What’s a Computer!? | The Worst Apple iPad Commercial EVER

What’s a Computer!? | The Worst Apple iPad Commercial EVER

commercial review everyone knows Apple
the makers of the iPhone the brand loved by hipsters and also people who hate
money clearly I’m not a fan of Apple though they have had some clever
marketing in the past those PC versus Mac commercials were pretty good hello
I’m a Mac hello I’m a PC and i’m living with vista but now they have ruined that legacy of
great advertisements with an idiotic commercial that I saw a little while
back some of you might have seen this commercial where this hipster girl is
like what’s a computer if you don’t know what I’m talking about don’t worry let’s
just jump right into the video so the video starts with this little hipster
looking teenager taking her iPad for a bike ride now I say hipster because
notice the glasses and her hairstyle also Apple just likes marketing to
hipsters so this is definitely a hipster that they want the viewer to relate to
no doubt about it then after her bike ride this girl goes
to what seems to be a garage sale where she sits down and starts working on her
iPad now only a hipster would really do this because you know they like the
aesthetic of it oh my god you know garage sales are just so cool they have
so much stuff and they’re just they’re just so cultured it’s just super unique
like my hipster self also oh my god this song this song sounds so indie which is
the preferred genre of guess who? the hipster so now we see this girl drawing an
octopus that seems to be like some street art type thing it’s actually
pretty cool though it is definitely one of those things that some hipster Street
artists would totally make now I just want to clarify there’s nothing wrong
with being a hipster I’m just pointing it out because Apple loves hipsters and
is trying to say if you identify as hipster buy our overpriced stuff because it’s
cool and it’s hipster just like you no one has ever said that to me before okay
so now this gets a bit ridiculous and stupid why would you ever bother sitting
on a bench or even on the ground where it’s safe and comfortable when you can
just sit in a tree where you run the risk of falling to the ground breaking
your arm and possibly that expensive overpriced iPad of yours like that can’t
even be comfortable okay like branches are not like pillows oh well to be
honest I probably sit in the tree if I was capable of it but definitely not
with a computer I mean an iPad because what’s a computer okay so now the hipster child is doing
something really interesting she’s reading comics on her iPad next to a guy
who is reading an actual paper comic book Wow now you might be wondering if
she was a true hipster shouldn’t she prefer to read comics from a paper comic
book no no it’s incorrect in this situation
Apple is endorsing the modern hipster and obviously their marketing team chose
Wonder Woman just to push the hipster narrative a little bit further because
you know Batman he’s too mainstream though that Wonder Woman movie was like
the best thing that DC has put out in a really long time and also gal gadot is
just she’s just amazing you know anyway okay so now we are getting to the scene
of the true crime observe this girl is laying down on the grass working on her
iPad I don’t know why you would do that and then this reasonable adult comes up
to her and says what you doing on your computer and then this girl responds
what’s a computer are you kidding me the youths of today are just so dumb
and also after she says that the hipster music starts playing it’s like Apple’s
version of the ladies and gentlemen meme Hey what you doing on that computer
what’s it computer ladies and gentlemen we got them it’s like oh my god child you have so
much to learn that fancy iPad you have is a computer made by Apple that was
originally named Apple computer company because you know what they make
computers are you sure about that but it doesn’t matter no it doesn’t
matter logic is thrown out the door because for the sake of marketing to
hipsters Apple has forsaken its roots because computers are far too mainstream
for their hipster audience no no no no why would any self-respecting hipster
want a computer those are for filthy plebeians like me what’s that Joey said
I’m just a pig I mean this commercial is like if Elon Musk asked his marketing
team to make this following commercial hey that’s a cool car what’s a car this
is a tesla god these hipsters make me so they make me so mad anyway I just really
hate these stupid marketing campaigns they made me feel like people are just
so dumb and also I think hipsters just annoy me a lot so now the truth comes
out doesn’t it I mean I’m sorry I live in Seattle and they still make me cringe
but anyway let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you know of
any commercials that you want me to review tweet them at me otherwise
till next time never share your password and always use your brain it’s pretty

37 thoughts on “What’s a Computer!? | The Worst Apple iPad Commercial EVER

  1. Number#1 lul

  2. Number#2 lul

  3. They must be really out of their minds to make this commercial. I mean like, seriously "What's a computer?“
    Don't those guys realise that the reality is actually the exact opposite?!!

  4. Number#3 lul

  5. I agree. That line pissed me off so much.

  6. "What's a car? This is a Tesla." That's actually genius.

  7. wHat'S a cOmpUtEr

  8. What's an I-Pad?

  9. The day someone above the age of 3 would say that is the day we make the perfect simulation and people forget the real world is a thing.
    Also, I'm gonna be playing spot the merch on you videos from know on(Just because it's a fun type of easter-egg). Todays t-shirt, Philip Defrancos "Stay humble, Hustle hard", congratulations on getting it while it was still available in other colors than black and blue.

  10. I've always disliked apple lmao

  11. Apple got soo f**kd up in India since many many years!
    There is one interesting video on YT about why Apple has failed in India (Curious Elephant), watch it.

  12. What is an Apple?!??!!??!????!?1+1+1+1

  13. Then the modern hipster in the commercial sees me holding my phone and says "What are you doing on your phone with iOS 11?" Then I say "What's iOS 11?" (Continues to use iOS 12.1)

  14. It's true. Loved that wonder woman movie ;P

  15. Don't think I didn't hear unforgotten from halo 2 at 5:22

  16. I like coke and im not talking about the soft drink

  17. Linux has just overtaken in the polls

  18. This is hilarious. I do have an iPad, though. I like using tablets. Wait, what's a tablet?

  19. That's a dyke haircut

  20. Okay… This Is Epic

  21. I would sit in the tree

  22. Seattle eh? lmao

  23. The reason why they show this girls unawarness of computers is that they want their products to be something else from mainstream market, for example, some people still say that Iphones and phones are different types of devices even tho Iphone is just their brand of phones, same with laptops and computers.

  24. I’m watching this on the same ipad

  25. Either show your face or add a video to watch as you talk, this is just creepy and weird with all that hand movement and no face. Not hateing just saying.

  26. Fuck so I am a hipster I want a good pc

  27. What’s life? Doesn’t matter to meh

  28. Hey what you doing on you're computer me: What's a computer we got em play's hipstor music

  29. I am a fan of apple but I can agree this ad is dumb

  30. Nigga what the fuck is a computer?

  31. THANK YOU, now my wife knows why i screamed at the tv at random.

  32. How can a 12 year old who obviously goes to school not know what a computer is? I mean, does she even know what a car is?

  33. This commercial got me cringing every time “what’s a computer” plays but am not gonna lie I like the song

  34. nice idea with the mask 👌, btw thanks for making a review against that shitty ad

  35. I watched this whole video imagining this guy filming this whole thing while wearing part of a green morph suit over his face to do the static face thing

  36. Apple wants you to be stupid lol

  37. One line
    One line….killed the whole commercial, and pissed off millions

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