Watch How ‘Uncut Gems’ Creates Action Thrills at a School Play | Anatomy of a Scene

Watch How ‘Uncut Gems’ Creates Action Thrills at a School Play | Anatomy of a Scene

“Hello, this is Josh Safdie.” “And this is Benny Safdie.” “We’re the directors
of ‘Uncut Gems.’ We’re jumping in here
after a good stretch of Howard’s life. But he was just
abandoned and ditched at a practice facility,
so he’s a little concerned about his gem. And he’s here back with
his family, his domicile, basically, his pack. And we’re meeting
him in the middle of a status exchange with
another Long Island family. What greater setting to
be than in a school play, a mandatory attendance thing. And you’re here with
people who I think identify setting more than anything.” “O.K.” “What are you going
to do for Passover? Is your sister coming?” “Uh, yeah.” “What are doing? Who do you got?” “Watching for LeBron. I got six different people
playing six different games.” “Hey, we’re all
making salt. Hey! Who tapped me? Who was that?” “I call this the
head turning scene because there’s so many
head turns back and forth, back and forth,
between each person, like perspective switches.” “What’s going on
in Howard’s life. And this here, the narrative
here, these two gentlemen are a reminder of the bigger
threat in Howard’s life, the money that he
owes, and figuring out a way to get into it. Overt narrative
plotting is always something we feel so
self-conscious about, so having it come through a–” “Where you going?” “Daddy’s got to–” “–game in jest with his kid. The way he bonds with
everybody is through jest, and the classic tap
shoulder gag actually leads him to the reminder
of the things that are lurking behind him.” “And it was on this
scene, I remember the AD was trying to
have everybody be quiet, and we got very upset,
because we wanted everybody to be talking. In this scenario,
everybody needed to be loud, because it needed
to reflect a real auditorium. And of course, it
causes problems later on with editing,
but the whole point is to get the
performances to be real.” “This action sequence,
as we’ll call it, we shot at the end
of a 14, 15-hour day. And I kind of like
that pressure, because I believe that
violence is sloppy. It is unchoreographed. It is matter-of-fact. And that little sequence
in the hallway we just saw was that. And here–” “This too.” “This as well.” “One take, remember?” “And his daughter–
that’s probably one of the most
embarrassing things that can happen to you. Your psychotic, maniacal,
loving weird dad is running through–” “I actually love
watching certain parts of the movie when you know it
was the last thing you filmed on a day. Something that always–
that scene in the hallway is one of those.” “This sequence, this
exterior sequence here, Darius spent a
day or two lighting, I think a day of pre-lighting. And Eric Bogosian, who plays
Arno, his brother-in-law, this is his introduction
to his character, and to meet him in slow motion
where you can’t hear him, I find it to be
even more menacing.” “And Eric actually said–
because he had done that drive a bunch of times. The first time he
pulled up, and he saw Sandler run
out of that school wearing loafers,
running on that grass, getting tackled by these
guys, he says, O.K., this is a different
kind of movie. I remember when
we did that scene, it was a very complicated
choreography with a big cart, and a camera. And you kind of feel the
pressure of everybody saying, oh, I wonder how they’re going
to do this with non-actors, all this stuff. And on the first take,
everybody just nailed it. It was very exciting.”

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    Russia : President Putin impeaches the whole government to resign.

  2. Biggest Snub this year at the oscars. Sandler, Safdies, and OPN should have all been nominated.

  3. Uncut Gems along with Adam Sandler’s snubs will never be forgotten. Also the supporting actor category is very busy this year but on any other year I would’ve thrown KG a nomination! What a screen presence.

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  7. I noticed that Aren Topdjian was playing the husband of the other "Long Island" family. it's been 10 years since Daddy Longlegs and seeing him as a cameo in one of your newer, high-budgeted films made me geek out in the theaters.

  8. Pretty good film.

    But I don't get it. If Bill Murray can receive a nod for "Lost in Translation," then I see no reason why Sandler shouldn't have with this film.

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