also the field made from the outlines
the settings icon uses a same trick that we´ve used for the safari icon
we create a new text box, insert a triangle symbol multiple times
and use a Wordart transform function to follow the circle path
it´s a little bit more complicated because we are using a gradient fill
and we are also using an outline to make those triangles less spiky
we need to do everything twice as we have two wheels
the inner one has the gradient reversed finally the inner part of the bigger wheel
is made from the freeform shape which makes defining the same gradient fill
quite easy the signal strength is just a text box with
filled and outlined circles the Wifi icon needs to be made from the scratch,
as this icon is not in any font but using the gridlines and the adjustable
shapes makes it quite easy we also need to draw the Bluetooth icon
again, with the help of the gridlines we can imagine that the icon is placed inside
the hexagon shape which will serve as a helper object
the battery icon is a symbol from the font the page separator is very similar to the
signal strength but instead of using the outlined circles,
we are adjusting the transparency the notification icon is as easy as adding
the pink colored circle there is not much what can be said about the
labels, except for one thing – dragging the object
with the Ctrl key pressed creates the copy, and if you drag it also
with the Shift key, you are moving the object in the straight line
for the background, the rectangle with orange to gray gradient fill is used
than we add a white circle and blur it using the soft edges effect
if we duplicate it multiple time and set a different size, transparency and blurriness
we create this floating dust particles effect the bottom part is a white semi-transparent
rectangle the iPhone 5 is made from simple objects like
the rounded rectangles and circles and use a transparent fill, so we can adjust
the sizes and positions properly it´s also a good idea to create a separate
object for the highlight, which is made from the rounded rectangle and edited
using the edit points function this shape has the semi-transparent white
to transparent white gradient fill the camera and the speaker shares the same
fill and the outline which is lighter on the bottom to form a highlight
the home button on the bottom also uses the gradient fill to form a strong highlight
and the gradient outline so we can have a smaller highlight on the top and bigger on
the bottom than we group everything together and duplicate
it on the next page as a 3D base for our phone, we rotate a rounded
rectangle in a 3D space, add some depth, rounded bevels
and adjust the material and lighting settings than we rotate our group in the same way to
fit the front side of our phone we also add a drop shadow using a freeform
shape with the black to gray gradient fill which
is blurred using the soft edges functions than we change the background and that´s
it! if you like this video and want to learn something
new don´t forget to check my new free eBook
7 Best Text Effects in Microsoft Word which you can read online for free at www.issuu.com
so read the book, learn something new and have fun

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