WHATSAPP on NOKIA 8110 4G: First Time on Video was thanks to OmniSD [SAFE JAILBREAK] – EXCLUSIVE

WHATSAPP on NOKIA 8110 4G: First Time on Video was thanks to OmniSD [SAFE JAILBREAK] – EXCLUSIVE

Search on Google the word “BANANAHACKERS” and just click on the first result: “BananaHackers.NET – Google Sites” From the homepage are available the links for the Jailbreak methods But the only safe method that saves the future updates is the theme of this guide This is the jailbreak process for Nokia 8110 4G which allows you to install own apps from SD card or from the internal memory without patching system partition. Note that you will need Firefox 52.9 ESR (with working WebIDE) and ADB set up to do this. Your data will also be wiped during the process. 1 – We have to update the phone to the recent firmware version…. Get the phone and verify it from Settings / Device / Device Info / Software In this moment, in Italy, is available the, as you can try to see Sorry for the video quality, I’m recording the phone from my webcam 2 – We have to dial the code to enter in Debug mode….. just dial *#*#33284#*#* on your phone as you want dial a number to call *#*#33284#*#* now you can see a “bug” icon on the top, near the other indicators “A bug icon should appear in the system taskbar above.” 3 – “Connect the phone via ADB.” Then whe have to plug the phone to the PC with an USB cable. Now we have to open Firefox 52.9 ESR….on my Ubuntu I have removed the folders of the existing Firefox and the cache as prevention On the top-right we have a menu, and from there we have to selecting Developer, and then WebIDE By clicking on “Remote runtime” we have got an error, the phone must be loaded in the ADB daemon first…. To make this faster I can also copy this command and paste it on my terminal adb forward tcp:6000 localfilesystem:/data/local/debugger-socket Now WebIDE can see the phone! “If an error message about build date mismatch appears, you can safely ignore it. If the connection doesn’t work, try rebooting the phone, running adb forward command and connecting again.”…….. OK, we don’t care about this…we can go forward! 😉 4 – Download the OmniSD package………. ….and unpack it! Select its folder in the “Open packaged app” of WebIDE. STEP FIVE! “Run OmniSD with green triangle from WebIDE.” heard? The phone have started OmniSD, but the operation is not complete! We have to do the Jailbreak first to made the app available on the phone and using it, then…… 6 – “If everything is fine, press # when the utility is run and confirm the prompt to run the privileged factory reset.” Now you must loose your data saved on the internal memory CONFIRMATION! in this video I have cutted some parts to skip, as the bootloader…I’m trying to save you time, I know it’s a nerve-racking procedure… ….I know this very well! 🙁 Now our phone is virgin again….but with something new! 7 – After the reset is complete, “Developer” menu should appear in the “Device” tab of Settings. Then we can enable again the “debug mode” with *#*#33284#*#* or…….. …using the menu in Settings / Device / Developer Select “Debugger” and choose “ADB and DevTools” 8 – We have to repeat the steps 3 and 5 Now we can install OmniSD Re-enable the device in the ADB daemon…. …and just run again OmniSD from WebIDE! We are doing again the step “5”. This time I want to show you what happens when I click on the triangle. This is the first third party app of your Nokia 8110 4G! Here the kind of .zip file that OmniSD can read for the installation of apps on your device. You can find about 200 apps on my site, in the “CATEGORIES” section … But I already know what app you want to install on the bananaphone! That’s right? 😉 Right now I’m too lazy to show you again how to download from the site … you can see the procedure on my video dedicated to “multitaking and screenshots”. Then I will take the application directly from my folder on the PC, via USB. USB enabled! I also forgot to lower the brightness of the display … now you should see more clearly what happens. I will choose……….. ..uhm…. … you can put the app in the “downloads” folder of the internal memory (now is not yet created, the phone is clean) or on the SD card…. … or in an “apps” folder on the SD card. WhatsApp! …the name of the zip have the date of the last patching. Seems that someone prevents the compatibility of the app only for the Nokia 8110 4G as KaiOS device. Visit our Twitter, #BananaHackers if you want more details on the subject. Stop talking… This is OmniSD, the key for all the apps you want! Just click on the “Whatsapp-2019-02-04.gpkg.zip” package…. …WhatsApp is installed! How to configuring it…. Agree with the terms of the service. Here we have a very long list of countries with a country code by phone number But we can also use the search bar… (+39) Italy for me…. I’m entering my phone number Confirm! I have cutted a message that shows my number and a 6 number code that enables the app on my phone….an sms from an unknown number automatically actives all. Now I just have to enter my name but the profile image will be automatically reset … I also have an unread message … after we see. This is my contact’s list where I can start a chat. Whit this app you can send Video, Pictures and Vocal messages…no calls support for now. Well… I hope you like this video. JOIN THE REVOLUTION! TAKE BACK YOUR FREEDOM! 😉

33 thoughts on “WHATSAPP on NOKIA 8110 4G: First Time on Video was thanks to OmniSD [SAFE JAILBREAK] – EXCLUSIVE

  1. mi sono bloccato su webIDE. scelto Apri all locale, mi dice: "Operazione non riuscita: importing packaged app: TypeError: IDB.:db is null". cosa mi consigli?

  2. Da 10:33 a 10:53 cosa fai sul telefono? Non si riesce a vedere tanto bene, purtroppo.

  3. doesn't work for me

  4. Hi
    I don't success
    When i arrived to the run command (cmd win 7)
    That make :"device not found"
    I try to reboot my nokia and remake on webide (esr 52.9)
    I don't arrived please help me

  5. I’m trying to use this phone in the US with to mobile. If I follow the instructions I. The video will it work? The phone is already factory unlock but not working for to mobile

  6. Niente da fare, quando è ora di inserire la stringa ABD non me la da buona, in più webide non mi trova il dispositivo. Poi ho provato ad aprire il pacchetto App e mi segnala che il pacchetto omis ha problemi (warning)

  7. ciao Ivan, sono stato felicissimo di aver finalmente installato WA con la tua guida sul nokia 8110. a distanza di un paio di settimane adesso, WA non si apre più: "Your version of WhatsApp is too old and is no longer supported. Please Update WA from the store." ho gia provato a disinstallare e reinstallare, non ho risolto nulla. hai consigli da darmi?

  8. I can hear my nokia connect to my pc, but it doesnt show up. in device manager it says "device descriptor request failed" how can i fix this?

  9. Ola Ivan buenas. Me gustaria pedirte, si puedes poner una version mas clara deste video en Espanol, o Brasileno? Somos millones que queremos bajar el watsup en el nokia y no tenemos suporte en Espanol o Portugues. Gracias por todo .

  10. I can go up to Step 5 and then I'm stuck. I am able to do Remote Runtime, but once I open the packaged app, the install and run button remains greyed out. I have already created a new profile for FF and set it to offline. I have fresh reinstalled a lot of times too. I had rebooted my phone countless of times and adb forwarded countless of times. And when I do get to connect to the Remote Runtime, in a matter of seconds I hear a "disconnected USB" sound from my PC, then it reflects on WebIDE that the connection has disconnected as well. I am using W10. Is there any hope for me at all? Thanks

  11. great music… does anybody know the title?

  12. I did it but how to install whatsapp

  13. Hi, THANKYOU SOOOOO MUCH! i was able to install whatsapp & few other apps 😉 i installed it in default v12 newly bought 8810 without sim, after installing whatsapp with my sim i have v13 update. shall i update it? or it will be bad for my current jailbreak setup? THANKYOU SO MUCH

  14. Innanzitutto grazie per il tuo ottimo lavoro! Sono nella situazione in cui quando premo Install sulle app trovate da OmniSD mi compare la scritta "Installation error: MissingMetadataFile", qualche soluzione? Grazie ancora.

  15. Can i apply themes?

  16. When I go to "Open Packaged App" and select my OmniSD folder I get "Operation failed:importing packaged app: TypeError: IDB._db is null

  17. First of all, thank you very much for your great work and for helping us by answering or question or problems.
    I'm going to do this process next weekend, but I have three doubts:

    1. Can I make it with Windows 10? I see in your tutorial that you put one Linux command two times with Linux Terminal. How will be this step done with Windows?

    2. It's said that "ADB" is required. What it is and where I can find it? I just see the Firefox ESR software link.

    3. Is possible to roll back this process? For example, if I need to bring the device to the guarantee service or something else.

    Thank you very much again.

  18. i enter de debug mode but adb doesnt show anything in the device list , i upgraded to the latest firmware as instructed.. what should i do? i tried different USB cables and nothing , im connecting it to a mac mini

  19. please make a video to remove Omnisd in my nokia 81104g.due to this my nokia failed to install update 16.0

  20. Does it mess up the updates?

  21. hi man, i'm a windows 10 user, why i can't use this command: adb forward tcp:6000 localfilesystem:/data/local/debugger-socket
    when i press enter in command prompt, here is the result
    'adb' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

    operable program or batch file.

  22. Will it be possible to build a j2me emulator for kaios?

  23. My keypad error, if texting sms. I have software 16.00 17.00. Please help me

  24. When I press # to try and factory reset the phone the prompt doesn't pop up. I'm trying this on my AT&T Cingular Flip 2

  25. Excellent detailed video independed of pict quality,can we do the same via windows 10 pc?BTW the whatsapp app there is in store after latest update, so we can install it,i already did.Tnx in advance for any answer,Greece here.

  26. Hi! I did everything, installed adb on windows 10 via the xda guide, followed all steps in your video. I'm usually very good with this stuff, but, when I get to the remote part and run the adb command in ubuntu, it says no devices/emulators found, so I can't get the remote. Not sure what I've done wrong. (And yes my 8110 is in debug mode!).

  27. The helpful video 🙏🏻 . I recently made Hindi Version of it #BANANAHACKERS


    The OFFICIAL GUIDE is linked HERE

    Here the Hindi Version by Hax0101 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qMQrDLzjDs
    Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC49fZuQUGex11FdEilIBx0w

  29. @BananaHackers Hi there,i gave over some hours in my 8110(3d day),during this time i found some issues:

    1.Although my condacts downloaded from my gmail(in Greek lang) i noticed that on incoming calls only the number of caller appeared,not the name (although in my condact list included),in outgoing calls my name appeared ok.

    2.In my home wifi well connected with inet ability,but when i went in a coffe bar was impossible to connect atall(always searching for ip without result) ,at the same place and time my 2 other devices(Moto G5S Plus running 8.1 and Honor P10 LITE running 9.1) well connected and with the ability to entry in inet.Is there any explanation or solution?

    Questions here:jaibreaking my device( ver 2.5.1) -> 1. will i have official updates?

    2.The original store will it continue to exist?

    Having time answer me.

    Thanks in advance.

  30. @BananaHackers,buona notte signore!

  31. What song??

  32. Me in discord,guide me how to answer in your call,noob in this point, i was listen you but i dint know how to start answering,something i lost,may be something i must add in my pc.There is no any guide for how to.Buon pomeriggio haha

  33. Problem in discord solved

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